Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 15

If everything goes well, I won’t need this thing in the future!

He took off his clothes, put the storage bag close to his body, and tied it with cloth strips. In this way, as long as he was not stripped and searched, the existence of the storage bag would not be exposed.

However, he took out Guanshi Yang’s long sword ahead of time. It may not be safe to go this way, and he has a weapon in his hand, which can be used in an emergency.

After everything was ready, Lu Ye took a deep breath and followed his memory towards the layman.

He was careful all the way, for fear that a cultivator from Evil Moon Valley would suddenly pop out from the dark, so he didn’t dare to walk too fast, lest his whereabouts be exposed.

However, he came to whatever he was afraid of. When he turned a corner in the dark and entered a mine tunnel, his body froze suddenly.

Not far ahead, a figure leaned against the rock wall of the mine, panting lightly.

There is still a faint smell of blood in the air…

Lu Ye wanted to retreat, but it was too late. The man turned his head to look at Lu Ye, and the next moment he shouted in surprise, “Lu Ye?”

Lu Ye’s heart suddenly became tense, and his face could be seen clearly in such darkness, which meant that this person was a cultivator, and the one who knew him was undoubtedly a cultivator from Xieyue Valley.

Sure enough, Steward Yang would think of taking refuge in the mine, and other cultivators from Xieyue Valley would also think of how many people from Xieyue Valley are hidden in this mine now.

With a quick turn in his mind, Lu Ye concentrated his spiritual power on his eyes, and finally saw the opponent’s face clearly.

It was a monk named Zhou Cheng in the mine, under the jurisdiction of Guanshi Yang, his status was lower than that of Guanshi Yang, and his cultivation level should not be as good as that of Guanshi Yang.

This Zhou Cheng seemed to be injured, and the smell of blood came from him.

“Come here!” Zhou Cheng lowered his voice to greet him.

“Okay!” Lu Ye responded immediately, and walked towards Zhou Cheng, walking faster and faster.

Zhou Cheng immediately sensed something was wrong, mainly because Lu Ye was actually holding a sword in his hand, he couldn’t help frowning and said, “Where did you get this sword?”

At first glance, this sword is the sword of the cultivator of Xieyue Valley, and it is very problematic for Lu Ye to hold it in his hand.

Lu Ye didn’t answer, he was only three feet away from Zhou Cheng.

Zhou Cheng finally felt Lu Ye’s killing intent, got up quickly, gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll kill you, you little bastard!”

Saying so, he raised his sword and stabbed towards Lu Ye, the long sword was filled with spiritual power, and in the darkness, a faint brilliance bloomed.

There is nothing too particular about this sword, it just pours spiritual power into the long sword, which increases the damage of this sword. Facing a mortal like Lu Ye, Zhou Cheng naturally felt that he could kill him.

The last person who thought this way was Guanshi Yang, whose bones had already started to rot.

The sword light quickly zoomed in on Lu Ye’s field of vision. He fully mobilized his spiritual power and focused it on his eyes. The whole world seemed to slow down a lot.

Unlike attacking Steward Yang with the help of the Yuan magnetic force field, this is the first time that Lu Ye has fought head-on with the cultivator, and there is no room for him to hesitate or flinch.

Fortunately, this cultivator’s cultivation level is not high, and he was seriously injured. This is the reason why Lu Ye dared to kill.

When the long sword was about to approach him, Lu Ye slid sideways, avoiding it dangerously, and then raised the long sword in his hand backwards. At the same time, a mysterious and complicated pattern flashed on the long sword.

Sharp blessing!

Lu Ye didn’t know how high Zhou Cheng’s cultivation was, but he was much stronger than him.

Even if Zhou Cheng was injured, it was not something he, a one-knowledge cultivator, could deal with casually. The killing intent could only be realized with the help of corresponding means, and Fengrui was Lu Ye’s means!

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