Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 997

“Hand over the things!” Qianhiro Qian said sharply.

Chen Feng was adjusting his internal breath, he was also surprised, listening to what they meant seemed to be something extraordinary.

Qian Xueqiu said in a cold tone, “I thought that if Uncle Qian agreed to my request, this thing could be given directly to Uncle Qian, but after seeing Uncle Qian, I would never agree, and I can only give this thing. Leave.”

“You want to die.”

This made Chen Feng also horrified. If Qianxun Qian really wanted to do something, he would definitely not be able to save Qian Xueqiu’s life.

But Qian Xueqiu calmly said: “I don’t want to die, and if I die, Uncle Qian may never know this thing.”

He looked at Qianxunqian’s intention to come up, and he said: “If Uncle Qian wants to be tortured, I also persuade Uncle Qian to give up. I have planted poison on myself a long time ago. I can die like this anytime if I want to. .”

Chen Feng glanced at him stunnedly, but he didn’t expect this guy to be so cruel to himself.

Regardless of whether what Qian Xueqiu said was true or not, Qianxun Ken was jealous. He looked at him coldly and said angrily: “Even if you get things in your hands, you will never be able to be the head of the Qian family.”

Qian Xueqiu sneered and said, “Then Uncle Qian just wait, I will definitely get this position.”

With that said, he left without even a trace of worry. Chen Feng glanced at Qian Hunqian and left with him.

“You push Qianxunqian away from yourself like this, even if you sit in the position of Qianjia, can you resist those people who live outside?” Chen Feng asked Qian Xueqiu suspiciously.

It seems that after experiencing the things just now, Qian Xueqiu’s mood is not very high.

He said coldly: “I thought of this possibility a long time ago, but I was not reconciled in my heart and wanted to give it a try, but now it turns out that I have to give up completely.”

Chen Feng said, “Then what are you going to do next? Without Qianhiroken, you seem to be more difficult.”

Qian Xueqiu shook his head and said, “If I were only planning to rely on his power, I would have stopped thinking about this a long time ago.”

Chen Feng didn’t know what other means he had hidden, but from his appearance, he didn’t seem willing to say anything, so Chen Feng didn’t ask any more.

After being quiet for a few days, Chen Feng only accompanied the Long Ling sisters every day.

It seems that because of the thread-drawing thing before, there seems to be a gap between Chen Feng and them. No matter how Chen Feng strikes up a conversation in a few days, it is always easy to provoke a cold face.

After leaving boringly several times, Chen Feng also lost his interest, thinking that it might be better if he waited for a while to fade.

Thousands of families were also noisy for a few days. Although the funeral arrangements did not have the complicated procedures, it was a big family after all, and there were many more people.

On this day, Chen Feng was walking on the trail, toward the yard, and someone chased him from behind.

“It’s Shao Chen, I thought I was wrong.”

The man was in a black suit with a delicate face, but Chen Feng looked very strange.

“Who are you?” Chen Feng asked.

The man said: “Miss Qingzhi asked me to ask you when will you go to the Sea Lion Tower.”

Chen Feng almost forgot about this. Originally, after giving Emperor Taihao the incident, he was going to go to the Sea Lion Tower with Emperor Taihao, but this thing has no credibility until now, let him It was also delayed for a long time.

“Are you from Qingzhi?”

The man nodded.

“Qingzhi is okay now?”

“Ms. Qingzhi is now living in the Sea Lion Tower. Those people still dare not go to the Sea Lion Tower to make trouble. Shao Chen can rest assured.”

If even Qing Zhi can’t deal with it, Chen Feng is useless to worry, but knowing that Qing Zhi is well now, he is still a lot more relieved.

He looked at the person in front of him and asked, “Are you from the Sea Lion Tower?”

The other party smiled and nodded: “Haishilou and Qianjia have some old feelings. Now that the Patriarch of Qianjia has passed away, I have been sent to condolences.”

With that, he took out a business card.

“Tianhai Business? Zhou Pingxin.”

Zhou Pingxin smiled and said, “Haishi Lou’s external business is only.”

Chen Feng wouldn’t be surprised. It was like the thousand family, although they belonged to the ancient martial family, they also had assets in Lanshi.

“Since Shao Chen has been notified, I won’t bother me much. I hope I can see Shao Chen in the Sea Lion Building soon.”

Chen Feng nodded and watched him leave.

With a famous film in my hand, I thought about it or put it in my pocket.

I thought that the peace would last at least until the funeral was over, but the people of Qianjia couldn’t wait to go to the head of Qianjia to divide.

The Qian family is also the inheritance of a long-standing son, but Qian Xun Yi has never had a son and a half. Originally, he could adopt one in his family at his age or two years later and still have no children. But things are fickle, he Suddenly encountered an accident.

This makes thousands of families feel hopeful.

Apart from Chihiro Art in the chamber of the Council Building, naturally everyone from each family came, but Qianxun Qian didn’t expect Qian Xueqiu to also sit there.

If it is a usual discussion, it is understandable that he is sitting here, but now it is the position of discussing the Patriarch, and his appearance is somewhat unruly.

But Qianxun Qian glanced at him, and didn’t say anything, anyway, he wanted to come, this matter was not his turn.

Qian Xueqiu smiled at him.

When Chihiro Ken was seated, the scene calmed down a bit.

When the natural people arrived, they could start, but Qianhiro Ken was too lazy to listen to these people, so he just sat there and didn’t speak.

But the most powerful person did not speak, and everyone did not dare to speak for a while, and the scene was rather dull.

After a while, a Qianjia who seemed to be highly qualified said: “Since everyone is here, the matter must be discussed clearly, otherwise Qianjia will be like a headless fly, and it will be ridiculed by outsiders.”

Everyone nodded and said yes.

Then someone started to propose who should be the head of the house, but naturally someone opposed it immediately, and even gave a lot of reasons.

It was a bit noisy for a while.

Only two people didn’t react to this scene, one was Chihiro Ken who felt bored, and the other was Qian Xueqiu who was sitting in a tight-knit manner.

It seems that this scene is also predictable. After a long arguing, a group of people still can’t figure out who will sit in the seat of the head of the house.

Qianxun Qian thought that Qian Xueqiu might be talking about something, but he waited until the meal time and everyone was going to leave. He still didn’t say a word, just watching the whole process.

Chihiro Ken was a little curious, remembering that he was very confident that day, but now he feels a little resigned.

But this is also good.

It was just that Emperor Taihao was in his hands, which made Qianxunqian always feel a little grudge in his heart, and wanted to deal with him, and didn’t know how to do it for a while.

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