Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 982

But when the door was knocked, Long Ling guessed it was him, so Chen Feng stated his identity and would not let Long Ling open the door.

Standing outside, Chen Feng looked very boring.

After a while, Long Ling still didn’t respond, he could only go to Fengqi to try his luck again.

I also knocked on the door, but compared to Long Ling, I heard a response here: “Who?”

Chen Feng cheered up and hurriedly replied, “It’s me, Chen Feng.”

“Who is Chen Feng? I’m sorry, I don’t know. It’s already very late now. If you have anything, please come back tomorrow.” But from the room came a thousand miles away.

“I know that I shouldn’t deceive you, but I can’t help it? At that time, I was not sure of your identity. If it is against me, I don’t even know how to die.” Chen Feng explained to it.

“Please don’t make a noise there and disturb me to rest,” Feng Qi said flatly.

“I apologize to you in person, it’s good if you let me in. What you want to do to me, I promise you…” Chen Feng discussed.

But Feng Qi didn’t wait for Chen Feng to finish his words: “If you are going to stand in front of the door again, I’m going to call someone.”

The tone was cold with a trace of anger, Chen Feng could feel it, and knew that it would be useless to continue.

Sitting by the bed, Feng Qi heard that there was no sound outside the door, as if Chen Feng had really left, but she felt a little regretful in her heart.

Just think about it, and I don’t think I should give Chen Feng a good face.

She stood up, trying to come closer for some confirmation.

But there was another voice outside the door saying: “In this case, I will come to you again tomorrow.”

After speaking, there were a few slight leaving footsteps, and then there was no sound for a long time.

Feng Qi stood there, wondering if he was too unsympathetic just now, but immediately shook his head.

He is the unfeeling fellow, this is what he deserves, Feng Qi thought fiercely in his heart.

Then I walked to the door and wanted to take a look, but I just didn’t know if I wanted to see Chen Feng.

The door opened slowly, and through the gap, there was indeed no figure. The stone table in the courtyard was also empty. Chen Feng might have returned to his room.

Feng Qi relaxed. She thought that if Chen Feng suddenly appeared now, she would definitely hit him with a hammer to relieve her hatred, even if she didn’t have a hammer in her hand.

But as I was thinking, I suddenly felt that the door in my hand was actually opening inward.

She was flustered and hurried to check, only to see Chen Feng was quietly standing out from the corner with a smiling face.

“I knew you would never forget me.”

Chen Feng’s voice was still very familiar to her, but she was trying to put on the attitude of being angry just now, as if he was really unable to pretend because he found out that he was sneaking.

She had no choice but to sullen her face and said, “Who remembers you, I just came out to breathe.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Okay!” Then, he opened the door completely and saw Feng Qi’s luggage lying aside.

He said, “You won’t be waiting for me all the time! You haven’t even opened your luggage.”

Feng Qi also looked back, and it turned out that the suitcase was standing there, and you could tell at a glance that it had not been passive.

The fact is also true.

Ever since Feng Qi came into the yard and saw Chen Feng, he was thinking about what she would do if Chen Feng came to see her, whether she should speak normally or speak coldly, but originally thought Chen Feng would pass immediately, but was stunned. After waiting for half an hour, Chen Feng was still missing.

Now that this secret was discovered, Feng Qi dizzy with embarrassment and a layer of red on his cheeks.

“I didn’t open the suitcase and it has nothing to do with you,” she said.

Chen Feng didn’t need to argue, but since Feng Qi was still talking to him, this was already half of the completion.

He said softly to Feng Qi: “Let’s go to the yard and quietly talk about whether it is good or not. I apologize to you. I will tell you what you want to know. As long as you don’t get angry with me.”

The little farce just now seemed to be covered up by Chen Feng’s gentleness. Feng Qi didn’t know what he thought about on a business trip, so he nodded in a ghostly manner.

Then he followed the smiling Chen Feng to the stone table in the courtyard.

Here, they have also sat before.

“Let’s go, what do you want to tell me? Don’t think I forgive you, I just give you a chance to explain.” Feng Qi sat on the stool carelessly, and said to Chen Feng unceremoniously.

Chen Feng laughed as he looked at her, Feng Qi immediately asked, “What are you smiling at, who is smiling with you.”

But the more she was like this, the more Chen Feng wanted to laugh. As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Feng laughed directly.

“Hey, if you are here, I will go back.” She said angrily.

Chen Feng stopped immediately, admitting his mistake and said, “I won’t laugh anymore.”

But still suffocated his face, and it took a long time to really endure it. Feng Qi watched from the side and even had the urge to go up and take a bite, but although he didn’t bite him, he didn’t let him go. He stretched out his hand on his thigh. Twisted fiercely.

Chen Feng called out in pain, “Let go! It hurts.”

After a while, Feng Qi relaxed his hand, and Chen Feng said, “You are really not soft at all. Just now, you almost could tear off a piece of my meat.”

Feng Qi gave him a white look and said, “Deserve it, who made you not behave right?”

But as he said, Feng Qi felt distressed again, and said, “Does it really hurt? How about I put some ointment on you.”

Chen Feng looked at her soft-hearted, even if it really hurts, he wouldn’t say it.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” He whispered: “Just thinking that if you ignore me, it hurts me more than any punishment.”

Feng Qi turned his head a little bit shyly, and said angrily: “You haven’t come to see us for so long, but now you blame us for getting up, don’t you feel guilty?”

Chen Feng apologized: “I know I was wrong, but at that time you left suddenly. I thought you really didn’t want to see me, so I…”

Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng, and Chen Feng also stared at her. Feng Qi didn’t know what was in Chen Feng’s eyes, but in her heart, she felt very comfortable. She saw herself.

“But you can’t stop visiting us all the time. At that time, my sister and I knew your identity and were very angry. You kept it from us for so long, can’t we be angry?” Feng Qi said angrily.

But after speaking, she felt a little guilty again: “But when we went back to the small courtyard and thought of the things you did, we still treated you like this, it seemed like it was wrong, but I wanted to find you and didn’t know where to go, even I don’t even know where you are.”

Chen Feng gently pulled up Feng Qi’s down hair and looked at her tenderly.

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