Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 985

He immediately walked out, earnestly searching for the direction of the sound source.

In front of Qianxunyi’s study, two people fell on the ground at this time, with large blood stains on their chests, and they looked breathless.

Chen Feng hid in the corner, but he saw not only these, but also two other guys who were confronting each other.

One is Chihiro Ken, and the other is hiding his face so that he can’t see his face.

But the two played seven or eight moves, and they were actually able to compete, and the guy who was able to make Qianxun Qian’s treatment so solemnly was also a master.

Chen Feng was surprised, and he couldn’t think of when this master became so ubiquitous.

The two fought against each other, Qianhiro Ken couldn’t hold each other for a while, so he asked, “Who are you?”

The guy said solemnly: “If you fight, just fight, and stop your damn nonsense.”

With that said, it was obvious that he seemed to be pushing harder.

Qianhiro Ken could only defend harder, and the two exchanged dozens of moves with each other, and finally the others from Qianjia also came here.

But after seeing it, he was as surprised as Chen Feng. After all, he could fight Qianxun Qian for so many rounds, and that must be the master’s strength.

And knowing the strength of the other party, everyone who originally wanted to go up and help stood aside with fascination. Their strength might have dragged Qianhiroqian on the contrary.

The man in black also noticed that there were more and more thousands of families gathered here, and knew that he could not hold Qianhiroken for a while, so he immediately opened up with Qianhiroken.

He said to everyone in a cold voice, “Children of the thousand family, I will come back again and take the head of the old thief from Qianxunyi.”

Hearing this, he naturally understood that he wanted to escape, Chihiro Ken immediately shouted: “Since he is here, he will save his life.”

After speaking, the palm of his hand was thunderous, and he flew over like lightning.

But the other party naturally didn’t take the hand of Chihiro Ken, and with a cold eye, he turned over and retreated quickly.

Qianhiro Qian was irritable and naturally could not tolerate provocations. He was about to run away when he saw him, and then he was about to catch up. But then someone shouted, “Uncle, you can’t chase!”

Qianxunqian stopped then and looked back and found that the person who was speaking was Qian Xueqiu.

He didn’t need to ask why. As soon as Qian Xueqiu reminded him, he immediately understood that the most important thing at this time was Chihiro Art.

Chen Feng looked at Qian Xueqiu with some doubts, but he didn’t think Qian Xueqiu would be so kind and caring about Qianxunyi’s life and death.

But for a while, he couldn’t understand why he did this.

Qianhiro Qian returned to the crowd, but only swept through them one by one, and then walked into the study without saying a word.

It was difficult for the people outside to follow in. They just stood there and waited. After a while, Chihiro Ken walked out.

His face was gloomy and his eyes were cold, and he once again looked at the thousands of people in his eyes.

Sternly: “If you want a thousand families, I can give it to you, but all of this must wait until the death of your brother. If he is still alive for one day, if you dare to make a move, don’t blame me for neglecting the family brother.”

Naturally, what he said was meant for those who could understand, but everyone didn’t seem to care too much. Maybe they hadn’t thought of doing it before.

After a while, everyone dispersed, and Chen Feng also waited until everyone left and returned to the courtyard.

Since the black-clothed and masked man left the Thousand House, he came to a rural house on the outskirts of the country. It seemed that there was no one living here, but it was vacant. He wanted to come to a place where his family went to work.

He sat cross-legs, his breath was chaotic, and he felt like he had suffered a serious injury. Now sitting there, his face was pale and he had to cover his chest, took out the porcelain bottle from his pocket, then poured out a pill and ate it. Importing.

But this only eased a little, he still sat quietly, letting his breath calm down.

After an unknown period of time, there was a knock on the door of the farmhouse where there would be no visitors.

The man opened his eyes and frowned slightly, just waiting for the knock on the door to disappear by himself.

But it seemed that after a while, the man outside did not see anyone opening the door, so he stopped.

The man thought that the other party would leave like this, but he didn’t expect that the door latch would slowly fall off by itself, and then the door was opened.

Seeing this scene, the man was naturally frightened, but his physical injury was too serious. With the strength of the opponent, it was definitely impossible for him to escape.

Thinking of this, he became open-minded and waited quietly for the appearance of the other party.

The door opened, and sitting in the middle of the hall, he naturally saw the face of the other side at a glance, but he was also surprised: “Snow Wolf.”

Snow wolf stroked the gray beard and looked at the man sitting in the hall. He walked up to him with a smile on his face. He seemed to have recognized the other person, as if an old friend said hello: “Don’t come here without any problems. what!”

The man in black looked at the snow wolf coldly, but did not seem to treat a friend, the cold light in his eyes seemed to be more like an enemy.

Xue Lang said with a chuckle: “It’s still this bad temper, it’s been so long, isn’t it that it should have been forgotten long ago.”

This is easy to say, but it is even more harsh in the ears of the black-clothed man. He sternly said: “If you come to kill me, do it now, but if you want me to forget the good things you did, I will tell you, This is absolutely impossible.”

Seeing the blue veins on his forehead, Xue Lang knew that this person could not be resolved by just one or two sentences.

He sighed: “Forget it, then hate it. Anyway, as far as I am concerned, it is just one more enemy. Besides, you are far more people who hate me.”

Xue Lang immediately said again: “It’s just that I came today and I didn’t want to kill you. Your life is still worthwhile in my hands.”

Having said that, a hand touched the pulse of the man in black, and he was unable to resist, so he had to let the snow wolf hold it.

After Xuelang finished exploring, his brows frowned, and he said, “Forcibly spurring the potential in his body to make his strength comparable to the master, but it is only a trick that is a little bit higher than that of Qianxunyi. You are not dead now, you are really fateful. .”

It turned out that the struggle between Qianhiroken was only for him to forcibly upgrade his cultivation base, so that he could compete with Qianhiroken.

But this kind of improvement naturally comes at a price, but listening to Snow Wolf’s words, it seems that for him, at least this life is saved.

But for the Snow Wolf, he dismissed it and snorted coldly, “I don’t need you to worry about my affairs. Even if I die, it has nothing to do with you.”

Snow Wolf was not angry on the contrary, but calmly said, “I just want to save your life. Since I could spare you twenty years ago, it is naturally not impossible to save you again now.”

The man in black had an expression of disgust: “Twenty years ago, you were only because of that woman.”

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