Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 25

The formation is constructed from spirit patterns?

“Cough!” The third senior brother coughed lightly and interrupted his thoughts, and Lu Ye hurriedly sat upright.

The four looked at each other, and after a brief silence, the third senior brother said: “My Qingyu Gate is located in Cangluan Mountain, the hinterland of Bingzhou, with three hundred peaks, big and small, and ranks among the top five in Bingzhou in terms of comprehensive strength. They are all in the Divine Sea Realm, and under the sect master, there are hundreds of monks in the True Lake Realm…”

Lu Ye originally thought that the third senior brother was a taciturn person, but now he realized that he was wrong.

The third senior brother started talking endlessly, constantly introducing various situations of Qingyumen, Lu Ye was in a cloud of fog, and he didn’t know what was going on.

And for some reason, the rhetoric of the third senior brother actually gave him a strong sense of déjà vu.

When the third senior brother talked endlessly about “what about the sword sect in the sect, what about the Fa sect…”, Lu Ye’s dusty memories rolled up.

The corners of Lu Ye’s mouth twitched slightly, thinking to himself, is this an introduction to the recruitment of the spiritual world?

The third senior brother with a stern look talked on and on, all of them were introducing the situation in the Qingyu Gate, and it took a while before he changed the topic: “You five elements are the master of fire, I remember that the sect has a set of Great Flame Burning Wastes, it should be It is very suitable for you. Of course, if you want to develop in the direction of metal, there are many metal skills in the sect. And if you enter my Qingyumen, even if you are a trial disciple, you will have two grains of Yunling Pill every month. Examination, becoming an official disciple, the share will double, remember?”

Lu Ye nodded quickly: “I remember.”

I was puzzled in my heart, what does this mean, why does it sound like I am recruiting myself? In this way, a monk who has opened his eyes really has a great advantage.

He was secretly proud.

The third senior brother said again: “Just remember, just sit down, calm down, you may feel some pain later, but don’t worry, this is just a process of testing your talent, and don’t use your spiritual power to resist.”

“Yes!” Lu Ye replied, put his hands on his knees, palms facing up, and closed his eyes.

The next moment, he felt the movement of spiritual power gushing out. Although he was curious about what the three senior brothers were doing, he couldn’t open his eyes to see it. When the spiritual power surged, there was a slight vibration under his buttocks. Lu Ye guessed It should be the formation on the disk that played a role.

Just as he thought, the third senior brother had put eight silkworm cocoon-sized crystals into the eight pits on the edge of the disc at this time. These are the spirit stones commonly used by monks in forming formations, something Lu Ye has never seen before.

When the third senior brother activated the disc magic circle, a faint mist escaped from the spirit stones inlaid in the eight pits. The mist is the spiritual power stored in the spirit stones. Pure aura.

The dense aura soon filled the space enclosed by the disc, but there seemed to be an invisible barrier around the disc, and the aura was bound within the disc.

Lu Ye, who was sitting upright, felt his heart twitch. Although he closed his eyes, he felt that there were many wonderful things around him. These things were getting into his body, which made him feel extremely comfortable.

Is this spiritual power?

Lu Ye immediately realized that swallowing the aura of heaven and earth is one of the main methods for monks to practice. Lu Ye had tried it before in the mine, but perhaps because of the terrain, he did not feel the aura in the mine. The only option is to refine the gas.

After being taken out of the mine by the old man surnamed Tang, he forgot to perceive the aura between heaven and earth.

Until now, he directly felt the existence of such things as aura.

But remembering the order of the third senior brother before, he resisted the temptation and didn’t hesitate to say it.

Opposite him, the third senior brother pinched a spell in his hand at this moment, constantly urging the power of the formation, and at the same time fixed his eyes on the small saplings on the edge of the disc for a moment.

The magic circle on the disc is specially used to test the level of talent. When the third senior brother activates the power of the magic circle, the eight spirit stones embedded in the disc will release the stored spiritual power and turn it into rich spiritual energy.

Through his actions, these auras will be introduced into the body of the test subject, and then flow into the formation of the disc. In this way, some changes will occur in the saplings at the edge of the formation.

In short, Lu Ye’s body sitting on the disc at this moment is a transfer station, and the spiritual energy will be transferred to the magic circle through his body, and then the eight small saplings will undergo the necessary changes.

The more the number of small saplings that change, the higher the qualification of the person being tested, and vice versa.

At its root, such a test is to see if the spiritual energy introduced into the body is flowing smoothly. The smoother it is, the more suitable it is for cultivation and the higher its talent.

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