Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 983

“It’s my fault that I didn’t go to see you. Don’t blame yourself. I will feel heartache when I see you blame yourself.”

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Feng Qi pursed his mouth, trying to escape Chen Feng’s eyes, but the hot eyes seemed to hit the bottom of her heart, warming it.

But Chen Feng was right in front of her, and she was reluctant to turn around again, and secretly glanced at it intentionally or unintentionally.

The banana leaves in the courtyard were slowly fanning in the breeze, and there was no sound from the bamboo forest outside the courtyard. The night seemed to be quiet, sneaking up to the bright moon in the sky, sprinkling light like water.

The people in the yard seemed to be back to the beginning, talking about funny stories after they were separated.

“What about your sister?” Chen Feng asked, thinking that Long Ling had ignored him at all just now.

Feng Qi laughed, knowing that Long Ling was the first person Chen Feng was looking for. She was not jealous of anything, but she knew why Chen Feng had such a closed door.

“My sister is not blaming you, but you also know that my sister is actually very thin. If she thinks of talking to you alone, it will be very embarrassing in her heart. So instead of not seeing you, wait You coax me well, if you talk to her later, she will be more comfortable.”

I thought about it, it seemed that Feng Qi was right.

Since I can go with the flow, I am not so worried.

The meeting with Long Ling was the next morning.

When she got up early, she happened to see Chen Feng exercising in the yard. She wanted to go back again, but Chen Feng had already seen her.

“Morning!” Chen Feng greeted her.

Long Ling had no choice but to say something early with Chen Feng.

Originally, she didn’t want Chen Feng to be alone, but after thinking about it, she still walked to Chen Feng’s side, a little bit silent.

Chen Feng was not in a hurry, just waiting to look at her.

After a while, she slowly said, “Actually, last night, I didn’t mean it, but…”

I already knew from Feng Qi that Chen Feng would naturally not let Long Ling explain the reason for this embarrassment, and interrupted her and said, “It’s okay, as long as you don’t really annoy me, I’m still very happy.”

Long Ling looked at Chen Feng, with a smile on his indifferent face.

She and Feng Qi are twins, but Long Ling’s smile is completely different from Feng Qi’s. The faint smile is like melting ice for a long time, which is not easy to detect, but she knows that she is smiling.

With the smile, all the barriers melted away.

It didn’t take long for Feng Qi to also get up. Seeing Chen Feng, he seemed to have known what had just happened, and he said with a narrow smile: “You talked to your sister? How do you feel?”

Chen Feng was also stunned: “It’s just a few ordinary conversations, how can I feel.”

Feng Qi glanced at him and said, “What a boring guy.”

Chen Feng didn’t know why he would be scolded, but there were some things that I wanted to ask last night, but because of speculation, I forgot a little. Now when I think about it, he asks: “Your sisters are here to see Chihiro Art. Yes, how is he now?”

Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng curiously and said, “Why, are you also curious about Qianjia?”

“Just asking. If you can’t tell, then forget it.”

Feng Qi smiled and said, “It’s not impossible to say, but it’s actually nothing. Can’t you guess it?”

Chen Feng thought about it and said, “Is he really going to be dying? Is it really this serious?”

Feng Qi said, “It may be more serious than you think. When we saw him, he had only half a breath left. If it weren’t for his sister to continue his life, maybe Qianjia is already doing funerals.”

I was amazed in my heart. I had some conjectures, but I didn’t know it would be so.

If Chihiro Yi really died because of this, it would really be a bad thing for the desert.

Thinking about it, I feel stunned that a family as large as a thousand families will actually fall to this point. Many things, ancient and modern, are being talked about, and they will really only become the talk of future generations.

When Long Ling heard our conversation, he was a little angry and said, “Stop talking.”

This is what leaked the patient’s sex. For the doctor, it’s a taboo. I understand Long Ling’s meaning, but Feng Qi said indifferently: “It’s him, can he still say our words? Nothing.”

Listen, Chen Feng smiled bitterly, but being so trusted still makes Chen Feng feel good.

Long Ling also estimated that it was this idea, but he really didn’t refute it.

Chen Feng didn’t know how to thank the two sisters for trusting him so much.

Chen Feng thought for a while and said to the two sisters: “If Chihiro Art really can’t live, you’d better leave here early. When Chihiro Art dies, Qianjia will definitely be in chaos. If you stay here, you may be affected. .”

Long Ling started thinking seriously now.

“But before he completely dies, we won’t leave.” She slowly said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng looked at her in amazement, and asked in confusion, “Why? This is very dangerous. Do your sisters have any martial arts.”

But Long Ling resolutely said, “As a doctor, this is our duty.”

Chen Feng didn’t know how to persuade him anymore, so he looked at Feng Qi who was aside for help, but she actually felt the same way.

“Although I am inferior to my sister in medicine, the idea of ​​not giving up easily is inherited from the master together.”

Chen Feng helplessly, looking at these two women, it seems that they have the same stubbornness in this matter.

He thought for a while and said, “No way, I will follow you until I send you away.”

Long Ling was unwilling to trouble Chen Feng: “But you…”

Looking at her expression, Chen Feng guessed what she meant, but he said directly: “If you don’t agree, I have to send you away forcibly. You know I can do it.”

Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng angrily: “Why are you doing this? We have the right to choose.”

“For your safety, I have to do this.” Chen Feng’s tone was also very strong.

It seemed that Feng Qi still wanted to refute, but under Chen Feng’s eyes, she muttered and said nothing.

Chen Feng didn’t dare to leave the Chang’s sisters for a while, even if they went to Qianxunyi’s study, Chen Feng always followed.

Originally, Qianjia wanted to stop it, but at the request of the two sisters of Long Ling, naturally they could only let it go.

When Chen Feng saw it, Qianxunyi was lying in the study, as if he didn’t want people to know, after he fainted, he never went out again.

There were several other members of the family in the room. Apart from Qianxunqian and Qian Xueqiu, whom Chen Feng was familiar with, there was also an old man with a gray beard.

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