Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 41

But the old man only took a bottle of Dragon Tiger Pill as reward, and returned the rest to Lu Ye.

“Let’s go.” Elder Tang smiled and rose into the air. Lu Ye only felt a gentle force enveloping him, but he followed Elder Tang and flew towards one of the flying dragon ships.

After arriving on the flying dragon boat, Elder Tang went straight to the interior of the cabin, and Lu Ye followed step by step.

There are many cabins in the cabin. At this moment, there are people coming and going, all monks from various sects. Those monks who came to meet Mr. Tang all respectfully saluted, which made Lu Ye amazed.

The Jade Blood Sect is only a ninth-rank sect. Judging from the knowledge that Yu Xiaodie instilled in him before, Mr. Tang should only be a monk at the Cloud River Realm, because if there is a real lake realm, then the Jade Blood Sect is not only a ninth-rank sect. up.

From this point of view, although this Tang Lao’s cultivation level is not high, he is still very respected by others. Maybe it is because of his age?

Walking all the way to the innermost floor, an old man and a young man stood at the door of a wing room. Elder Tang raised his hand and brushed it, and a light flashed on the door, and he pushed the door open and entered.

Lu Ye followed closely behind and closed the door smoothly.

After entering the room, Lu Ye looked around and found that it was a very simple cabin with extremely simple furnishings. There was no bed or even a table, only a futon on the ground.

There was a window, but that window couldn’t be opened either. The circular window was sealed by something transparent like glass, allowing you to see the outside scenery.

In the cabin of the flying dragon, Lu Ye looked left and right, but when he came back to his senses, he found that Mr. Tang was already sitting on the futon.

He hurried over and sat down in front of Mr. Tang.

Fate is sometimes very strange. When we meet in the mine, Lu Ye did not expect to worship the sect where Elder Tang belongs. But no matter what, he will have a place in this world from now on. Thinking of this, his heart bleeds. Have a little warmth.

Choosing Jade Blood Sect is a helpless move, but if this is the sect that Elder Tang belongs to, it is not unacceptable.

“Old man Tang Yifeng!” Tang Lao said, “The tenth generation head teacher of Jade Blood Sect.”

Lu Ye was slightly taken aback.

Although he doesn’t know much about the world of practice, he still understands what it means to be a teacher.

He guessed that Elder Tang’s status in the Jade Blood Sect should not be low, but he never expected that the person in front of him was actually the head teacher.

He hurriedly saluted: “The disciple has met the head teacher.”

Elder Tang nodded: “Although you are accepted into the sect today, the state owns the laws of the state and the sect has the rules of the sect. Right now, you are not considered a formal disciple, you are only a registered student, and you have to pass some assessments to be considered a real entry. Let’s not talk about the content of the assessments for now. , you will know when you return to the sect, and with your current cultivation, it is far from the time of the assessment.”

Lu Ye listened carefully and replied, “Disciple understands.”

At the beginning, those miners who wanted to join the Evil Moon Valley also had to undergo an assessment, so he was not surprised when Mr. Tang said so.

Not only him, those who were selected by the major sects are not considered formal disciples, each sect has its own assessment, through some screening of the disciples’ character, morality or other aspects, Only after passing these assessments can one be considered a real entry.

“The Jade Blood Sect is located in Ao Mountain, Bingzhou. It has been established for a thousand years and has trained 63,662 disciples. Among them, the total number of disciples in the Divine Sea Realm…”

In Tang Lao’s narration, a historical picture scroll of a sect was slowly unfolding before Lu Ye’s eyes, which gave him some basic understanding of the sect of Jade Blood Sect.

Right now, he still doesn’t know what those numbers represent, and when he understands them later, he will understand how important those numbers are.

After a while, Elder Tang looked at Lu Ye: “If you have anything you want to know, feel free to ask me.”

Lu Ye then asked something that made him very curious: “Master, why didn’t you see our senior brothers and sisters from the Jade Blood Sect during the attack on Evil Moon Valley this time?”

He hadn’t noticed anything when Elder Tang went looking for him before, but when he found out that Elder Tang was actually the head teacher of the Jade Blood Sect, he immediately realized a problem.

Jade Blood Sect… seems to be the only one who came here, Elder Tang, otherwise, it would not be Elder Tang looking for him, this kind of welcome work can be handed over to a disciple, how can the head teacher do it himself.

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