Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 30

Lu Ye was surprised: “We are not monks yet? Then what are we?”

“Reserve monk?” Yu Xiaodie tilted her head, looking a little cute.

“Okay.” Lu Ye accepted this title. He thought he would be a monk if he opened his spiritual aperture, but now it seems that he is still young and ignorant.

Yu Xiaodie should also see that Lu Ye is confused about the common sense of the practice world, so he deliberately told him more: “There are many sects in the mainland of Kyushu. There are at least thousands of sects and families. The strength of sects is strong or weak, and the foundation lies in the realm of the monks in the sect. The higher the realm of the monks in the sect, the stronger the strength will naturally be, and the sects are also graded. of.”

“Oh? How do you divide?” Lu Ye became interested. He also saw that Yu Xiaodie was instilling common sense in the world of practice with him, so naturally he would not miss this opportunity.

“Each great realm of a monk is divided into nine levels, and the sect is also divided into nine ranks, the ninth rank is the second, and the first rank is the most! I don’t know exactly how to divide it, but the sects of the first rank to the third rank must have gods. Those who are strong in the sea realm seem to have a requirement for the quantity, from the fourth rank to the sixth rank, there must be a sufficient number of true lake realms, and from the seventh rank to the ninth rank, as long as there are some cloud river realms.”

“What if there are only people in the Lingxi realm?” Lu Ye asked shamelessly.

Yu Xiaodie pursed her lips and said with a smile: “Lingxi Realm is not qualified to establish a sect.”

Lu Ye blushed a little, feeling really ignorant.

Yu Xiaodie continued: “There is a saying in Bingzhou, it is called one palace, two halls, three sects and four sects. It refers to the ten first-rank sects in Bingzhou. The first is the Senluo Hall, the Yuanhong Hall, the three are the Zhengqi Gate, the Qingyu Gate, and the Rashomon Gate, and the four sects are the Wuji Sect, the Chiyue Sect, the Beixuan Sword Sect and the Tianyuan Sect, and the Haotian League and Wanmo Ridge each account for half, There are many monks in the Divine Sea Realm in each sect.”

Lu Ye remembered what the three senior brothers had told him before, that Qingyumen’s overall strength was ranked among the top five in Bingzhou. Although he felt that this ranking was not low at the time, he did not expect it to be so valuable.

You must know that there are thousands of families in the entire Bingzhou, and they can stand out among so many sects and rank among the top ten first ranks, which shows that the Qingyu Sect is really good.

“This time to attack Xieyue Valley, the deputy leader of the Haotian League came from a righteous family.”

“Is the deputy leader’s surname Pang?” Lu Ye asked casually.

“I don’t know about that, how did Brother Lu hear about it?”

“I overheard it before.” Lu Ye didn’t explain much, “It seems that Xieyue Valley is very powerful. This time, there are not only Zhengqi sects but also Qingyu sects attacking Xieyue valley. Two.”

Yu Xiaodie said with a smile: “It can’t be calculated like this. Although Xieyue Valley is not weak, there is still a big gap between it and the first-rank sect. I guess it is at the fifth or sixth rank at most. Although there are two sects here this time. First-rank family, but not everyone in first-rank is a high-level monk.”

“That’s true.” Lu Ye agreed with this statement.

Yu Xiaodie said: “In addition to the two first-rank sects, there are several other sects here. Now that the inspection is about to be completed, those who have jade cards will have the opportunity to worship in those sects. Big brother Lu, don’t worry Don’t miss this opportunity.”

The test of aptitude and talent is just a foreshadowing, and it is the opportunity to be able to practice and learn in the sect that came this time.

This is not to say that these sects lack disciples, for a rank-1 power like Zhengqi sect Qingyu sect will never lack disciples.

It’s just that this way of recruiting people has been agreed upon. For rescued people like Lu Ye and Yu Xiaodie, although the world is big, there is no place for them to go. Some of those who have cultivation qualifications are just a matter of chance, and they won’t lose anything anyway, and maybe they can find a few good seedlings.

Lu Ye just laughed: “My Yiye’s talent, I’m afraid no sect will appreciate it?”

“Think for the best in everything.” Yu Xiaodie said in relief: “Opening the spiritual aperture is an advantage. There are almost ten sects, and Big Brother Lu can always find the one he belongs to.”

“Then I will take your word for it.”

“You have to be careful when choosing a sect. If you choose well, you may not be able to get what you want.” A voice suddenly came from the side.

Lu Ye and Yu Xiaodie turned their heads to look, and were surprised to find that there was a fat man next to them at some point, who was looking at them with a smile, and his small eyes were almost invisible due to the flesh on his face.

It was the fat man who registered the slaves and checked their identities.

When did he come here, Lu Ye didn’t notice at all.

“I’ve met senior brother!” Yu Xiaodie quickly saluted, with a reserved look on her face. Although she had opened up a few openings, people like the fat monk were still superior to her, so she was inevitably nervous at the moment.

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