Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 6

The pickaxe struck head-on, and it was too late for Steward Yang to retreat, so he could only block the palm that was slapping Lu Ye in front of him.

With a crisp click, the mining pick hit Steward Yang’s arm, breaking his arm.

Steward Yang couldn’t help but let out a scream, and backed away again and again.

As soon as the blow was successful, Lu Ye’s heart was relieved immediately. It seemed that some of the rumors he had heard before were true, so there was still a way to survive.

He was relentless when he gained power, he pressed on every step of the way, and the mining pick in his hand kept rolling off, so he hit Guanshi Yang who was almost helpless to fight back.

Although Guanshi Yang is a cultivator from Xieyue Valley, his cultivation level is not high, so he was given a job as a mine manager. He rarely fought bravely with others in his life. When dealing with mine slaves, he relied on his own cultivation level to crush them at will. Rubbing round, but after the cultivation base was greatly suppressed, he was limited compared to ordinary mortals. When he met Lu Ye, who was so cruel and merciless, he was beaten dizzy immediately.

While avoiding Lu Ye’s onslaught, he put his hand into the cloth bag around his waist, and then raised his hand, a cold light flashed.

Startled, Lu Ye hurriedly stopped, and set up a pick to block it.

The cold light cut on the front end of the pick, and the pick made of refined iron was cut off in half.

Lu Ye fixed her eyes on Steward Yang’s hand, and found that he had grasped a long sword at some point! It was taken out of the cloth pouch at his waist.

Steward Yang swung the sword in his hand fiercely, and the intimidated Lu Ye dared not step forward at will.

The situation was deadlocked. In the deepest part of the mine, the mortal body and the monk confronted each other. The former had a cold and resolute expression, while the latter looked embarrassed, and his expression was distorted by the severe pain.

“Yuan magnetic force field?” Steward Yang gritted his teeth and shouted. In just a short while, he had already figured out why his spiritual power was imprisoned.

There is actually a lot of magnetic ore here!

Yuan magnetic ore is a very rare mineral. In terms of preciousness, in this vein, the value of Yuan magnetic ore is second to none. This kind of ore is of great use to some monks.

However, Yuan Magnetic Ore has a characteristic, that is, it will release a shadowless and invisible force field, which will restrict the circulation of all spiritual power within the range.

Once a monk is in this kind of force field, his strength will be greatly reduced.

Guanshi Yang’s cultivation base was limited, and he was shrouded in this Yuan magnetic force field, and his spiritual power was almost completely forbidden. He suddenly became an ordinary mortal from a high-ranking monk.

He suddenly remembered that in the past year, Lu Ye did occasionally mine back some magnetic ore, but other people also mined it, but the amount was not much, so he didn’t pay much attention to it, after all, there are all kinds of magnetism in this vein. minerals.

But now it seems that Lu Ye has always held a large amount of magnetic ore in his hands, but he did not mine a lot to exchange for contributions, but only occasionally mines a few pieces to avoid being coveted by others. He is really scheming.

“Are you plotting against me?” Steward Yang was about to go crazy. At this moment, he still didn’t understand that Lu Ye brought him here on purpose.

The mortal who thought he was going to kill him showed his fangs at him, and Guanshi Yang was furious, but now he has an arm broken and many injuries on his body. In this environment where he can’t show his cultivation, he is really not Lu Ye. opponent.

So he made a quick decision, turned around and ran.

Seeing this scene, Lu Ye suddenly felt bad.

He only knew a little about the magnetic force field. When he handed over the magnetic field for the first time, he heard the monks from Xieyue Valley talk about the characteristics of this ore, so he paid attention to it.

When he saw Guanshi Yang massacre the mine slaves he met on the way, he knew that the crime was more serious than good, so he brought Guanshi here. Can the Yuan magnetic force field limit Guanshi Yang’s strength?

Fortunately, auspicious people have their own celestial features, and the Yuan magnetic force field really restrained Yang Guanshi.

But the scope covered by the Yuan magnetic force field is also limited, once Steward Yang is allowed to escape the scope of the force field, he will die.

Manager Yang must not be allowed to escape!

Lu Ye’s hair was ruthless, he bent down to pick up a fist-sized stone, and threw it at Steward Yang viciously.

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