Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 38

Among the crowd, a stocky young man was stunned when he heard his name, and then he jumped three feet high, cheering, his excitement was beyond words.

All the people around him looked envious, and even those who knew him congratulated him endlessly.

The mustache didn’t stop, and ignored the chaos below, and continued to read: “Qingyumen, Lu Tianyi, Dong Peng!”

“Qimushan, Zhao Wenlin, Tang Ni, Gao Rui…”

“Burning Moon Mountain…”

The mustache’s voice was not loud, but no matter how noisy the people below were, his voice could still be clearly heard by everyone.

The sects were read one by one, and the names were reported one by one. Those who read the names were all happy and encouraged. This means that they have completely got rid of their status as miners and have the capital to change their destiny. They will never suffer as much as before. Oppressed but powerless to resist.

Behind the crowd, Lu Ye listened quietly, with a calm expression, without the uneasiness of those around him, and seemed a bit out of place with the surrounding environment.

Just as he thought before, the two major first-rank sects that came this time did not accept too many disciples, the Zhengqi sect only accepted one person, and the Qingyu sect accepted two people. Those sects of the fourth to seventh ranks, and the lower the rank, the more disciples they recruited, and the largest one accepted more than 20 people.

Yu Xiaodie’s name was also read, and he was included in the Hundred Flowers Valley along with some others.

The little girl flushed with excitement, but unfortunately no one shared her joy with her.

More and more sects were read out, and those whose names had not been read gradually became anxious.

Finally, the last name was read out, Ba Zihu took the paper, and said: “The accepted disciples of each sect are waiting at the same place, and your senior brothers and sisters will come to lead you later, I hope you will be a good student after entering the sect.” Practice, and one day you can fight side by side with me.”

“This senior brother, is there any more?” Someone asked in a trembling voice, and the person who asked the question was undoubtedly whose name was not read.

Like him, there were almost ten people whose names were not pronounced, which meant that they missed the opportunity to join the sect to practice. At this moment, their expressions were a little lost, and one woman was sobbing softly.

Lu Ye was among the ten people, and he didn’t feel any frustration. He had already made his own choice, and he only chose one Jade Blood Sect with the lowest rank. There will be no results.

I heard that monks without a sect can do casual cultivation, but without the protection of a sect, it is more difficult to practice on their own. The advantage is that they are free and unrestrained.

If you think about it that way, it’s not bad.

And he also has a talent tree, which is an advantage that others don’t have.

He was thinking wildly here, but the mustache had raised his head, looking past the crowd, looking somewhere in the distance.

In that direction, an old man appeared at some unknown time, staring at Lu Ye, it was Mr. Tang.

Elder Tang had appeared since Bazihu ​​began to read out the results, and he had been secretly observing Lu Ye.

Due to some extremely special reasons, Jade Blood Sect has not accepted disciples for 30 years, and the sudden acceptance at this time will definitely affect some people’s sensitive nerves.

But if this disciple is just Yiye’s talent, it doesn’t seem to matter too much. If the talent is too poor, he is doomed to not have any achievements in the future, but he won’t be targeted by those who want to.

Tang Lao didn’t want to recruit disciples in his heart, but the rules of the alliance were there, and he couldn’t refuse, it was really a dilemma.

So he wanted to see Lu Ye in person.

Among the more than a hundred people, Lu Ye was undoubtedly a bit of a maverick. Those whose names were read cheered happily, and those who were eliminated were like mourning concubines. He was the only one who stood there quietly from the beginning to the end.

Recalling the scene when he saw Lu Ye in the dark mine, Mr. Tang sighed slightly, and nodded slightly under the gaze of the mustache.

With the current rules of the alliance, he really has no way to refuse. In that case, he can only accept it first, and ask those old friends for favors in the future, and send him to other sects to practice.

After receiving Elder Tang’s reply, Bazihu ​​smiled slightly.

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