Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 13

People from the Haotian League came calling, and the ore lode could not be kept for the time being. The Haotian League would not stay for long, but it always needed a month or two.

The underlying meaning of these words is obvious. Steward Yang feels that even if the Haotian League can capture this place, it is impossible to hold this mine for a long time, so within a month or two, the Haotian League will withdraw. The ore veins will return to Xieyuegu.

Based on the information he has now, Lu Ye has some calculations in his mind.

Stay here to recuperate, practice, leave the mine within a month, go to the people of the Haotian League, and save yourself from the sea of ​​suffering!

After making up his mind, Lu Ye felt a lot more at ease. The most difficult days have passed, and now he has successfully opened his spiritual aperture, and he still has a talent tree by his side. Good days are still ahead, so don’t worry too much now.

Finding a suitable place, Lu Ye took out a quilt from Manager Yang’s storage bag, spread it out, sat quietly on it, and took out the Golden Cicada’s Happy Way to study it carefully.

There was darkness in the mine tunnel, which meant that Lu Ye had successfully opened his mind, otherwise he would really not be able to see anything. Soon, he found an interesting thing, that is, when he concentrated his spiritual power on his eyes, what he could see Be clearer.

It’s a pity that he only opened the source spirit aperture, and his spiritual power is limited, so he can’t maintain it for a long time.

Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are sleepy, except that the surrounding environment is not very good, there is nothing else. Besides, Lu Ye is now immersed in the excitement of opening his spiritual aperture, so he doesn’t have too many requirements for the environment.

There was no way to count the time in the dark, and Lu Ye didn’t know how long it had passed, maybe a few days.

The wounds on the legs and hands are almost healed. After opening the spiritual aperture and becoming a monk, it seems that the physical fitness has also improved a lot. If I was stabbed in the thigh before, it would take ten and a half months to cultivate. walk around.

Of course, this is also related to Lu Ye’s daily consumption of Qi Xue Dan.

After studying the Golden Cicada Xiaoyao Jue, Lu Ye found that he could not use this cultivation method for the time being. There are some conditions.

If the spiritual aperture is compared to a lake in a monk’s body, then the water in the lake is the monk’s spiritual power, so the more spiritual apertures a monk opens, the greater the spiritual power stored in his body.

But if you want to open the next spiritual aperture, the precondition is that the previous spiritual aperture has reached the level of perfection. To put it simply, you need to fill the spiritual aperture with spiritual power.

Putting it on Lu Ye, what he needs to do now is to let himself continue to practice, to strengthen and accumulate the spiritual power in the source spirit aperture, and when the spiritual power of the source spirit aperture reaches full level, he can open the next one At that time, he will need to use the Golden Cicada Xiaoyao Jue.

There are several ways to increase spiritual power.

The most common way is to take spiritual pills of spiritual practice, which will be transformed into spiritual power and filled into the spiritual aperture.

The second is to breathe out spiritual energy. There is spiritual energy in any environment, it’s just a question of how much it is. After a monk opens the spiritual aperture, he can feel the existence of spiritual energy. Strengthen your self-cultivation.

The third way is to use spirit stones, which Lu Ye has only heard of, but never seen.

There is the last one, refining gas.

First strengthen one’s own energy and blood power, and then refine the energy and blood power into spiritual power, which can also achieve the purpose of cultivation.

Several methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is not easy to generalize.

Although Lu Ye didn’t step into the ranks of monks before, he often heard other miners mentioning the matter of cultivation. Everyone talked about it with a feeling of yearning, looking forward to one day flying on a branch and turning a black chicken into a phoenix.

Lu Ye was fascinated and understood some basic things.

Right now, Lu Ye can’t use the first method. He doesn’t have the panacea for cultivation. Although he can be sure that Manager Yang must have some in his storage bag, he can’t tell the difference between so many bottles and cans. Don’t dare to try rashly.

For the second option, Lu Ye tried it, but he didn’t know why this place was close to the Yuan magnetic force field. Anyway, he didn’t feel the existence of any spiritual energy, so naturally he couldn’t swallow it.

The only thing he can do is refine and transform Qi.

Taking the Qi and Blood Pill can strengthen the power of Qi and blood, and then stimulate the spiritual power in the spirit orifice to refine the Qi and blood to get more spiritual power.

Thanks to Manager Yang’s relics, this is the only way of cultivation that Lu Ye can use right now.

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