Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 42

“Cough…” Elder Tang clenched his fist and coughed lightly, “That’s right, we don’t have many people in the Jade Blood Sect.”

Lu Ye understood: “It means that our talents are withering and our sects are declining.”

Thinking about it, the Ninth Grade Sect is the lowest sect in the Kyushu practice world. It may not be easy to recruit some disciples. Take the miners who were rescued this time as an example. Among the people, only Lu Ye chose the Jade Blood Sect, and this was because of Pang Pang Hai’s advice.

“That’s what you said…it’s true.” Elder Tang felt a little helpless.

“Then the head teacher, how many people are there in the sect now?”

Tang Lao said: “Change the question.”


“Don’t you have any questions about your practice?”

“Yes!” Lu Ye nodded hastily, “My disciple’s first orifice is full, but when he wants to open the second orifice, he still can’t find the location. Please give me some guidance.”

Elder Tang nodded slightly: “At the beginning of practice, it is indeed easy to encounter this problem, but if you want to open the second orifice, you need to have suitable exercises.”

“I have a copy of the exercises.” As Lu Ye said so, he began to undress, and under Mr. Tang’s astonished gaze, he took out the second storage bag that he kept close to his body.

This is Manager Yang’s storage bag. When he decided to leave the secret passage, Lu Ye hid it close to his body. There are many good things in it, and he was afraid that others would stare at him.

Now that he has joined the Jade Blood Sect, and the head teacher is face to face, there is no need to hide it.

Looking at the storage bag on Lu Ye’s waist, and at the second storage bag he took out, Mr. Tang still doesn’t understand what’s going on.

This kid not only killed a person from Xieyue Valley in the mine tunnel!

“Slippery!” Elder Tang commented.

Lu Ye sneered, took out a book from Manager Yang’s storage bag, and handed it to Elder Tang: “This Golden Cicada Xiaoyaojue is in the collection of a monk in Xieyue Valley. I wonder if this disciple can practice it?”

“Since it’s a practice, you can practice it. What are you worried about?” Elder Tang took it and opened it to look.

“After all, this is the practice practiced by the disciples of the Evil Moon Valley. The disciples are worried that if this is an evil practice…” Lu Ye couldn’t continue speaking in the middle of the sentence.

Because some strange voices suddenly came from Tang Lao’s side, and in this silent cabin, the voices sounded extremely ear-piercing.

Lu Ye couldn’t help but twitch his eyes.

Elder Tang was delighted to see it.

The voice became more and more noisy, with ups and downs, cadences, and some strange dialogues.

If people who don’t know listen to it, they may think that someone in this cabin is doing some shady things.

Lu Ye couldn’t hold it back anymore, and stepped forward with half of his body, looking at the book in Old Tang’s hand.

But seeing the spiritual force in Tang Lao’s hands, the rigid characters in the book seemed to come to life. The voice Lu Ye heard came from this book.

At this time, he also realized that he had taken the wrong thing.

There are a total of three books in Guanshi Yang’s storage bag, one is the biography of the sword master, the other is the golden cicada happy formula, and the other is the one that Mr. Tang is holding in his hand at the moment. This thing was taken out.

When he read it before, he only felt that the illustrations in this book were extraordinary, and the characters on it were lifelike, but he never thought that there was such a magical place in this book.

Is the way I opened it wrong before?

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