Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 16

When he had nothing to do before, he had experimented that Fengrui’s spirit pattern could not only be blessed on his palm, but also be blessed on weapons, and it was more effective.

The light that bloomed at that moment made Zhou Cheng lose his mind. He didn’t know when Lu Ye became a monk!

When the two swords collided, there was a crisp click. Zhou Cheng was surprised to find that his long sword had been cut off in the middle.

This frightened him quite a lot. When facing the enemy, the weapon was folded first, which was undoubtedly a huge blow.

Just when Zhou Cheng was shocked, Lu Ye’s second sword arrived.

After cutting off Zhou Cheng’s accompanying sword, he immediately raised the sword and slashed at Zhou Cheng’s neck.

He didn’t know any sword skills, and he didn’t master any mysterious moves, so he could only use the simplest chopping.

Zhou Cheng’s dead souls were all dying, and the distance between them was too close at this moment, and it was too late to retreat, so he could only use his remaining spiritual power to protect his body with all his strength. Logically speaking, with his cultivation base, it was enough to resist Lu Ye’s attack. The attack of such a one-knowledge cultivator, even if the opponent has a weapon in his hand, cannot break through his spiritual protection.

But in fact, when the long sword fell, Zhou Cheng’s protective aura did not have the desired effect. The long sword first broke through that layer of protection, and then cut directly on Zhou Cheng’s neck.

The sound of a sharp weapon piercing the flesh sounded, and Lu Ye felt a few drops of warm blood splashed on his face.

“Bastard!” Zhou Cheng was furious, he didn’t realize that he was hurt like this by Lu Ye, a miner, he raised his hand and slapped Lu Ye.

However, Lu Ye had already let go of the long sword, and then ran deep into the mine without looking back.

Zhou Cheng’s pursuit came from behind, and Lu Ye ran even faster.

Gradually, he felt that there was no sound behind him, so he stopped.

After waiting for a while, he turned around and turned back. On the way, he saw Zhou Cheng throwing himself on the ground. He was not sure whether the other party was dead or not, so he picked up a few stones from the side and threw them at them, but Zhou Cheng didn’t respond at all.

Boldly stepped forward, came to Zhou Cheng’s side, looked down, and saw a large amount of blood under Zhou Cheng’s body stained the ground red, and the long sword was still stuck on the neck, and it had long since died.

Although Lu Ye’s second sword did not directly kill Zhou Cheng, it also cut off half of the opponent’s neck. How could Zhou Cheng survive such a serious injury.

A desperate struggle ended with Lu Ye’s victory! He took a long breath and realized more and more the danger of this world.

He stepped forward, grabbed the hilt of the long sword, and when he was about to pull out the long sword, he noticed something unusual out of the corner of his eye. When he looked up, his whole body was cold.

Just because there was another person coming before him at some point, Lu Ye didn’t notice it at all.

There is a big gap between the cultivation base of oneself and the other party! For some reason, Lu Ye had this thought in his heart. If such a person wanted to kill him, it would probably be just a matter of moving his fingers, even if he had the blessing of sharpness.

He gritted his teeth, suppressed the panic in his heart, pulled out the long sword, and placed it in front of him in a defensive posture, his body trembling slightly due to tension.

The visitor felt his hostility and couldn’t help laughing: “I sensed the fluctuation of spiritual power here, so I came over to check it out, don’t be nervous.”

As he said this, he stepped forward step by step, came to Zhou Cheng, looked down, and nodded slightly: “The remnants of Xieyue Valley.” Then he looked up at Lu Ye: “Which family are you a disciple?”

The distance between each other was less than ten feet, and Lu Ye could see the appearance of the person who came. He was a half-aged man with a ruddy complexion. He was tall and his voice was a little deep and hoarse, but he had an indescribable affinity.

Combined with the question of the half-old man, Lu Ye immediately had a guess in his heart, and replied: “Xuantianzong!”

“Xuantianzong?” The half-grown old man was a little surprised, “The Xuantianzong who was exterminated a year ago?”

“Yes!” Lu Ye gave an affirmative answer.

The old man couldn’t help but look at him up and down: “So, you are a miner who was captured?”

“Yeah.” Lu Ye nodded.

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