Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 24

The monk should have seen the doubts in Lu Ye’s heart, so he explained: “On my side, not only the qualifications are tested, but also the attributes are checked.”

“Yes?” Lu Ye was even more at a loss, he had never heard of such a thing.

Perhaps it was because of Lu Ye’s opening of the spiritual aperture, so the monk patiently explained: “Of the five elements, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, everyone’s spiritual power will be biased towards one, which is the attribute, and each attribute They all have different focuses.”

“So that’s how it is!” Lu Ye suddenly realized, and was puzzled: “Before that…”

The monk laughed and said, “They haven’t even opened their spiritual apertures, they don’t have spiritual power, and they can’t detect their attributes.”

“That’s it.” Lu Ye understood, and raised his hands to cover the crystal ball.

“Use your spiritual power and inject it into it.” The monk ordered.

Lu Ye acted according to his words, and at the same time stared at the changes in the crystal ball, he was also curious about what kind of attribute he was.

The crystal ball lit up first, which meant that Lu Ye had the aptitude for cultivation, but for a person like him who has enlightened, such a result is meaningless.

The change that occurs immediately is the detection of the property line.

Under Lu Ye’s attention, an orange flame suddenly appeared in the crystal ball, burning blazingly!

This scene made his pupils shrink, because the orange flame looked… so familiar.

“Oh?” The monk behind the table frowned, and said enthusiastically: “The five elements are the main fire, um, and there are some gold elements, which are good, good, okay, let’s stop.”

Lu Ye can understand his five elements main fire. After all, he owes his ability to open his mind to the talent tree. It was the talent tree that swallowed up a ball of orange flames that made him suddenly open the spirit aperture.

The leaf on the talent tree that carried the sharp spirit pattern was also burning fiercely.

But he didn’t understand Jin Xing, he just vaguely wondered if this might be his original attribute.

“Put this away and go to the tent behind to look for my third senior brother.” The monk handed Lu Ye a jade card, and Lu Ye thanked him for accepting it, only to see that the jade card had his name engraved on one side and a word on the bottom , should represent opening a hole, and the other side is engraved with one’s own attributes.

After crossing the table, Lu Ye walked towards the rear.

Not far away was a temporary tent, and those who had passed the aptitude test had entered here to check their talent.

Standing in front of the tent, Lu Ye first apologized, then opened the curtain and walked in.

The space in the tent was not small, and there was a meticulous and stern monk sitting cross-legged on a futon, closing his eyes and resting his mind, presumably this was the third senior brother.

Not far in front of the third senior brother, there is a round disc made of some kind of wood. The disc is the size of a tabletop, with eight pits on the edge, and some bare spots grow beside the pits. little sapling.

Lu Ye came to him and bowed with fists in his hands: “Lu Ye met senior brother, this is my jade token, please check it.”

The third senior brother opened his eyes, took the jade tablet, looked at the front and back, raised his brows: “Have you opened your eyes?” He stretched out his hand and signaled: “Sit down.”

It seemed that this disc was used to test the level of talent. Lu Ye walked up and sat cross-legged in the center. He accidentally glanced at it and found that many intricate lines and patterns were engraved on the disc.

Spirit pattern? Lu Ye suddenly became interested, and looked carefully, but with his current eyesight, he couldn’t see what these spirit patterns were for.

The only spirit pattern he knew was Feng Rui.

The number of spirit patterns engraved on the disk is very numerous and dense, and they are closely connected with each other, forming a seamless one.

This is not just a spirit pattern, Lu Ye came to his senses and remembered something he had heard before.

This is a formation!

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