Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 37

The others also showed surprise expressions, and some even laughed and said, “Among this group of little guys, there are still people with discerning eyes…”

It seems that choosing Jade Blood Sect is something extremely remarkable.

Then on the last seat, the one called Elder Tang was the old man who brought Lu Ye out of the mine.

Elder Tang also had a surprised expression when he heard the words, because although the Jade Blood Sect had participated in such operations many times, it had never been chosen by anyone, even if those who were rescued had three chances to choose.

The grade of the Jade Blood Sect is too low, but anyone with a little ideal and pursuit will not choose it.

Although there was an accident, Mr. Tang still waved his hand: “Jade Blood Sect does not accept disciples, you know that.” If it weren’t for the current alliance regulations, the name of Jade Blood Sect would not have appeared on that piece of paper.

The person in charge of Baihua Valley heard the words: “I’m afraid it won’t work, Mr. Tang, he only chose Jade Blood Sect, and besides, no one else chose Jade Blood Sect.”

Old Tang looked surprised, and stretched out his hand, “Let me see.”

Taking the rest of the papers from the person in charge of Baihuagu, Mr. Tang looked through each one carefully, only to find that it was true as he said, the person who chose Jade Blood Sect had only made one choice.

“Lu Ye…” Looking at the name on the jade card, Elder Tang immediately remembered the young man he met in the mine, and was even more surprised that it was him.

The words of Baihuagu were humane: “According to the rules of the alliance, the Jade Blood Sect must accept this person in such a situation.”

There is indeed such a rule of alliance, the Haotian League gives those who are rescued three chances to choose, but if it is only used once, then the selected sect must accept this person, provided that no one else makes a choice. The same choice, this rule is designed to give some people who are dedicated to the Tao a chance. Among the major sects, only a few people know about it, and those slaves who have been rescued will definitely not know.

“This little guy…” Elder Tang was a little helpless. It seemed to be a very embarrassing thing for him that Lu Ye chose the Jade Blood Sect.

“Old Tang, it’s time for the Jade Blood Sect to take in a disciple.” The person in charge of Baihua Valley persuaded him, and then changed the topic: “But although this little guy has opened up a little bit, his talent seems a bit unsatisfactory.”

“What does it matter if you have poor talent? Talent doesn’t mean everything. After practicing for so many years, don’t you even see this clearly?”

“Have you seen Yiye’s talent?”

“It’s too bad, how did he get the hang of it?”

“But since he made this choice, the Jade Blood Sect has no room to refuse.”

“I’m afraid of Danxinmen…”

When Danxinmen was mentioned, everyone fell silent immediately, as if they mentioned something unspeakable.

“Rules are rules! If the Danxinmen have any opinions, ask them to come to me!” Pang Zhen, who had not said a word, made a final decision: “Old Tang, you accept it. Although Yiye’s talent is not worth cultivating, it is best to keep it first. Jade Blood Sect, this may not be an opportunity.”

Old Tang squeezed Lu Ye’s jade card, and said after a while, “I’ll think about it.”

Having made his own choice, Lu Ye relaxed physically and mentally.

He has always been open-minded. When he was kidnapped by Xieyue Valley and became a mine slave, he could quickly accept the reality.

No matter how bad the current situation is, it is nothing more than missing this opportunity to join the sect to practice.

Because the results will come out soon, the people who filled out their volunteers did not disperse, but gathered together and waited quietly.

On the contrary, the cultivators in the valley suddenly became busy, with figures flying around in mid-air, constantly entering and exiting from the nearby mountain peaks.

Lu Ye didn’t know what they were doing, but it looked like something unexpected happened, but now he was just a little monk waiting for the judgment of fate, and it was not his turn to worry about it.

Half a day later, when the mustache who confiscated everyone’s volunteers appeared again, Lu Ye knew that the result had come out!

The character mustache came straight to the front of the crowd, holding a list in his hand, and after everyone’s attention was focused on him, he chanted loudly: “Zhengqimen, Cui Dayuan!”

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