Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 9

Putting these pills aside, Lu Ye picked up a book casually, opened it to read it with the flickering fire nearby, and immediately beamed with joy.

It seems that Guanshi Yang is a sweetheart. This book is not only rich in content, but also full of pictures and texts. I don’t know who drew it. It is really wonderful and lifelike…

Now that he is weak and weak, it is not suitable for reading this thing, so he threw it aside casually, and Lu Ye picked up another book. There is a word on the cover of this book, but upon closer inspection, it is Biography of the Sword Master.

Lu Ye became interested, but turned a few pages and found that this thing is a storybook.

Leaving this book behind, Lu Ye picked up the third one. After seeing the words on the cover, his heartbeat slowed down by half a beat.

The golden cicada is free and easy!

He quickly opened it to look, and his expression gradually became agitated.

This is actually a practice method! Like the first book, it is rich in illustrations and texts, easy to understand, and it seems to be the exercises practiced by Manager Yang himself.

After getting excited, Lu Ye realized a very real problem.

He hasn’t opened his spiritual aperture yet, even if there is such a book of exercises in front of him, it is useless.

Sighing slightly, he put down the Golden Cicada Happy Way.

Since there is no way to practice, it is useless to see more. Over the past year, he has tried several times to open his spiritual aperture, but he still has no clue.

After a moment of dejection, Lu Ye picked up Manager Yang’s storage bag again. There were still some things in it that he hadn’t taken out before.

Reach in and take out one by one.

Nothing valuable was found, but there were many rare ores, including a few fist-sized Yuanci mines.

These ores should be hidden by Manager Yang himself, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Mining here for a year, Lu Ye has mined many rare minerals, so he is basically familiar with these ores. ore……

He had never seen this kind of thing before, and he didn’t know which miner mined it, and it finally fell into the hands of Steward Yang.

This is a bit strange, but things are rare and expensive, and Lu Ye has never seen this thing before, so this thing must be of great value.

Just when Lu Ye was about to put down the ore, his mind suddenly went into a trance, and then, a vague shadow appeared in front of his eyes, which turned into a tree.

It’s the shadow tree!

Lu Ye was very surprised. There is a condition for the shadow tree to appear, that is, he needs to concentrate, and it doesn’t appear every time, sometimes it appears, and sometimes it doesn’t.

This time the shadow tree appeared by itself.

Just when Lu Ye didn’t know why, the roots of the vague shadow tree suddenly sprouted a series of roots, which pierced into the dark red ore in his hand.

In the next moment, the ore made a crackling sound and split open.

A little orange light entered Lu Ye’s eyes, which startled him, because after the ore split open, a ball of fire appeared inside!

He subconsciously wanted to throw the fire out, but the fire was stuck to his hands, and he couldn’t throw it away.

After a brief panic, Lu Ye realized that the reason why the dark red stone had such a change should be related to the shadow tree.

What made Lu Ye feel even more weird was that he didn’t feel burned.

The orange flame was shrinking rapidly, as if it had been absorbed by something, and in just a few breaths, the fire disappeared before Lu Ye’s eyes.

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