Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 49

Otherwise, if you spend your whole life mining on the veins, how can you see these colorful things?

“These two horses… aren’t living things?” Lu Ye stood on the shaft and touched the buttocks of the horse in front of him. He found that there was no feeling of touching flesh and blood, but it was like touching a piece of metal, which was cold.

After a closer look, it was discovered that the two horses did not have the aura that living creatures should have, but they were too vivid, giving people the illusion of living creatures.

The car behind him is open, and there is a big umbrella above the car. The big umbrella rotates with the wind, and there are streaks of spiritual light hanging down like silk threads, blocking the high-altitude wind.

The head teacher sat in the car, heard the words and said with a smile: “This is the creation of Yanshi, and it is used for transportation.”

“Yanshi?” Lu Ye was curious.

“It’s a kind of external repair, good at making tools. If you have a chance in the future, you will come into contact with it.”

Lu Ye didn’t ask any more questions, and waited and watched with interest for a while, and then obediently came to the car and sat down.

The car is very spacious, and it is not a problem to seat three or five people.

Of course he wouldn’t be so stupid as to sit side by side with the teacher, at least he understood how to respect the teacher, he was sitting on the car in front of the teacher, opposite to the direction of the teacher.

“How was your practice before?” the head teacher asked.

“It’s going well.” Lu Ye replied. Through the previous practice, he confirmed one thing, that is, there seems to be no hidden danger in his practice of taking drugs.

In the past few days, he had taken more than ten pills of Yun Yun, and he had reached the third orifice. Not to mention the efficiency of other people’s cultivation, at least it was impossible for him to take the pills continuously like him.

The erysipelas accumulation mentioned by the head teacher did not cause the obscurity of spiritual power.

It is also possible that before the time comes, I have only taken more than a dozen Yunling Pills after all, and this point needs to be observed again to be sure.

He was considering whether to tell the head teacher about his enlightenment, but when he was hesitating, he heard the head teacher ask: “Among the six cultivation paths, which path do you want to take?”

The so-called Six Cultivators is undoubtedly the information mentioned by Pang Dahai before.

Lu Ye really hadn’t thought about these things. Right now, he can be said to have just come into contact with the world of practice, and he is ignorant of everything. How could he think of determining his future path?

So he asked, “What do you think, Master?”

Elder Tang stretched out his hand and stroked his beard, and said, “You are not physically strong, and you don’t have any special talents, so you are not suitable for physical training. Your five elements are mainly fire and supplementary metal, and ghost training and medical training are not suitable. The rest, There are only military training, law training and external training. Speaking of external training, in fact, every monk knows some methods of external training more or less, so it can be regarded as a secondary path, and there is no need to specialize.”

Lu Ye understood: “That is to say, the only suitable paths for disciples are military cultivation and law cultivation?”

“That’s right.”

“Which way did the headmaster go?” Lu Ye asked curiously.

Old Tang laughed: “This old man is a Dharma cultivator. You don’t have to imitate this old man. It is a step-by-step process to determine the path you want to take. You need to ask your heart. The old man is asking you these things just to let you have an idea about it. , I’m not asking you to rush to make a choice and wait until you return to Aoshan…”

Lu Ye was listening to the teacher’s teaching, but suddenly the world spun, and then there was a deafening roar.

As the field of vision rotated, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a ball of flames burning in the air. When he fixed his eyes, he found that what was burning was a double-armed carriage. The carriage had suffered some kind of attack, and it had been torn apart, and the two horses pulling it were also fragmented. , scattered down.

Lu Ye shook his head, always feeling that the burning Shuangrong carriage was exactly the same as the one he rode in before.

He suddenly realized that it was the carriage that he and the head teacher were riding in, but it had encountered an inexplicable attack!

Only now did he realize that he had been taken away from the carriage by the head teacher, and was floating in mid-air.

Was attacked!

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