Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 47

Now that he had to be instructed by the head teacher, he was safe, swallowed the Yunling Pill in his hand, and refined it quietly.

“After taking the elixir, you need to guide the elixir, so as not to accumulate the elixir and cause future troubles.” The head teacher’s voice rang in his ears, which is why he said just now that the lowest-level Yunling elixir is suitable for Lu Ye. With Lu Ye’s current cultivation base, if he really took too good a panacea, the rich pill power would be too late to guide him. Once too much pill power accumulated in his body, it would have a great impact on his practice.

Lu Ye heard what the head teacher said, and acted accordingly.

A hot stream slowly gushed out from the lower abdomen, which was the release of the alchemy power of the Yunling Pill, transforming into spiritual power usable by monks.

Following Lu Ye’s guidance, the spiritual power transformed by Dan Li was slowly poured into the Yuan Lingqiao.

The Yuan Lingqiao, which was almost dry, gradually became full.

The efficacy of this Yunling Pill is much better than the residue of the Qi and Blood Pill he took before!

The Yunling Pill itself is more suitable for cultivation than the Qi and Blood Pill. What Lu Ye had taken before was the residue of alchemy refining by the cultivators of Xieyue Valley, and he had to go through a process of refining and transforming Qi to transform his own Qi and blood power into Spiritual power is naturally incomparable.

Until now, he hadn’t truly experienced the joy of taking drugs to practice!

In less than half a day, the almost dry Yuan Lingqiao was filled again, and the pill power of Yunling Pill was still exerting its effect.

Lu Ye quickly guided the spiritual power in the source orifice, and charged towards the barrier of the second orifice, again and again.

Until a certain moment, he vaguely felt that something in his body was broken, and the spiritual power that was blocked from moving forward suddenly became unimpeded.

The second spirit aperture, open!

The spiritual power from the source aura flowed into the second aura, and Lu Ye felt comfortable physically and mentally.

The medicinal effect of the Yunling Pill still remained, and it was not until a long time later that Lu Ye realized that the medicinal effect of the Yunling Pill had been completely consumed. Lu Ye opened his eyes, and was about to announce the good news to the head teacher, but the head teacher was no longer in sight.

He did not know when he had left.

Lu Ye didn’t care. The head teacher is the master of the sect, and he has his own business to attend to. Anyway, the head teacher has already helped him locate the next few spiritual orifices. From now on, he just needs to follow the steps and practice well.

Lu Ye’s goal is to open those spiritual orifices as soon as possible, and use spiritual power to penetrate these spiritual orifices according to the exercise route to reach the Lingxi state. Only then can he be regarded as a real monk.

Intentionally wanting to test whether his previous conjecture about the talent tree was correct, Lu Ye took another Yunling Pill without stopping.

The rich pill power was transformed into spiritual power, and was filled into his own spiritual aperture under Lu Ye’s guidance. Two days later, after a total of six pills were consumed, the second aperture was full.

Lu Ye was startled by the speed.

One must know that it took him more than ten days from the opening of one aperture to the fullness of one aperture, but the same progress now only took two days, the gap is too big.

The medicinal effect of Yunling Pill is not comparable to those residues, even if it is the lowest quality Yunling Pill.

He thought of Yu Xiaodie again.

Yu Xiaodie told her at the time that it took more than 20 days from the opening to the fullness of one orifice, and she also took Yunling Pill, which was given to her by a monk from Xieyue Valley.

In such a comparison, Lu Ye’s practice speed is obviously abnormal.

What he can be sure of is that all of this has a great relationship with the talent tree, but what kind of relationship is there, he has no way to find out right now.

In any case, this is a good thing for him, maybe in the future when his cultivation becomes stronger, he can slowly dig out the secrets of the talent tree.

The head teacher still didn’t show up. Although Lu Ye practiced for two days, he didn’t feel tired, but was hungry.

Since he successfully opened his mind, he has a great appetite. He discovered this when he was in the mine before, but at his current age, it is a good thing to be able to eat. The more he eats, the more abundant his energy and blood will be. .

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