Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 984

But no one introduced him, and Chen Feng couldn’t know his name.

According to the habit of the Chang’s sisters, they were not allowed to watch during the treatment. The members of the Qian family glanced at the Chihiro Yi who was lying on the bed, and then left the room one by one.

Chen Feng can also look at Chihiro Art seriously at this time.

His eyes were closed, his face was pale, and his lips were dry without a trace of blood at this time. If it weren’t for the slow floating of his chest, it would be no exaggeration to think that he was dead.

Although this fact has already been known, it is still surprising when I see a real person.

“What’s wrong with him?” Chen Feng asked.

Feng Qi said from the side: “Vitality is lost. Although it seems that he is only a man in his forties, but the body inside is already a dying old man. All we can do now is hang his life. When his function is completely lost, it really cannot be restored.”

I looked at him with a sigh in my heart, as if I just met him not long ago.

“I heard people from the thousand families say that he seems to be caused by some martial arts, but is there such a terrifying martial arts?”

Feng Qi asked while disinfecting the golden needles.

Although I don’t know, but I guessed it, I nodded.

“In order to deal with some people who broke into thousands of families, he forcibly increased his strength a lot. It is estimated that this is the sequelae of that kind of exercise.” Chen Feng explained.

“Well, after using it like yours, the body will feel very uncomfortable with the exercises, right!”

It’s indeed similar, but I won’t be overbearing enough to suck the whole life away, otherwise I might have died long ago.

When the Chang’s sisters were over, the thousands of people had already waited outside, but they only said a few words, and they all dispersed.

Sisters and Long Ling were walking back, Qian Xueqiu chased from behind, Chen Feng stopped, let Long Ling wait for him here, and he and Qian Xueqiu walked to a place where they could see them.

“what’s up?”

Chen Feng didn’t know much about Qian Xueqiu, but from what he did, Chen Feng knew that he was a very ambitious guy.

Now he finds Chen Feng, naturally because of Qianxunyi’s affairs. If the Qian Family falls apart, he will definitely want to divide something from it, but Chen Feng knows that he is just a son of Qian Family. Even if he has any ideas, it is not easy to be caught agree.

Qian Xueqiu naturally needs to be prepared, but Chen Feng is considering how to refuse.

“Chen Shao, I think you should know the reason why I found it, but it seems that Chen Shao is quite wary of me, but I have to talk to Chen Shao cheeky about the Patriarch’s affairs.” Qian Qiuxue calmly Tao, but it doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.

Chen Feng said: “How do you know what you think? If it is the Patriarch of the Thousand Family, you may have found the wrong person. I am not a member of the Thousand Family, and I can’t do much about the Thousand Family.”

Qian Xueqiu was not surprised by Chen Feng’s refusal, but he smiled: “I know what Chen Shao thinks in his mind. If Qianjia fluctuates, the situation will actually seem to be very simple. As a master, Qianxunqian can completely suppress it, but I To tell Shao Chen, things may not be like this.”

Chen Feng did think so, so he looked at Qian Xueqiu in a daze, and said, “If you underestimate the power of the master, you will definitely suffer. I am not willing to cooperate with you because of this.”

Qian Xueqiu still smiled like this: “I didn’t despise Grandmaster, on the contrary, I value him very much, but these will not affect anything. Even for Qianjia, Qianxunken’s best thing is not to make any movement.”

Chen Feng looked at him more curiously.

Qian Xueqiu said: “The Thousand Family is far more complicated than Chen Shao imagined. And based on what I know about Qian Hun Ken, he is definitely not a very good Patriarch, he is just a person, lonely without even a friend, if Qianjia is in chaos, unless he really dares to let Qianjia die from now on, otherwise he can only stand idly by or join someone in Qianjia.”

Chen Feng thought: “If you really told you this, Qianxun Qian found someone from Qianjia to lead Qianjia together. For you, that person would never be you.”

Qian Xueqiu also nodded, “But this is also the reason why I came to look for Chen Shao.”

“Look for me? I don’t think I can help you either.”

Qian Xueqiu shook his head and said, “This can only be done by Chen Shao. If Chen Shao can’t do it, then I can only prepare to leave Qian’s family now.”

Chen Feng thought for a while, looked at Qian Xueqiu but it didn’t seem to be joking, and asked, “How do you want me to help you?”

Qian Xueqiu glanced at the two Longlings in the distance, and said: “I just came to inform Young Master Chen that the Patriarch’s business is not over yet, and I still have something to prepare. Young Master Chen can wait until the two After this beautiful lady was sent away, she returned to the Thousand Family. If Chen Shao can help me get the position of Patriarch of the Thousand Family, I will definitely prepare a gift for Chen Shao.”

It is estimated that it is only because Qian Xueqiu has not been confident enough to persuade Chen Feng, so he did not say what he thought, or he did not completely trust Chen Feng.

As for the inner struggle for the seat of the Patriarch of the Thousands of Families, this matter is estimated to be in the hearts of all the Thousands of Families.

Taking the Long Ling sisters back to the small courtyard, the two of them did not ask Chen Feng tacitly. They just reiterated the thing about leaving before, and Chen Feng repeated it again.

“If something goes wrong with Qianjia’s affairs in advance, even if Chihiro Art is not over yet, I must send you away.”

The two sisters looked at Chen Feng so solemnly, and they had to agree.

Three days later, the weather was cool, and on the first comfortable day after autumn, no one in Qianjia could feel it.

While in the study, Chen Feng looked at their group of people with solemn expressions. Even when he looked at Qian Hunqian, he was silent and seemed to be thinking about something.

Chen Feng thought of Qian Xueqiu’s words, and wondered what choice this prestigious grandmaster would make.

But he naturally didn’t dare to go up and ask, but when Chihiro Ken looked at him, he withdrew his gaze.

When the crowd left, even Fengqi seemed to feel the oppression among the thousands of people.

“They are all so depressed one by one.”

But Chen Feng couldn’t say clearly.

At night, there is a real feeling of autumn. Walking outside in single clothes will feel cool. Chen Feng just entered the room, but suddenly heard some strange noise.

Chen Feng did not dare to take care of the thousands of families in the past few days.

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