Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 11

Shaking his head, he braced himself to get up, leaning his back against the rock wall.

He recalled what happened before he fell into a coma, but he was surprised to find that there was a lot of information in his mind that he had never touched. This information was deeply ingrained, as if it was his own memory.

Lu Ye calmed down and searched carefully for these memories that should not have existed, and quickly figured out the whole story.

It was also because of the shadow tree. The shadow tree swallowed the orange flame, and as a result, there was an extra burning leaf on the tree.

There is a mysterious pattern on the leaf, which carries a lot of magical knowledge. When Lu Ye searched carefully, this knowledge was forcibly poured into his mind.


This is what is carried in the leaf, it is a spirit pattern named Fengrui.

Lu Ye has heard of spirit patterns, which contain mysterious power, and are closely related to monks’ life, practice, and battle.

It seems that there is also a kind of person who specializes in studying spirit patterns, known as spirit pattern masters, but there are generally very few such people because it is not easy to study spirit patterns.

After figuring this out, Lu Ye wanted to mobilize the spiritual power in the spirit aperture.

However, he found that the spiritual power in the spiritual aperture was extremely heavy and could not be mobilized at all.

After thinking about it for a while, Lu Ye remembered that he was still under the cover of the Yuan magnetic force field. How easy is it to mobilize his spiritual power?

It was for this reason that Guanshi Yang died at his hands before.

He stood up and staggered towards the distance, feeling the reaction of the spiritual power in the spiritual aperture while walking, and didn’t stop until he could mobilize the spiritual power. This position was already out of the scope of the Yuan magnetic force field.

The originally heavy spiritual power became extremely active, and under Lu Ye’s actions, it wandered through the body, and wherever he went, it was warm, and he was surprised that he had never had such an experience.

After playing for a while, he remembered the spirit pattern, and almost instinctively poured spiritual power into his palm, and in an instant, a ray of light flashed across his palm.

Although it passed away in a flash, Lu Ye could still see clearly that the Huaguang was an extremely complicated and cumbersome pattern, which was exactly the same as the pattern carried on the burning leaf!

“This is Fengrui?” Lu Ye looked down at his palm. Logically speaking, he had just opened his own spiritual aperture, and he didn’t even know how to use spiritual power, let alone construct a spiritual pattern with spiritual power.

But he did it so easily, as if he had gone through countless exercises.

A faint glow of light bloomed on the palm of his hand, like a large firefly, and there were bursts of tingling pain in his palm, which made Lu Ye feel as if many needles were piercing himself in his flesh.

Although it was a palm, it felt extremely sharp at the moment. Lu Ye felt that he could split a stone with one palm!

Thinking of this, he immediately pulled a stone the size of a washbasin from the side. This kind of stone can be seen everywhere in the mine, and it has no value.

Putting the stone in front of him, Lu Ye raised a knife and chopped it down.

The stone the size of the washbasin cracked at the sound, and the incision was neat.

Lu Ye was stunned. Although he thought he could split the stone just now, he never expected such an effect. This is not splitting, this is cutting, and it was only his hand that cut the stone. !

And all this is just because of the blessing of sharpness, this spirit pattern seems to make the blessed object extremely sharp.

He was shocked to see a monk from Xieyue Valley smash a stone with his palm before, but now it seems that he has the ability to do it, and he does it even better.

This is still cutting stones, but what if it is cutting people?

The brilliance on the palm of his hand slowly dissipated after cutting the stone, which was the reason for the exhaustion of spiritual power. At the same time, Lu Ye felt his whole body was empty, and a sense of boundless weakness struck him.

His heart is broken.

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