Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 21

The woman shrank her neck, but said firmly: “I can be sure.”

The fat monk nodded and waved at Lu Ye: “Okay, your identity is innocent, go and stay there, don’t run around.” After speaking, he blinked at Lu Ye: “There is an opportunity waiting for you tomorrow.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

After he left, the oppressive atmosphere was relieved. It can be seen that these slaves living at the bottom are still very afraid of the fat monk.

Lu Ye thought for a while, then walked towards the woman who spoke just now, and when he got close, he said, “Girl, thank you for your righteous words.”

The woman shook her head: “No, you saved me, and I didn’t have time to thank you at that time.”

She was talking about what happened nearly half a year ago. At that time, Lu Ye ran into this woman deep in the mine. She was being chased by another miner. Lu Ye couldn’t stand it anymore, so he taught the murderer a lesson. pause.

But since that time, he has never seen this woman again.

Lu Ye smiled: “Then we’re even?”

The woman also smiled, and some vitality recovered on her lifeless face: “Even.”

“Let’s get to know each other again, Xuantian Sect Lu Ye!”

The woman bowed gracefully, showing the demeanor of everyone’s lady: “Yu’s Yu Xiaodie.”

Lu Ye asked curiously, “Does Miss Yu know what we are doing here? What was the chance that the fat man mentioned just now?”

Yu Xiaodie stretched out her hand to pull the hair beside her ears, and explained: “We are all people with clear backgrounds and innocent identities, basically we have not enlightened, and even if we are enlightened, our cultivation level is very low. As human beings, we will not train us, but there must be some people in our group who are suitable for cultivation. The Haotian League has already taken this place, so it is natural to make some arrangements. Some of them are suitable for cultivation, and those with cultivation qualifications will be released The sects of the Haotian League will be taken away.”

“This is the chance that the fat man said?” Lu Ye suddenly realized.

“Brother Lu has opened his spiritual aperture?” Yu Xiaodie asked.

“Why do you say that?” Lu Ye asked without answering.

Yu Xiaodie pointed to the storage bag on Lu Ye’s waist.

Lu Ye understood, nodded and said: “Exactly.” Then asked: “What about you?”

Yu Xiaodie raised a hand, and a faint radiance bloomed in that palm.

She obviously also had a spiritual opening, but Lu Ye didn’t know how many openings she was a monk. It’s not easy to ask about this kind of thing, because they are not familiar with each other.

Both are monks who have opened their spiritual apertures, and they have a lot of common topics. Even though there are nearly a thousand people gathered here, there are probably not many of them who have opened their spiritual apertures, and all of them have extremely low cultivation bases.

Those who really have some cultivation bases have already been absorbed by Xieyuegu and become Xieyuegu’s disciples, and the fate at this time can be imagined.

Yu Xiaodie lowered her voice and said, “Tomorrow’s opportunity is extremely important, and you must not miss it. If Brother Lu has any special talent, you can show it to your heart’s content. It is related to your future.”

She seems to know something.

Lu Ye responded, “Understood.”

Having said that, he doesn’t have any special talents, and he has a talent tree that others can’t see, but it’s definitely impossible for him to show it.

After all, it was not good to be stuck among a bunch of women, so Lu Ye said a few more words to Yu Xiaodie, and then left.

There are quite a few slaves gathered here, and the range of activities is limited. Lu Ye looked around and walked straight to a corner.

Over there, the Liu brothers hid behind the crowd and shivered. They all turned pale when they saw Lu Ye walking.

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