Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 12

I have just opened up, and a spirit pattern condensed in a moment of itch, somewhat overwhelmed, this is seriously overdrawn.

Tiredness hit, Lu Ye endured it, if he fell asleep at this time, he didn’t know if he could wake up.

He hurried back to the place just now, picked up a bottle of Qi and Blood Pill, poured out a few pills, stuffed them into his mouth, picked up another piece of animal meat, and ate it.

The effect of Qixue Pill dissipated, gradually filled his body, and the feeling of weakness gradually subsided.

Leaning against the rock wall, he sorted out his thoughts.

After the shadow tree that accompanied him for more than a year devoured an orange flame, he opened his spiritual aperture and became a monk. Then when he checked the shadow tree, he found a burning leaf. Among the leaves, he got the spirit pattern of Fengrui…

Looking at the shadow tree now, Lu Ye couldn’t help feeling a strong sense of déjà vu.

After pondering for a moment, Lu Ye suddenly realized: “Isn’t this the talent tree?”

A leaf on the talent tree carried a spirit pattern like Fengrui, so what about the other leaves? Does it also carry other spirit patterns?

If I can light up more leaves, wouldn’t I be able to get more knowledge of spirit patterns?

Thinking of the huge crown and countless leaves of the talent tree, Lu Ye’s heart became hot.

How to light up the other leaves, Lu Ye also had some guesses in his heart, but there is no way to confirm it now, so he can only wait for the opportunity to talk about it later.

What he can do right now is to open more spiritual apertures as soon as possible to improve his cultivation.

The first spiritual orifice opened by a monk is at the dantian. This is the starting point of practice and is called the source of the spiritual orifice. How to open the subsequent spiritual orifices depends on what kind of exercises the monk practices.

Different skills have different positions of the opened spirit orifices, the more the number of opened spirit orifices, the higher the cultivation level.

That Golden Cicada Happy Tale has come into play!

Lu Ye calmed down his excited mood a little, picked up Manager Yang’s storage bag and started to pack his things. Only then was Lu Ye surprised to find that his palm, which had been imprinted with sharpness just now, was riddled with holes, as if it had been pierced by countless needles. Wear it, and shed a lot of blood.

Under the excitement just now, he didn’t feel it.

It was only when I realized it at this moment that the piercing pain continued to stimulate the nerves.

He secretly introspected, it seemed that if he got any spirit patterns in the future, he couldn’t easily use them on himself.

Soon, he packed up the things he had taken out before, and moved away from the range covered by the Yuan magnetic force field.

Right now, there are two roads before him. One is to leave the mine vein. The reason why Guanshi Yang came to avoid the disaster was because the people from the Haotian League came here. He will dodge in first.

Otherwise, if the mine vein is captured, he, as a disciple of Xieyue Valley, must be in dire straits.

If I can connect with the monks of the Haotian League, then I can get out of the sea of ​​suffering, and I don’t have to stay here to be oppressed by others.

But this is obviously not a wise choice.

Steward Yang has already received the news that he has come in for refuge. There must be other disciples from Xieyue Valley who will come in. This is the most chaotic time. Lu Ye, a disciple of Xieyue Valley who took refuge, must have the same fate as the miners who were casually beaten and killed by Steward Yang.

So he chose the second path, holding back for the time being, and staying here.

This place is extremely hidden, ordinary people can’t find it, and it can be attacked and defended. If a disciple of Xieyue Valley accidentally breaks in, Lu Ye can use the Yuan Magnetic Force Field to deceive others, so that there will be no harm. Fight back.

Furthermore, his injury has not healed, and it is indeed difficult for him to move around more.

He recalled what Guanshi Yang had said to him before, if he remembered correctly, this is what Guanshi Yang said.

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