Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 990

Zhao Donglai naturally still refused to believe it. He looked at Chen Feng and said, “I always feel that you are at ease, but I don’t know what you want to do.”

Chen Feng didn’t expect his vigilance to be so strong.

But he also pretended to be indifferent and said, “If you don’t believe it, then I will go?”

But Zhao Donglai hesitated and said, “Let’s say, since you have come to find me, and you still tell me this message, you must want me to do something for you.”

Chen Feng laughed, this guy is always so shrewd.

So he told the story of Molang finding him.

“You help me let out the wind and say Qian’er is in your hands.”

When Zhao Donglai heard it, he jumped immediately, and resolutely refused: “How is this possible? You are not driving me to death. The Molang gang are all cruel guys.”

Chen Feng persuaded: “Naturally, I won’t cheat you like this. In a few days at most, if that Qian’er is still unwilling to agree to it, Qian Xueqiu will give up. Then he will kill her again. Molang found the corpse. I will naturally give up.”

Zhao Donglai still didn’t believe it, and said, “It still doesn’t work. For an uncertain message, let me exchange it with my life. It’s not worth it to think about it.”

Chen Feng said, “You can ask the people of the Qian Family. If you really know the message that bestows Taihao on the emperor, besides us, who else knows? If you don’t believe me, then you can only go to Qian Xunqian. Now, I don’t think you’re likely to get this information from him in your life.”

Zhao Donglai hesitated again. He came to Lanshi and found Qianjia. The biggest goal was to bestow Emperor Taihao, but after a resourceful confrontation, things were still hidden by Qianjia.

It might seem that Chihiro Yee knew the whereabouts of that thing, but he died.

If the information is not explained, no one really knows the hiding place of the thing. In fact, for Zhao Donglai, it seems that he has no choice but to believe in Chen Feng if he really wants this thing.

And Zhao Donglai hesitated naturally or not whether Chen Feng’s message was true.

In the end, Zhao Donglai still did not give up his preparation to give Huang Taihao. He said, “I can draw Molang’s attention for you, but I also hope you haven’t lied to me. When the matter is over, I need to know where the things are.”

Chen Feng also smiled and said, “This is natural. I believe you will know the answer soon.”

After Zhao Dong finished speaking, he seemed unwilling to chat with Chen Feng, and walked away, leaving only Chen Feng standing there.

Passers-by walked in a hurry, and the jagged tall buildings were writing their own movements.

Chen Feng thought for a while, but decided to go see Qian’er.

The place where Qian’er was located was not very far from Zhao Donglai, only a few blocks away, Chen Feng walked directly over.

The one who opened the door for Chen Feng was a 40-50 year-old woman. She was a little surprised. Chen Feng told her that Qian Xueqiu asked him to come over, and the woman let Chen Feng go in.

It seems that for Qian’er, Qian Xueqiu has not done anything to force her to monitor, and even if she wants to leave, there is no hindrance.

When Chen Feng saw Qian’er, she was lying on the balcony and looking downstairs.

It seems that in the voice just now, Qian’er already knew that it was Chen Feng, so when Chen Feng opened the balcony window, Qian’er simply said, “What are you here for?”

She didn’t look back, and her voice was flat.

Chen Feng said, “He asked me to come and see you, by the way, how did you think about what he said.”

Qian’er raised her head from the railing of the balcony, her slender neck turned to her glamorous beauty.

At this time, her loneliness made her appearance more sobering beauty.

“You can tell him that I can’t promise. Molang is so kind to me, I will never betray.” Her tone was still very flat, even if she said firm words, she felt very casual.

Chen Feng almost thought of the so-called considerations, but after thinking about it, he said, “Molang is indeed looking for you. He found me yesterday and wanted to ask me where you were hidden.”

Qian’er took the clothes. She wore very simple, white loose long sleeves, but she seemed to hide an invisible treasure. She looked at Chen Feng’s eyes, although she didn’t have the eye-catching wintry before. But the slender eyes always seemed to carry spring feelings.

“You didn’t tell them where I am?” she said.

Chen Feng nodded, “I didn’t know you were here.”

Qian’er nodded in response.

She lifted her bare feet and stepped on the tiles on the balcony, her long, long-sleeved hem covering her buttocks, revealing her smooth and plump thighs.

She walked past Chen Feng, opened the balcony door, and walked in.

Chen Feng thought for a while and said to her, “If you don’t agree, you may die.”

Qian’er nodded lightly, turning her back to Chen Feng and said, “I know, but I’m not afraid.”

The cleaning aunt went out, leaving only Chen Feng.

Qian’er picked up a purple black grape from the fruit bowl on the table and ate it.

“You should be able to go now, and I will tell you my answer.” After eating, she looked at Chen Feng again.

Chen Feng was a little dazed and did not answer.

Qian’er chuckled softly, “Could it be that you want to kill me now.”

Chen Feng shook his head and walked back from the balcony without looking at her again. He really didn’t have to stay here anymore.

Qian’er’s soft feet stepped on the ground, and the smooth porcelain surface reflected her slender calves. She took two steps gently, and no sound was heard.

Chen Feng hurriedly turned around and stared at her closely.

But the index finger pierced his shoulder like a sharp dagger.

Chen Feng was taken aback, pulled away her palm, and stepped back.

“You want to die?” The shoulder was pierced. Although it was not deep, blood flowed out, soaking all the clothes on the shoulder.

Qian’er seemed to be frolicking with Chen Feng, and smiled softly.

“Could it be that your brain is emptied by Gu, such a nerve.” Chen Feng looked at Qian’er who reacted inexplicably and cursed.

Qian’er straightened up and said, “I just want to ask for death, but I thought that if I committed suicide, it would be too boring. If this is the case, I might as well take another person down. Companions.”

Chen Feng regretted that he promised Qian Xueqiu to come over.

He took a step back and Qian’er walked over. It seemed that Qian’er was not in a hurry, but slowly teasing her prey, even for her, even if Chen Feng is released now, it doesn’t matter.

The pendulum clock in the living room had struck the whole hour at this time, and it felt like a bell ringing.

But when the bell was over, Qianer burst out laughing suddenly.

“I want to make a deal with you.”

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