Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 29

If there is an intuitive comparison, he can judge the efficiency of his practice, and he feels that his talent should not be that low.

“About twenty days or so.” Yu Xiaodie replied, she didn’t ask about Lu Ye’s situation, because she felt that this question would hit him again.

With Yiye’s talent, it would probably take several months to fill the first spirit aperture, even with the assistance of the spirit pill.

With Lu Ye’s kindness to save her before, she was still grateful to Lu Ye, and now the more she looked at Lu Ye, the more pitiful she felt…

Sure enough, after she said that, Lu Ye was stunned, and repeated in a whisper: “Twenty days?”

Yu Xiaodie hurriedly said: “Brother Lu, our situation is different. I was taken away by a disciple of Xieyue Valley. She probably wanted to use me to practice some sorcery, so she helped me open my spiritual aperture and gave me a magic trick.” Only by taking one Yunling Pill can I fill my spirit aperture in more than 20 days.”

Is this still the practice speed of knocking out the panacea?

On the other hand, Lu Ye took the cheapest qi and blood pill, and it should only take about a dozen days from the opening of the orifice to the fullness of the orifice, which is faster than Yu Xiaodie.

What is this scenario?

There are various indications that although his talent is not very high, it is definitely not inferior to Yiye.

Is it related to the talent tree? The leaves of the talent tree only carry the spirit patterns, so what can they help me in practice?

But besides the talent tree, Lu Ye couldn’t find any other explanation.

He vaguely felt that if this was the case, the talent tree might not be as simple as it appeared on the surface.

“Miss Yu, I have something to ask.” Lu Ye decided to change the subject to make himself less sad.

“Brother Lu, please tell me.” Yu Xiaodie looked at him formally.

Lu Ye thought about his words for a while, and said, “It’s like this. Right now, my first hole is full and I want to open the second hole, but I can’t find the right location. How can I solve this?”

This problem has troubled him for several days. Originally, after the first orifice was full, the second orifice could be opened, but Lu Ye failed to find the exact location of the second orifice after repeated attempts, and instead wasted a lot of spiritual power.

Yu Xiaodie undoubtedly had more knowledge than him, and Lu Ye could only talk to her, so he naturally wanted to ask her for advice.

“For us monks who have just started to practice, this is indeed a difficult problem. It has nothing to do with innate aptitude. The main reason is that our spiritual power is not strong enough, so it is difficult to accurately locate the position of the spiritual aperture. If you want to solve it, you must slowly Fumble, or seek help from someone with a high cultivation level. When I opened the second orifice, it was the cultivator from Xieyue Valley who helped guide my spiritual power into the second orifice, but if you can do this, At least it needs to be in the Cloud River Realm.”

Lu Ye smiled wryly when he heard the words: “Then I’d better figure it out by myself.”

He couldn’t find anyone else to help.

“Brother Lu, although monks have similar source orifices, the position of the second orifice is also different because of the different cultivation techniques. If Brother Lu does not have a suitable technique, don’t rush to open the second orifice. Otherwise, there could be big problems.”

“In terms of exercises, I have a copy.”

The Golden Chan Xiaoyao Jue shouldn’t be a very good skill, but Lu Ye had no other choice.

“By the way, what did you just say that the Cloud River Realm…is a monk’s realm?” He remembered what the third senior brother had mentioned in the previous tent, the True Lake Realm and the Divine Sea Realm, which he had never heard of.

In the year in the mine, he rarely communicated with others and had no friends. All the information on his practice was based on hearsay, and it was very fragmented.

“That’s right.” Yu Xiaodie nodded, “A monk’s realm is divided into four realms in total, namely Lingxi Realm, Cloud River Realm, True Lake Realm and Divine Sea Realm, and each big realm has nine small levels. ”

Rivers, lakes and seas, this division is somewhat interesting, intuitive and clear.

“Are we considered Lingxi Realm?” Lu Ye asked.

Yu Xiaodie smiled, shook her head and said, “That’s not it, we just opened up the spiritual apertures, we only need to open enough spiritual apertures, let our own spiritual power penetrate these spiritual apertures, form a cycle in the body, and the spiritual power flows like Only at the Spirit Stream Realm can one be considered a monk, and at that time one can truly be called a monk.”

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