Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 26

Because the root of a monk’s practice is to strengthen his own aura, if the aura cannot flow smoothly in his body, what else is there to practice?

Beside the disc formation, the third senior brother continued to act, and the eight young saplings remained stable. He frowned slightly, increasing the power of the formation.

Lu Ye frowned suddenly, because he felt a tingling pain in his body, as if a lot of external aura was trying to drill into his body, making him feel like being pricked by countless needles, and as time went by, The pain became more and more obvious.

It wasn’t until he could bear it no longer that the tingling feeling all over his body suddenly disappeared, and the voice of the third senior brother came from his ear at the same time: “It’s okay.”

Lu Ye quickly opened his eyes, took a long breath, met the gaze of the third senior brother, and found that he was looking at him with an extremely complicated gaze.

This made him feel a little bit uncomfortable.

“Dare to ask senior brother, what is my talent?” Lu Ye asked.

Third senior brother remained silent, just glanced at Yuanpan, reached out and flicked Lu Ye’s jade plaque, and handed it back to him.

Lu Ye took it, and found that the back of the jade card was engraved with the side of his own line, and there was an extra word.

What do you mean?

Lu Ye wanted to ask the truth, but the third senior brother obviously didn’t want to talk anymore, so he didn’t want to be entangled. He stood up from the disc and saluted the third senior brother: “Thank you, senior brother!”

When I turned around and walked towards the layman, I saw eight bare saplings on the disc, and one of them grew a crisp and tender leaf…

Does the word on the back mean a small sapling? He secretly guessed.

“Little friend!” Third Senior Brother suddenly said.

Lu Ye, who walked to the door, turned around: “What do you want, brother?”

The third brother said: “What I told you just now, Xiaoyou Quan pretended not to have heard it.”

Lu Ye: …

Walking out of the tent, taking a few deep breaths, a strong sense of crisis welled up in my heart.

Although he was not sure whether his talent was high or low, but just looking at the rhetoric and attitude of the three senior brothers, Lu Ye felt that something was wrong.

I’m afraid this talent of mine is a little…unusual.

You still have to find someone to confirm it.

Lu Ye turned his head to look around, and suddenly saw a figure standing quietly in a corner, and walked straight over.

Halfway through the journey, the figure also saw Lu Ye, smiled and waved.

When he got close, Lu Ye called out, “Miss Yu.”

Yu Xiaodie bowed gracefully: “Brother Lu.”

It can be seen that Yu Xiaodie is in a much better mood than yesterday.

She has been tested and the results are fine.

Lu Ye picked up the jade token in his hand and handed it over: “Help me see, what is my talent?”

Yu Xiaodie took it and said with a smile, “Since Big Brother Lu can open the spiritual aperture, his talent must be… not bad!”

When she said the last two words, she saw the word on the back of the jade card, her eyelids couldn’t help but twitched, and her tone became hesitant.

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