Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 999

Long Ling pursed her mouth, her heart was irritable. After learning about Chen Feng and Qian’er, she always made her a little sad. A woman gave Chen Feng something so important, but it seemed that Chen Feng didn’t care at all.

She resented why Chen Feng could be so rash.

But I also know that things are like what Chen Feng said, in fact, the problem is not in him, but it is the knot in unhappiness.

“I don’t hate you.” She slowly said, but she only agreed that Chen Feng was not the fault of the matter, and she was still entangled in her heart.

“But I don’t want to get too close to you recently, it may be my own problem.”

Feng Qi was stunned by what she said, thinking that her elder sister fell in love with him.

He reached Long Ling’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Is my sister feeling for him, but it’s hard to tell?”

Long Ling turned around and glared at Feng Qi: “This is not the case.”

Feng Qi was puzzled.

Chen Feng probably guessed something. He stared at Long Ling’s cold face and said, “Don’t you believe me?”

Long Ling was in pain when Chen Feng’s eyes were staring at him, but he didn’t know how to answer. Feng Qi looked at the side with a puzzled face, not knowing what happened when she was not paying attention.

Long Ling was silent for a moment, and thought: “What I actually hate is why you would be so unkind to a woman who gave you a body.”

Both Chen Feng and Feng Qi were taken aback.

Chen Feng naturally felt that the woman and him weren’t together, and everything that happened was just a deal. Since there is no emotion, why do you want to behave like that.

Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng in surprise, with a face full of disbelief that Chen Feng had done such a thing.

She asked, “This…what exactly happened? Is it the way I thought it was?”

But Chen Feng and Long Ling didn’t have time to pay attention to her. Chen Feng said: “She is killing me. Is it because of a physical problem, I should forgive, how is this possible?”

Long Ling felt that Chen Feng was unreasonable, but now seeing Chen Feng’s arrogant attitude, he became even more angry, and his eyes shot sharp light.

“Twisted thread, you know what it is. If it weren’t for a woman who is loyal to love, it would never be possible to plant a threaded thread, and what she gave you is her most precious thing.”

Chen Feng also became angry and said: “The most precious? Could it be more expensive than life? Since she chose to die, then she must give up something.”

Feng Qi heard the thread pull, and she immediately remembered that Chen Feng had asked her, and only then did she have a general idea.

But listening, it didn’t seem to be that simple. She asked with some concern: “Then your poison is cured?”

With that said, she didn’t wait for Chen Feng to answer, so she went to Chen Feng’s side and took his arm to make a diagnosis.

Chen Feng also let her do this, he just stared at Long Ling.

Long Ling was annoyed, but she still regretted Qian’er more. She also knew that there was no choice between Chen Feng and Qian’er. She glanced at Chen Feng and she stopped talking.

Long Ling also checked that Chen Feng was not poisoned.

“Are you detoxified?” She shouted at Chen Feng in surprise.

Chen Feng also knew the detoxification process, so it was difficult to explain it clearly to Feng Qi, so he didn’t answer at all.

But Feng Qi herself knew very well that she was also annoyed and said, “Scum.”

Chen Feng, who was already a little annoyed, was even more so said by Feng Qi. He gave Feng Qi an annoyed look, then turned and left the courtyard.

Feng Qi was also a little scared at the first glance, but now she and Long Ling are left, and she regrets a little bit, so she walked to Long Ling’s side and asked, “Sister, what is going on. ”

But Long Ling was also in a bad mood. He walked back to his room without wanting to say anything, and only Feng Qi was left there.

Feng Qi was placed here, but also felt boring, and stomped his feet and left.

A teahouse in Lanshi is built on the edge of the North Lake in the middle and suburbs of the city. The teahouse is old and fragrant. It is surrounded by lakes and mountains outside the building. It is located in a quiet place and there is no noise. It is indeed a good place to drink tea. .

“If you want to get the seat of Thousand Family Patriarch, I can kill for you.”

“You kill for me? Killed thousands of people?”

“Without that old man, it would be much easier for you to become the master of a thousand families.”

“But if he weren’t there, the people below would listen to me, I’m afraid that if he finds Qianhiroken, it will be against me when the time comes.”

The two people in this tea room conspired with such an important matter, but they didn’t know that someone heard it clearly.

Sitting in front of Qian Xueqiu was a beautiful and graceful woman with a pale blue gauze covering and a willow eyebrow that was the most delicate. She slowly filtered a cup of tea and then passed it to Qian Xueqiu who was sitting in front of him. before.

Qian Xueqiu was listening and saw the woman handing over tea. He also took off the headphones and said to the woman, “Thanks for your hard work.”

The woman shook her head and said, “The embroiderer is not hard.”

The woman named Xiuniang looked at Qian Xueqiu as if she was light.

And Qian Xueqiu also knows Xiuniang’s intentions, but now he can’t promise anything, so when he gets along with her, he always exercises restraint and dare not go beyond half a step.

“You really can afford my words. If it weren’t for you, you wouldn’t have this place. It’s also this place that helped me a lot.” Qian Xueqiu said softly.

Xiu Niang is the owner of this restaurant, but many people don’t know her relationship with Qian Xueqiu.

“But without you, I would just be a girl from the country. Maybe now I have randomly found a man to marry, so I look at three meals a day and do something to serve my family.”

Qian Xueqiu didn’t say any more, he didn’t know how much Xiuniang’s feelings were actually grateful.

He picked up the teacup and took a sip. The fragrance overflowed with endless aftertaste. It matched the outdoor landscape, and any irritability would be resolved by this leisure.

“What did you do before?” Qian Xueqiu asked after putting down the cup.

Xiu Niang searched for the backpack she had brought, and took out a USB flash drive from it, saying, “That guy secretly embezzled the company’s public funds and did some illegal activities outside. No one knew about this. But the woman he put outside leaked it out.”

Qian Xueqiu picked up the USB flash drive and said, “Are these records in here? Have you been in contact with him?”

Xiu Niang nodded: “I know you will definitely not let him go, so after talking to you, I immediately found him. Seeing these things, he was scared to death.”

Qian Xueqiu gave a compliment and put the things away.

At the same time, in a street restaurant on the other side of Lan City, two men wearing black masks were talking quietly about what they were talking about.

“Thousands of people have died.”

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