Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 17

The old man was suddenly amazed that a miner killed a cultivator from Evil Moon Valley. If he hadn’t witnessed such a thing with his own eyes, no one would dare to believe it.

“What is your cultivation?” the old man asked again.

“Opened a hole.” Lu Ye replied, realizing the meaning of the old man’s words, he took the initiative to explain: “He was injured, I attacked him.”

The old man looked at him with a smile: “It’s a bit timid.”

“Old man, are you from the Haotian League?” Although Lu Ye had a guess in his heart, this kind of thing needs to be confirmed.

The old man stroked his beard with his hand: “That’s right, this old man is from the Haotian League.”

Lu Ye was overjoyed. It seemed that just as Steward Yang was worried about, the Haotian League was coming, and Xieyue Valley couldn’t hold the mine at all. This can be seen from the fact that the old man has already entered the mine.

Now the Haotian League is probably in charge of the mine lode.

As for whether the old man was lying to him, there was no need for that at all. The difference in strength between the two was too great. He really wanted to harm him, so he raised his hand and killed him.

“I also ask the old man to save me from the sea of ​​suffering!” Lu Ye said hastily.

He wanted to leave the mine, but he didn’t know if he would encounter any danger along the way. After finally meeting such a senior expert, he naturally hugged his thigh quickly and kept it safe as a pendant.

The old man nodded and said: “Then follow me, the old man is going out too.”

“Thank you, old man!” Lu Ye was very grateful.

After the old man finished speaking, he led the way ahead, but Lu Ye did not follow up immediately, but squatted down and groped around Zhou Cheng’s body.

Quickly find a storage bag.

Basically every monk has a storage bag, and it doesn’t seem to be too expensive.

Lu Ye was in a happy mood, and trotted to keep up with the old man.

The old man turned his head to look at him, and stretched out his hand with a smile: “Bring it!”

Lu Ye felt as uncomfortable as if he had eaten a fly, but considering the situation in front of him, he obediently offered the storage bag.

The old man took the storage bag, stretched out his hand to wipe the mouth of the bag, and a ray of light flashed.

Just as Lu Ye was slandering in his heart, the old man threw back the storage bag again: “This bottle of Dragon and Tiger Pill, I just accept it with a smile. This stuff is very nourishing. You can’t bear it, so it’s right to show respect to the old man!”

Holding the storage bag that was thrown back with both hands, Lu Ye realized that they didn’t want to grab his loot, but that he was weak in cultivation and couldn’t open the forbidden lock of the storage bag, so he offered a favor.

This old man is a nice guy!

Lu Ye thought so in his heart, and thanked him: “Thank you.”

I feel happy again…

In the dark mine tunnel, Lu Ye checked the contents of the storage bag while following the old man.

He quickly found some Qi and Blood Pills and a few Healing Pills, which were the same as those in Guanshi Yang’s storage bag, and there were also some messy bottles and jars that Lu Ye didn’t recognize at all.

There are a few other ores, but they are not as good as those in Yang Guanshi’s collection.

Zhou Cheng’s status is not as good as Guanshi Yang’s, and his wealth is naturally not as rich as Guanshi Yang’s.

But Lu Ye was already very satisfied, after all, it was something for nothing.

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