Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 45

Elder Tang raised his hand, stretched out a finger and pointed at Lu Ye’s lower abdomen: “Your eyes are full, and if you want to open the second one, then feel it quietly!”

Lu Ye immediately sat upright.

Following Mr. Tang’s guidance, he immediately sensed that an external power had invaded his body. It was Mr. Tang’s spiritual power, but this spiritual power was very gentle, so it would not cause any harm to Lu Ye.

The power flowed through Lu Ye’s Yuan Lingqiao, and slowly gathered at a position near the Yuan Lingqiao. This position was very familiar to Lu Ye. I couldn’t find the exact location even after groping, but Mr. Tang did it easily.

This is the benefit of joining the sect and having the support of elders to practice. It can save a lot of energy and time for self-exploration at the beginning of practice. And the initial period of practice is the most precious period for monks. If you start faster than others at this stage, you will undoubtedly have an advantage in practicing in the future.

“This is the second spiritual orifice of the Golden Cicada’s Xiaoyao Jue. You can try to guide your own spiritual power into it.” Elder Tang’s voice sounded.

Lu Ye hastily acted.

The spiritual energy in the source aperture slowly poured into the second aperture under his action, but he clearly noticed that there was a barrier outside the second aperture that blocked the infusion of spiritual energy.

“Every spiritual orifice has a spiritual orifice barrier. Only by breaking the spiritual orifice barrier can the spiritual orifice be opened smoothly. Others can’t help you with this kind of thing, so you can only rely on yourself.”

With Mr. Tang’s cultivation base, he can naturally help Lu Ye easily break through the barrier of the spirit orifice, but if he does so, it is very likely that Lu Ye’s spirit orifice will suffer irreversible damage, so all he can do is guide The location of the spiritual orifice will not help Lu Ye open up.

It was only when Lu Ye knew that there was such a thing as the barrier of the spiritual aperture. He opened the source of the spiritual aperture with the help of the talent tree. Looking back at the situation at that time, he vaguely remembered that there was indeed something broken in his body. Now it seems that the broken thing should be It is the barrier of the source spirit aperture.

Elder Tang’s spiritual power did not stop, and continued to flow in Lu Ye’s body. Breaking the barrier of the spiritual orifice is not a matter of time. He has helped Lu Ye locate the second spiritual orifice, and the rest depends on Lu Ye himself hard work.

After a while, Elder Tang closed his hand and said, “According to the exercise route of the Golden Cicada Xiaoyao Jue, I have left some guiding spiritual power in the next eight spiritual orifices in your body. Whenever you open the last orifice When you open the eight orifices, you will be able to feel the position of the next orifice, and when you open the eight orifices, follow the route of practice, let your spiritual power penetrate the source of the spirit orifices and these eight orifices, and the Lingxi realm will be formed by itself.”

“Thank you, Master!” Lu Ye saluted respectfully.

Elder Tang smiled slightly: “Go ahead and practice, it will take some time to return to Ao Mountain.”

“Yes.” Lu Ye replied, without changing places, and just started practicing directly.

Now that the head teacher is face to face, if there is any problem with his practice, he can still ask the head teacher to help take care of him.

Having determined the location of the second spirit aperture, Lu Ye also felt a surge of energy in his heart, urging the spiritual power in the original spirit aperture to charge towards the barrier of the second spirit aperture.

I don’t know what the barrier is, but Lu Ye feels that every time he hits it, he can loosen the barrier a little bit.

However, the feeling of hitting the barrier is not pleasant. Every time the concentration of spiritual power hits, it seems that there is a small hammer hammering at the position of the spirit orifice.

It’s okay to do it once or twice, but after more times, there is a slight soreness at the second spiritual orifice.

Moreover, every time he hits the barrier, some spiritual power will be consumed. Lu Ye finally understands why the head teacher said that at the beginning of the practice, it will be relatively easy to get enlightened as the cultivation base improves.

If the spiritual orifice is compared to a bucket, the spiritual power is the water contained in the bucket. Lu Ye only has one bucket of water at the moment. If he has two or three buckets of water, he can use more spiritual power, and the speed of enlightenment will naturally be faster. Even faster, maybe he can break through the spirit orifice barrier in one go.

After half an hour, it was difficult for Lu Ye to mobilize his spiritual power, and the water in the bucket was almost dry.

He took out a bottle of Qi and Blood Pill from Zhou Cheng’s storage bag, took out two pills and wanted to take it.

“You used this thing to assist your cultivation before?” Elder Tang’s voice sounded.

Lu Ye hurriedly replied: “Exactly!” Seeing that Elder Tang’s expression was wrong, his heart skipped a beat, “Master, is there something wrong with this Qi and Blood Pill?”

Elder Tang frowned: “People from Xieyue Valley told you that this is Qi and Blood Pill?”

“Isn’t this Qi and Blood Pill?” Lu Ye was surprised. He had taken this stuff, and it could indeed increase the power of Qi and Blood. What is it if it’s not Qi and Blood Pill?

Elder Tang reached out and took Zhou Cheng’s storage bag, found some bottles and cans from it, checked them one by one, and then put a bottle in front of Lu Ye: “This is the Qi and Blood Pill.”

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