Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 40

Speaking of which, before Guanshi Yang died, he told him that the Haotian League could not hold this place for a long time, and would leave in a month or two at most, and this is indeed the case at present.

So if Steward Yang could have killed Lu Ye and hid in that secret passage, he would have had a great chance of escaping.

It’s a pity that he didn’t expect that an ordinary person like Lu Ye would dare to scheme against him and lead him to a place covered by a magnetic field of Yuanyuan, making it difficult for him to perform well in his cultivation, and he died for no reason.

Suddenly there was a shout not far away, Lu Ye followed the sound, and saw a middle-aged monk floating in mid-air over there, with spiritual power surging all over his body, and something flew out of his palm.

The distance was not close, and before Lu Ye could clearly see what it was, a scene he would never forget for the rest of his life appeared.

The thing that flew out from the palm of the middle-aged monk actually rose against the wind, and turned into a huge monster in a very short time, stretching across the air.

That is a big ship!

A big ship floating in midair!

The big ship has three floors and is nearly a hundred feet long. The hull is black and made of unknown materials.

Lu Yehe had seen such a bizarre scene before, and couldn’t help being stunned on the spot.

There was more than one big ship. After the middle-aged monk somehow managed to get a big ship out, several more big ships appeared one after another.

Immediately afterwards, someone shouted: “Everyone board the ship!”

Those monks from various sects who had gathered in one place for a long time turned into colorful rays of light, and rushed towards the big ships one after another. Seen from a distance, the scene was spectacular.

After a brief shock, Lu Ye’s heart was surging.

He has been here for more than a year, although he knows that this is a world of practice, but he is always with the ore company, and the people around him are also low-status and precarious mine slaves.

He never expected that the matter of practice would be displayed in such a colorful way.

This has gone beyond what he can understand, and made him realize more clearly that this world is completely different from his original world.

“Isn’t it spectacular?” Just as he was dazzled by the situation over there, a voice suddenly sounded from beside him.

Lu Ye responded instinctively, and then he realized that he turned around and saw a half-grown old man standing beside him at some point.

The half-grown old man smiled and stroked his beard, looked at the large ships floating in the sky, and said slowly: “This is the flying dragon ship of the Haotian League, a sharp weapon for attacking cities and villages, and it will not be deployed easily.”

Looking at the side face of the half-grown old man, Lu Ye recognized him as the old man who led him out of the mine, recalling what others called him before, and quickly saluted: “Old Tang.”

Elder Tang responded with a slight smile, and greeted, “Let’s go.”

“Where are you going?” Lu Ye was puzzled.

Elder Tang raised his hand and pointed: “Board the boat!”

Lu Ye hesitated and said, “But I’m going to wait here for the brothers and sisters of the Jade Blood Sect…” At this point, he vaguely realized something, “Mr. Tang belongs to the Jade Blood Sect?”

It made no sense for Mr. Tang to come to him suddenly and tell him to board the ship, unless he was a member of the Jade Blood Sect.

“I dealt with some things temporarily and delayed for a while, so I’m not in a hurry, right?” Elder Tang asked kindly.

He is really from the Jade Blood Sect!

“No, no.” Lu Ye was a little excited. Although the people who came to lead people before were some handsome senior brothers and gentle senior sisters, they were an old man when he came to Jade Blood Sect, but this old man is a very nice person.

This can be seen from the fact that he opened Zhou Cheng’s storage bag for himself before the forbidden lock. Although Lu Ye didn’t know how old Tang was, if he really wanted Zhou Cheng’s storage bag at that time, Lu Ye Ye is not qualified to refuse.

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