Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 34

Sure enough, not long after he left, all those who passed the test and had jade cards were summoned to one place.

Thousands of slaves were rescued before, but only a hundred or so are still standing here, a ratio as low as 10%.

Everyone stood there quietly. A monk came over and distributed a piece of paper to everyone. Lu Ye took it and looked down, only to see the names of ten sects written on the paper from top to bottom.

Among them, Zhengqimen ranked first, followed by Qingyumen, and some other sects that Lu Ye had never heard of, but he saw the Fenyue Mountain and Baihua Valley mentioned by Pang Dahai before.

These should be the sects who came to attack Xieyue Valley this time.

The rank of the sect is marked on the back of each sect.

Among them, the Zhengqi Gate and the Qingyu Gate are undoubtedly the first rank, and the rest of the sects have a bit of a wide range of ranks, basically all of them are of the fourth to seventh rank.

And behind the rank, there is another line, marking the factions covered by this sect, which are all the information mentioned by Pang Hai before.

Lu Ye felt a little grateful to Pang Dahai at this moment, otherwise he probably wouldn’t be able to understand the contents of this piece of paper now.

When he was seriously investigating, a monk in front of the crowd said: “Which sect do you want to join, just come forward and draw a circle on the name of that sect with a pen. You can choose up to three sects.” , but which sect you can worship in the end depends on your luck and the decisions of the managers of each sect. If you are lucky, you may be able to worship two first-rank sects.”

After he finished speaking, there was a moment of silence in the room, and soon someone asked: “Senior, what do you mean that when we choose the sect, the sect also chooses us?”

“That’s the reason!” The monk responded lightly, “So don’t think about being able to reach the sky in one step. If you don’t have enough aptitude and talent, it’s useless even if you choose a first-grade sect.”

Someone asked again: “What if the three sects I chose didn’t choose me?”

“Then those who are not destined to practice will be placed with those who have no qualifications for cultivation!”

As soon as these words came out, many lucky people secretly woke up.

Just now, many people were thinking of selecting all the two first-rank sects, but if they really did so, there would definitely be no good results, because no matter whether it is Zhengqi sect or Qingyu sect, the requirements for recruiting disciples will not be too low. Once eliminated by these two major sects, there is only one last chance left. If the last chance is not grasped, then this opportunity will be missed.

For people like Lu Ye, joining the sect to cultivate is undoubtedly the best way out, and no one wants to miss it.

This time, everyone’s expressions became more serious.

On the contrary, Lu Ye, holding the piece of paper in his hand, listened to the monk’s words with an extremely weird expression.

Why is this like filling out a volunteer application?

When testing talent, the third senior brother of Qingyumen read him the admission introduction. After the testing, the jade badges he got were regarded as test scores. Each sect is like a university, and the faction is a major. Now everyone comes to fill in the application form.

There are also the first choice, the second choice and the third choice…

Looking at the major sects on the paper, the top two schools are undoubtedly the top schools, and the lower four or five schools are considered ordinary ones? In the future, there will be two books and three books for the sixth and seventh grades?

Lu Ye’s eyes moved down to the end, and he was startled.

Why is there a pheasant university here!

The Jade Blood Sect, who was the last one in the row, was a ninth-rank sect, and he hadn’t noticed it just now.

The current situation is obvious. The more than one hundred people who have passed the test need to choose three of these sects. Although the matter is not difficult, there is actually a secret competition.

If there are too many people selected by the same sect, a group will definitely be eliminated.

Holding his jade card, Lu Ye sighed inwardly. With his talent, he was not even a bit competitive in this kind of thing.

But always something to try.

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