Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 1

In the dark and damp mine tunnel, Lu Ye walked forward step by step with a mining basket on his back and a pickaxe in his hand.

The boy’s expression was a little sad, his eyes focused on the space in front of him, as if he was staring at something.

From the perspective of outsiders, there is nothing in front of Lu Ye, but in fact, a translucent shadow can be seen in the young man’s field of vision.

It was like the shadow of a tree, gray and unreal, with luxuriant branches and leaves, and the branches were separated from the left and right by one-third of the tree body, supporting a semicircular crown.

It has been more than a year since he came to this world called Kyushu, and Lu Ye has not yet figured out what it is. He only knows that when his attention is concentrated enough, there is a chance that this shadow tree will appear in his vision. And no one will notice at all.

“What a sad life.” The boy sighed.

A year ago, he woke up suddenly in this strange world. Before he could familiarize himself with the environment, the power he was in was captured by a group of thieves, and many people were killed. He and some other young men and women became that He was taken captive by the bandits, and then sent into this mine vein, where he became a lowly miner.

Afterwards, he learned from scattered conversations with other people that the faction he belonged to belonged to the Haotian League, a sect called Xuantianzong.

The name of this sect sounds cool and domineering, but it is actually just a small sect that is not popular.

It was Xieyue Valley under the command of Wanmo Ridge who captured Xuantianzong.

The Haotian League and the Wanmo Ridge are the two major factions in this world, both of which are formed by the alliance of countless forces, big and small, fighting against each other with the intention of completely destroying each other, and it is said that it has lasted for hundreds of years.

In Lu Ye’s view, this kind of battle is simply a confrontation between the lawful camp and the evil camp, and he was just accidentally involved in this tide of confrontation.

Over the years, the Kyushu Continent has been raging with wars, and small forces like Xuantianzong have been uprooted every year, but soon more forces have sprung up like mushrooms, occupying various territories, making the situation even more chaotic.

A miner is a miner… Lu Ye comforted himself. Compared with those who were killed, he was still alive.

Being able to survive is not because he has any special ability, but because Xieyue Valley needs some handymen to do things, such as Lu Ye, who has no cultivation base and is still young, is undoubtedly the best choice.

In fact, the miners in this mine vein are not only members of Xuantian Sect, but also disciples of other small families and small sects.

Xie Moon Valley is not weak. Over the years, it has captured many territories. Naturally, the original forces on these territories have been wiped out, and some of the available manpower was sent by Xie Moon Valley to enslave everywhere.

Without exception, these people all have one characteristic, they are not enlightened yet, and they have no cultivation base, so they are easy to control.

There is a saying in the Kyushu Continent that it is difficult to transform a demon without enlightenment, and it is difficult to cultivate without enlightenment.

If you want to practice, you need to open your spiritual aperture, and only if you open your spiritual aperture, you are qualified to practice.

Opening the spiritual aperture is not a simple matter. Ordinary people can open the spiritual aperture after systematic training, but around a hundred and one, if they come from a cultivating family or sect, and have elders to guide them, the proportion may be higher.

Lu Ye failed to open his own spiritual aperture, so he could only make a living by mining in this dim mine tunnel.

However, the mine slaves are not hopeless. If they succeed in opening their minds and find someone in charge to report to the higher authorities, they will have the opportunity to participate in an assessment. If the assessment is successful, they can become a disciple of Evil Moon Valley.

However, there are very few mine slaves who can get enlightened. They work all day in this dark environment, and they can’t even eat enough. How can they still be enlightened.

So basically 99% of miners have resigned themselves to their fate, working hard every day just for a full meal.

Lu Ye didn’t have any sense of belonging to the Xuantian Sect. After all, the Xuantian Sect was destroyed when he first came to this world, and he didn’t know anyone in the sect.

He also doesn’t want to be a disciple of Xieyue Valley, this is not a serious force, just listening to the name gives people a sense of evil, and it will be cold sooner or later.

But he can’t stay here forever as a miner’s slave. How decent is that? After all, he is also an elite in the new era. If a man has no dreams, he is no different from a salted fish.

So this year he has been working hard to open his mind. Originally, he thought that only the shadow tree he could see could provide him with some wonderful help, but until now, the shadow tree is still just a shadow. Don’t say anything about help. Sometimes it will affect his eyesight.

Lu Ye seriously doubted whether there was something wrong with his eyes.

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