Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 986

He seemed to have mentioned a person who made Xuelang a little sad. He was silent, and even stopped the movement in his hands.

After a while, Xue Lang said in a low voice, “I really am sorry to her.”

The man in black didn’t seem to expect that the snow wolf would bow his head and admit his mistake, but he was taken aback. Some things he wanted to say could not be said.

Outside the farmhouse, it was already late at night, but it was a night without moonlight.

The Snow Wolf walked out of the room and stood outside, where the woman with her face was waiting.

“Leave this person here first, and wait until his injury healed before taking it back.” The snow wolf’s voice was very low, and even the woman hiding his face could feel the fluctuations in his heart.

“Yes!” But she knew some things she would never ask, so she just responded softly.

Xue Lang looked back, and left without saying anything.

On the second day, there was still no good day. The weather was gloomy. I didn’t see the sun when I got up early, but it was windy, which made the still hot days a little cooler.

A visitor from the future came to the courtyard where Chen Feng lived. He was a little curious as he watched Qian Hunqian walk in alone.

“I’m here to see Dr. Chang.”

Without waiting for Chen Feng to ask, Qianxun Qian said actively.

At this time, Long Ling also walked out, seeing Chihiro Ken, her face was very plain.

Qianhiroken nodded to Long Ling and said, “Can Miss Long Ling talk to me alone?”

Long Ling thought for a while and looked at Chen Feng: “You…”

Chen Feng was still worried about Long Ling’s safety, but he knew that if Qianhiro Qian did it, he might be able to run away, but the two women in front of him would never survive.

A little helpless, but he could only nod his head and step aside, but the one in his heart didn’t want to be too far away, standing at Fengqi’s door and looking towards it.

“What are you doing sitting here?” Feng Qi asked curiously when he saw Chen Feng.

Chen Feng pointed to Long Ling’s direction and did not speak.

“That guy is looking for sister? What do you do?”

Chen Feng guessed: “He found Long Ling for Qianxunyi’s business, and I think in the situation of Qianxunyi, he must also know that he can’t survive, and naturally it is impossible to ask Long Ling to say something like saving him. .”

Feng Qi also sat next to Chen Feng, blinking his eyes, and wondered: “What else can I do? My sister is just a doctor. If you don’t ask for help, why don’t you ask your sister to go out and kill people?”

“Maybe it’s true, maybe the killer was Qianxunyi.” Chen Feng said with a light smile.

“This…no! I’m only joking.” Feng Qi opened his mouth slightly, not believing it.

Chen Feng just said nothing.

It was naturally impossible for Chen Feng to think. Qianxun Qian just said that to so many thousands of family members, but turned around to let Long Ling kill people, which is absolutely unreasonable.

He spoke with a face, but after thinking about it, he said to Long Ling, “Miss Long Ling, where is my brother…”

Long Ling also thought he was here to beg himself to save Qianxunyi’s life, but everyone has his own life, and she is not a god, so she said with a little regret: “We will naturally do our best, but everything can only be up to him. ”

Qianhiroken shook his head, and said, “I know what happened to my brother, and I also thank Miss Long Ling for taking care of me, so that finally dragged my brother’s life. But I don’t know how long he can live. It may not be in the next few days. Die.”

Long Ling looked at him unexpectedly and said in doubt: “Then you are looking for me, if you don’t ask me to save the life of Qian Patriarch, then…”

Qianhiroken took a long sigh of relief and said, “I just want to ask Miss Long Ling if there is a way for my brother to open his eyes, at least a few words.”

After he finished speaking, Long Ling fell silent.

Looking at Long Ling’s expression, Qianhiroken thought it was impossible, and said: “If it doesn’t work, then it can only be so.”

But he didn’t expect Long Ling to shook his head and said, “If you forcefully use golden needles and add sex-strengthening drugs, you might be able to open your eyes for a short time. Only an hour alive.”

Chihiro Ken was still a little surprised. He naturally thought that if he did this, Chihiro Yi’s life might be shortened, so he was not surprised by this result.

But Long Ling added: “But this is no different from murder. As a doctor, I cannot make this kind of decision. In my opinion, anyone has the right to choose his own life. Others can never replace others. Do it alone.”

Chihiro was stunned, but when he knew that there was such a way, he was reluctant to give up, and begged: “Miss Long Ling, this matter is really good and very important to our Qianjia, even if I beg you, as long as you are willing to agree. Let us do whatever we can.”

Long Ling still had an indifferent expression, and said, “This is indeed incompatible with my medical principles. Forgive me for not complying.”

Qianhiro Qian was a violent temper. Hearing this, he wanted to use force to threaten Long Ling, and the cold light flashed in his eyes.

Chen Feng was also taken aback, and immediately sat up from the threshold.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Qi asked.

Looking at it again, Qianhiro Ken closed his eyes again, just looking helpless.

Chen Feng sat back again: “It’s nothing, I saw something wrong.”

And why Long Ling, who had always observed everything and everything, didn’t notice it, she was also a little surprised for a moment, but fortunately, her face was well covered, and it didn’t show up.

“If that’s the case, Qianmou won’t disturb Miss Long Ling to rest.” Qianhiro Ken said somewhat lonely, and turned to leave.

Long Ling thought for a while, and stopped him: “If Uncle Qian really wants to do this, you can ask my sister.”

Qianhiro Qian turned around and looked at Long Ling in surprise, wanting to say something, but Long Ling said, “I still have some medical skills to study, so I can’t accompany Uncle Qian anymore.”

Having said that, she turned around and left first.

The two Chen Feng watching from the other side were also curious, watching Long Ling walk back, not knowing what they said.

But as Long Ling walked away, Qianhiro Qian looked towards this side.

“How did he come to think about it? It’s not really going to kill, and then my sister disagreed, he just hit me again.” Feng Qi grabbed Chen Feng’s arm in surprise.

Chen Feng was swayed by him, and said in a bad mood: “You won’t also refuse. He didn’t move your sister, so naturally he won’t move you.”

Feng Qi was speechless and glared at Chen Feng angrily, and Qianxun Qian had really walked over.

He actually said to Feng Qi the same thing as Long Ling, and didn’t like Chen Feng listening.

But Feng Qi was a little scared, especially when he knew that Qianhiroken’s martial arts was very high.

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