Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 18

Put the long sword in your hand into the storage bag and tie it around your waist.

With this storage bag as a cover, the storage bag that is stored next to you will be safer.

He wanted to ask the old man about cultivation and elixirs, but after thinking about it, he gave up. He is a senior, although he looks kind and friendly, but no one can say for sure what his temperament is. This meeting by chance, Lu Ye I have no position to ask others for advice on these.

The most urgent thing is to follow him out of the mine, if he offends others because of some inappropriate words, then it will be the last thing to do.

The old man was not walking fast, but Lu Ye had to trot to keep up, and he would occasionally disappear suddenly and return soon.

Lu Ye secretly guessed that he was afraid that some hidden disciples in Xieyue Valley would be discovered by him and asked him to kill them.

The mine roads in the mine veins are criss-crossed and the terrain is complex. Even Lu Ye needs a little discrimination when passing through each intersection to find the correct road. But the old man just strolls in the garden, but every road he walks is correct. path of.

It was only half an hour before there was light coming from the front!

That’s the exit of the mine.

As the old man walked out of the dim mine tunnel and embraced the light again, Lu Ye couldn’t help being in a trance, feeling a sense of wonder about being alive.

“Old Tang!”

At the exit of the mine tunnel, there were several figures guarding them. They were monks from various sects of the Haotian League, and they were guarding against the disciples of Xieyue Valley escaping from it.

Seeing the old man appearing, they saluted one after another.

The old man nodded slightly.

One of the leading middle-aged monks looked at Lu Ye suspiciously and asked, “Old Tang, is he…”

The old man said: “The disciple of Xuantianzong who was exterminated a year ago was taken captive here as a miner’s slave. He helped me a little inside and brought him out along the way.”

The middle-aged monk understood, raised his hand and waved to a young monk next to him: “Take him to record it.”

“Yes!” The young monk took the order and said to Lu Ye, “Follow me!”

Lu Ye turned his head and looked at Elder Tang. He wanted to thank him, but Elder Tang had already gone straight to the distance.

The middle-aged monk who spoke just now followed closely, and said, “Old Tang, Vice-President Pang has an order. Please go see him when you come out, and discuss something important.”

Elder Tang stretched out his hand to caress his beard, and complained, “An old bone will never rest for a moment.”

Saying so, he soared into the sky and disappeared in an instant.

At this time, Lu Ye was already heading in another direction under the leadership of the young monk. The monk had no intention of communicating with him, so Lu Ye’s silence was naturally golden.

Recalling what Tang Lao said just now, Lu Ye smiled knowingly.

This old man is really good.

I didn’t help others in the mine tunnel, on the contrary, I accepted their kindness, but he just said that, obviously it was deliberate.

For a senior expert like him, a casual word can resolve many troubles for Lu Ye.

Like the storage bag hanging around his waist!

For Lu Ye right now, this thing is actually a trouble. When he found the storage bag from Zhou Cheng’s body, Lu Ye had already realized it accordingly.

He has even planned that if someone from the Haotian League takes a fancy to this storage bag, he will give it away. After all, his current identity is just a miner in Xieyue Valley, and he still has to rely on others.

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