Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 22

When Lu Ye stood in front of them, the expressions of the two became even more panicked.

“You…what do you want?” Boss Liu shouted sternly, while speaking, he kept aiming in the direction of the fat monk, as if he wanted to ask for help.

What answered him was a fist that was constantly enlarged in front of his eyes. With just one punch, the bridge of Liu’s nose was broken, and he fell to the ground. Lu Ye kicked Liu’s second in the stomach in front of him again. When he fell, he grabbed his hair: “You don’t seem to recognize me?”

Liu Laoer’s face is full of pain, and the stars are shining in front of his eyes, how can he answer?

Lu Ye snorted coldly, and with great force, he threw Liu Laoer behind him, causing him to gnaw on the mud, and lost two of his teeth.

Occupying the original position of the Liu brothers, he sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes and meditated.

His first orifice is full at the moment, but he can’t find a place to open the second orifice, so it’s not good to continue to practice, so as not to waste Qi and blood pills.

In the evening, people from the Haotian League came to distribute food and bedding, and everyone took some. Lu Ye was not full, but fortunately, there was food in Zhou Cheng’s storage bag, so he took it out and ate it stand up.

The other people on the side swallowed their saliva, but no one dared to step forward and make trouble.

Since Lu Ye taught the Liu brothers a lesson, he has monopolized a large area, which saved a lot of trouble.

After refining the Qi, his appetite grew day by day, and he could eat the dried meat with relish.

There was nothing to say all night, and on the second day, Lu Ye was full of energy, waiting for the so-called opportunity.

It wasn’t until after breakfast that more than a dozen monks in different costumes came to the crowd. The leader was a middle-aged man who stood in front with his hands behind his back, glanced around, and said with a slight smile, “You young people come from different religions. The sect and the family were taken captive and enslaved here, and they have lived a lot of hard times, but this kind of life is over. The various sects of the Haotian League recruit talented people, and if there are those who have opened their minds and have talents in cultivation, there will be If you have the opportunity to worship under various sects, Nian Er waits for you to grasp it, and you may be able to fight side by side together in the future to slay demons and eliminate evil.”

After speaking, he waved his hand lightly.

The dozen or so monks in different costumes behind him took a step forward, and the first person stretched out his hand and said, “You people, follow me.”

With this swipe, a wave of spiritual power gushed out, enveloping almost a hundred people.

When everyone came out, the monk led them aside.

The same goes for the second person…

There are about a thousand slaves, just enough for the ten monks.

Because Lu Ye was in the innermost place, he fell into the hands of the last monk.

As he didn’t go far, when he came to a place, monks who served the same as him came to maintain order and let everyone line up in a line.

Lu Ye was in the middle of the team, looking around, he saw that the slaves who were led out before him were in the same situation.

He understands it, he is afraid to do some tests to see if any of these slaves are enlightened and suitable for cultivation.

Judging from what the middle-aged monk said earlier, those who have opened their spiritual apertures may have a greater advantage.

As for those who are not enlightened and have no talent for cultivation, they should not be taken seriously.

After the line was lined up, the monk who led them over took out a table from the storage bag, sat behind the table himself, raised his head and said, “Let’s get started.”

The first slave came up to him at his beckoning.

The monk asked, “Have you ever enlightened?”

The slave shook his head: “No!”

“En.” The monk who asked the question pushed the crystal ball that he took out earlier, and ordered: “Cover it with your hands.”

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