Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 32

Zhou Cheng’s storage bag does not contain much ore, only five or six pieces, most of which are common ores, but Manager Yang’s storage bag contains not only a large number of ores, but also many rare items .

When the second piece of ore was taken out, the fat monk had a smile on his face: “Boy, don’t think that I’m taking advantage of you. I just want to give you a few words because I see that you are more popular. The state practice circle is somewhat famous, and I am too lazy to answer other people who want me to give advice.”

On the side, Yu Xiaodie saw these two people doing such a thing in broad daylight, but the fat monk kept claiming that he was upright, and felt that something was broken in his heart.

Lu Ye couldn’t take it anymore: “Are you upright?”

Where is your righteousness?

While speaking, he had already taken out the third piece of ore.

Pang Pang Hai’s eyes were still narrowed, apparently still unable to see sincerity.

The corners of Lu Ye’s eyes twitched, wishing he could lift his eyelids and let him see clearly.

Reluctantly, he was definitely not his opponent, so he took out the fourth piece, this time he chose a piece of precious magnetic ore.

Pang Dahai frowned and kept smiling.

Lu Ye clapped his hands and pointed to the four ores on the ground: “Isn’t sincerity enough?”

Pang Dahai smiled without saying a word.

“Okay, then there’s nothing we can do.” Lu Ye sighed, under the stunned gazes of Pang Pang Hai and Yu Xiaodie, he squatted down, put the first piece of ore he took out into the storage bag, and then looked up. Pang Dahai: “Is it enough?”

Pang Dahai’s eyes were completely opened, and he looked at Lu Ye in shock, his heart was in a mess.

Yu Xiaodie was also shocked by Lu Ye’s coquettish operation, and didn’t understand what this big brother Lu meant.

Lu Ye took back the second piece of ore he took out, then raised his head and asked Pang Panghai: “Is it enough?”

“I…” Pang Pang Hai seemed to want to curse, but held back his words, trying to maintain a superior demeanor, but his expression was already a little frustrated.

Lu Ye had already grabbed the third piece of ore with a pair of claws, and pressed his arm with one hand. Lu Ye looked up and saw Pang Dahai gnashing his teeth at him: “Enough, enough!”

After a while.

“You’re kind of interesting.” Pang Dahai had already collected the two pieces of ore.

Yu Xiaodie stood aside in fear, seeing that he was not angry, but smiled happily, and really couldn’t understand what this senior brother was thinking.

Now that he has seen enough sincerity, Pang Dahai said bluntly: “Cultivation is a lifetime thing, so in the early stage of cultivation, it is best for monks to determine the direction of practice according to their own attributes or talents. Of course, the talent I am talking about is not The cultivation talent you tested just now is the degree of fit between yourself and a certain faction.”

“Faction?” Lu Ye grasped the key point keenly, and was a little puzzled. Didn’t he want to give advice on choosing a sect? How to say what faction?

“Yes, faction!” Pang Dahai nodded, “There used to be many strange factions in the practice world of Kyushu, but not many factions survived in the end. There are only six main factions. They specialize in physical cultivation of the physical body, and military cultivation of personal combat. , Dharma cultivators who delve into spells, medical cultivators who use pots to help the world, ghost cultivators who psychic ghosts, and external cultivators who are proficient in alchemy, drawing symbols, array formations, and making utensils. Of course, there are other small factions that have survived. , but it is not common, if you have the opportunity to meet in the future, you will naturally know.”

“It can be said that these six major factions include ninety-nine percent of the monks in the Kyushu practice world, and also determine the direction of the monks’ practice. If they choose the right direction, then the practice will be more effective in the future. For example, if someone is born with supernatural power and a strong physique, then Naturally, it is the path of body selection and cultivation. For example, if someone is born with an excellent talent in spells, then he will naturally follow the path of cultivation. People are all choices that are suitable for oneself, so it is very important to determine the faction, otherwise if a person who wants to control the sword enters the Valley of Flowers, no one can teach you.”

Pang Dahai introduced it endlessly, and Lu Ye and Yu Xiaodie nodded repeatedly. Even Yu Xiaodie had never heard of this information.

“According to what senior brother said, different sects focus on different factions?” Lu Ye vaguely understood what he meant.

“Did I say that?” Pang Pang Hai was surprised.

“Brother just said that people in Baihua Valley don’t teach swords.”

“You’re smart.” Pang Dahai glanced at Lu Ye approvingly, but he didn’t expect him to deduce something just from his own words, “Generally speaking, it’s impossible for a sect to have only one faction, at least two factions.” Three, as many as four or five or even more. For example, the top ten first-rank sects basically have all the factions. Of course, there are exceptions. The Beixuan Sword Sect has only one faction of military cultivation, and it is the most extreme of military cultivation. That kind.” Mentioning this Beixuan Sword Sect, the fat on Pang Pang Hai’s face couldn’t help twitching, as if thinking of some bad memories.

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