Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 10

Just when he was greatly amazed, there was a scorching force surging in his dantian, which pulled his own energy and blood to converge towards that position.

Unspeakable pain came, and Lu Ye felt that his lower abdomen was stirred by a huge force, as if it was going to tear him apart completely.

He couldn’t help but snorted, and his clothes were instantly wet with sweat.

Just when he thought he was going to die, there was a slight sound from his lower abdomen. At this moment, he felt that something was broken.

The pain disappeared quickly, and in Lu Ye’s eyes, the whole world had undergone wonderful changes.

He had an unreal feeling, felt the position of the dantian in the lower abdomen, and clearly noticed that there was a group of wonderful power gathered there.

A huge surprise enveloped him…

He actually opened his spiritual aperture!

Amidst the crackling sound, the faint flame danced a few times, and finally went out.

The torches on the dark stakes burned out.

The hidden mine tunnel was plunged into darkness, but Lu Ye did not completely lose his light. There was still some faint light in his eyes in the environment that should have been pitch black. He could see the outline of the corpse of Manager Yang not far away, and he could also see the The cold light on the sword I threw aside…

It wasn’t that the mine was not dark enough, but that his eyesight had improved.

After opening his own spiritual aperture, Lu Ye obviously felt some wonderful changes in his body. Even his weak body due to injury gave birth to a lot of strength for no reason.

“Haha…hahaha…hahahaha…” Lu Ye couldn’t help laughing wildly. The laughter echoed in the claustrophobic environment, and he didn’t stop until the injury was affected.

Suppressing the joy in his heart, he recalled the accident just now.

What is certain is that his sudden enlightenment has something to do with the shadow tree, and also with that piece of dark red ore that he has never seen before.

No, the ore is not the point, the point is the orange flame inside the ore!

The shadow tree sprouted roots, devoured the flame, and finally became enlightened.

The shadow tree has never changed like this, it should be stimulated by the orange flame…

It seems that my previous thought was correct, this shadow tree can indeed provide me with some wonderful help, but I have not found the right way all the time.

After clearing his mind, he quickly concentrated, he wanted to see what the shadow tree looked like now, anyway, the orange flame was eaten by the shadow tree, there will always be some changes.

Maybe it was because he was too emotional, even though Lu Ye had tried his best to concentrate, he couldn’t see the shadow tree. This happened often before, and it was because of lack of concentration.

He took a few deep breaths, calmed down, and waited for a long time before trying again.

This time, I saw the shadow tree smoothly. As expected, just as Lu Ye thought, some changes appeared in the originally gray shadow tree.

Generally speaking, the shadow tree is still the same, but the roots that have grown before have not been seen, but near the lower part of the tree crown, there is a leaf shrouded in a raging fire, as if it is burning.

Lu Ye tried to concentrate, looked at the burning leaf, and vaguely saw an extremely complicated and cumbersome pattern imprinted on the leaf.

He concentrated, trying to see the pattern clearly.

The sudden change!

A small leaf kept enlarging in front of his eyes, instantly blocking his vision. At the same time, a large amount of inexplicable information poured into his mind uncontrollably, and Lu Ye suddenly felt as if someone had hit him hard with a sledgehammer. He shook his head and passed out without even making a sound.

When he woke up again, Lu Ye was dizzy and had a splitting headache.

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