Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 987

She was even more reluctant to leave Chen Feng.

“No, he can’t go. If you don’t want to let him know, then forget it, I don’t want to know either.” Feng Qi flatly refused, his tone very firm.

Chen Feng didn’t expect that he was going to retreat. Since Long Ling didn’t hear it, it wouldn’t matter to him if he didn’t listen.

But looking at Fengqi, I still think I might be able to listen to it.

Qianhiroqian didn’t expect it either, but after thinking about it, he glanced at Chen Feng and said, “Shao Chen, I hope I can keep this secret for Qian. If I know it is spread outside, I have to think it is Shao Chen. NS.”

Listening to this, the threat is self-evident, but if you count it like this, Chen Feng will suffer a lot.

Not to mention that the two sisters of Long Ling must know that if he accidentally escaped, would he find his head in the end.

But Chen Feng was naturally hard to say, and it was just a few of them. Chen Feng didn’t worry about anything, so he just smiled at Qianhiroqian.

Qianhiroqian didn’t say anything else, but said his thoughts to Feng Qi again.

Compared to Long Ling’s calmness, Feng Qi was immediately surprised and said: “If this is the case, he will die very quickly, even if he can only say a few words, he will die.”

Qianhiro nodded silently, indicating that he knew.

Chen Feng was also surprised. He didn’t understand why such a dying person had to say two more words. Could it be that these two words contained the secrets of the thousands of families, or was it the matter of deciding the next Patriarch.

Chen Feng thought for a while, but didn’t understand.

After Feng Qi was surprised, he calmed down a bit, and immediately seemed to understand why Long Ling would refuse.

“My sister rejected you, so you came to find me?” she asked.

Qianhiro Ken nodded and said, “In fact, Miss Long Ling asked me to come over. I had already decided to give up. This was originally just a little bit of my thoughts.”

Having said that, he still looked at Feng Qi with this pleading eyes.

Feng Qi didn’t seem to be able to make a decision either. He actually looked at Chen Feng who was aside. Although it was this subconscious behavior, Qianxun Qian was still a little surprised.

However, this choice cannot make a decision for Chen Feng: “Whatever you think, do it. I think even if you refuse, Senior Qian will not say anything.”

This made Chihiro Ken a little bit irritated. Isn’t this abetting Feng Qi to refuse, but Feng Qi looked at him, and he could only pretend to smile and said, “It is true, but I still hope you can agree. My thousand family will be extremely grateful.”

Feng Qi thought for a long time before slowly saying, “I can give it a try, but I can’t guarantee whether it will succeed or not. I just tried it because of your request.”

The tight muscles on Chihiro Ken’s face finally relaxed. Although there was a possibility of failure, he felt that even so, his brother would definitely not blame him.

He then thanked Feng Qi a few words before finally leaving.

“Why did you agree, don’t you have this kind of medical ethics?” Chen Feng said jokingly.

Feng Qi cast a white glance and said angrily: “My sister abides by the master’s beliefs, some of us must follow it, but my sister actually knows that this principle is unreasonable, and she can’t refuse it, so she has to let me do it. , And it’s something that can help people, shouldn’t I do this?”

Chen Feng nodded, poked Feng Qi in the face, and smiled: “Well, I didn’t make fun of you. A kind woman like you is now a treasure.”

Feng Qi still gave him a grievance.

The preparation to give Chihiro Yi acupuncture also took place on the same day. Originally, his life was not long. If it was delayed for two days, it might not be possible to wake up at all.

The medicines prepared were delivered quickly, and there would be no problem with the financial resources of thousands of families.

When Qianxunqian came over to inform Feng Qi, Long Ling walked out and said to Feng Qi: “When applying the needle, remember not to be impatient. If the blood is surging, you can try to spot it at Baihui, Zhongquan… ”

Sure enough, as Feng Qi said, she also hopes to help Qianjia, but because she can’t do things that go against her teacher’s school, she can only do some things like this.

Feng Qi took Long Ling’s notes down and nodded seriously, “I will try my best.”

Long Ling nodded and left.

Knowing this, Qianxun Qian did not refuse Chen Feng to accompany him to the study, and this time because if Qianxunyi wakes up, it may not last long. Feng Qilian’s ban on outsiders is prohibited. Also canceled to Chihiro Ken.

This allows him to be the first to see him after Chihiro Art wakes up.

Qianhiro Ken also expressed his gratitude.

Then, at the most difficult time, Chen Feng took out the golden needle for Feng Qi and looked at her.

Feng Qi took a breath and overfired the golden needle, then dipped it in the medicinal soup in front of him, dipped it lightly, and then began to prick the needle.

After a series of 18 stitches, Feng Qi took a sigh of relief and stopped at the same time, seeming to be examining the state of Qianxunyi.

Although he closed his eyes, fortunately, his heartbeat and pulse remained at a normal level. After a few seconds, his breath gradually increased.

It may be that the medicine in the medicinal soup has begun to work.

Feng Qi waited, Qian Xunqian on the side was also holding his breath, not even gasping for breath, let alone making any noise to disturb Feng Qi.

However, Chen Feng was very casual, making Qianxunqian look uncomfortable, but Feng Qi didn’t say anything, so it was not his turn to say anything.

“How is the situation now?” Chen Feng asked softly, and at the same time, this was also to give Qian Xun Qian a reply on the side.

Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng and slowly said: “The breath has begun to accelerate, and the functions in his body are slowly being stimulated to the best state. The next step will directly stimulate the brain, making it excited. If he If you can wake up, you will only see when.”

Chen Feng nodded, Qianxun Qian also had psychological expectations when he heard it, at least not just waiting blankly.

However, this kind of expectation is only an expectation, and it depends on God’s will.

Time flies slowly, the clocks in the study are silent, and I can’t feel the ticking sound, but there is still a feeling of counting my heartbeat.

Slowly, you can see Chihiro Yi’s face turning ruddy, as if she had drunk a little,

Qianxun Qian was a little anxious, and unconsciously stood a few steps closer to the bed, looking at Qianxunyi’s eyes, how hoped he could open it now, and then tell him those things.

After waiting for a while, Feng Qi frowned.

She raised the golden needle. If she doesn’t wake up again, she may have to use Long Ling’s method.

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