The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2501-2510

Chapter: 2501
Early morning.
Jinling City Village.
Ye Changmin, who had lost at least a dozen jin, walked out of the dark alley empty-handed. ?
Five minutes ago, Hong Wu’s men opened the door of her room and told her that she could leave.
At that moment, Ye Changmin cried bitterly.
She had been fed up with Jinling, a cold, shabby, dark and humid city village.
She stayed in this tattered place for so many days, and there was a cheap musty smell all over her body, which made her feel sick all the time.
She could leave early, but Ye Chen delayed her for several days for no reason, and then added another seven days to the original deadline.
In fact, if you count it, it’s past early morning, which means it’s overtime again.
However, this time Ye Changmin had learned well, and he dared not yell at Ye Chen, or even the servants who guarded him.
So, at the moment she got permission, she almost wanted or even thought, and went straight out.
After running out, she realized that she didn’t know where to go at so late.
She wants to return to Yanjing immediately, but there can be no flights at this time. If her private plane is transferred from Yanjing, it will take at least two or three hours, so where will she go in these two or three hours?
Thinking of this, she immediately called Chen Zekai.
She felt that Chen Zekai also had a private jet in Jinling, and she could directly ask Chen Zekai to send him back.
However, what she dreamed of was that Chen Zekai’s mobile phone turned off unexpectedly.
Chen Zekai knew that Hong Wu was going to release Ye Changmin tonight, so he set his phone to do not disturb mode long ago.
In this Do Not Disturb mode, only Ye Chen can get through his phone, and any other number calling him will prompt the user to shut down.
Seeing that the phone could not get through, Ye Changmin cursed and said, “This damn Chen Zekai, how can the phone be turned off? Is he deliberately avoiding me? What a jerk!”
In anger, Ye Changmin has no time to anger with Chen Zekai. The most important thing for her now is to return to Yanjing quickly.
So, she sent a video call to her father, Ye Zhongquan.
At this time, the old man had already fallen asleep, and when he received the video, he asked a little sleepily: “Changmin, what’s the matter so late?”
Ye Changmin cried and said, “Dad! Ye Chen’s little bastard finally let me be released, but I can’t go back to Yanjing now. Chen Zekai’s bastard mobile phone is also turned off, please take a look and quickly arrange a Come and pick me up…”
Ye Zhongquan sighed and said, “It’s Chen’er to give you a set time? Then let’s take a taxi to the airport, and I will arrange a plane to pick you up.”
Ye Changmin choked and said, “Dad! You shouldn’t have asked me to take a taxi to the airport. I have never taken a taxi before when I grew up. The taxi was broken. If you want to die, a car is not as good as my car. The four tires on the road are valuable, and everyone in them sits on them, so dirty.”
Ye Zhongquan said helplessly: “Changmin! You have lived in a dirty and messy village for so many days now in a special period. Are you afraid of taking a taxi?”
Ye Changmin wowed and burst into tears: “Dad! I came to Jinling according to your request this time, but I really have eaten all the hardship I have suffered in this life…”
Ye Zhongquan also had a headache, and said, “Okay, what can you say well, if you are a person of this age, don’t cry at all, crying won’t solve any problems.”
After speaking, he yawned and said weakly, “Hey, I’m too sleepy. This man, he is very old. If his sleep is not good, the impact on his body will be too great, so I won’t follow you. I’ll talk more, you can take a taxi to the airport, I will go to bed first.”

Chapter: 2502
Although Ye Changmin was very aggrieved in his heart, it was not good to see that his father said so. If he continued to insist on something, he could only be aggrieved and said: “Then dad, don’t forget to order to sleep after the plane… ..”
Ye Zhongquan said very tiredly: “You don’t need to call me for such a trivial matter as dispatching a plane. You can call Tang Sihai and let him arrange it.”
Ye Changmin felt even more aggrieved when he heard this.
“Of course I know. Just contact Tang Sihai directly for this kind of thing.”
“But the reason why I went to the old man directly was not to pretend to be pitiful in front of him?”
“This will also make the old man’s impression of Ye Chen worse.”
“Moreover, the old man knows that I have suffered such a grievance in Jinling, and he will definitely give me some compensation.”
“I can’t imagine that the old man doesn’t value me so much…”
Although Ye Changmin was dissatisfied in his heart, he did not dare to continue to mess with the old man at this time.
I was about to say goodnight to the old man and ended the video as soon as possible. At this moment, the landline on the bedside of the old man suddenly rang.
The landline at the head of the old man’s bed is his emergency communication line.
Only when a major incident occurs and the old man is already resting, the subordinates who report the matter will find the old man through this special line.
At this time, Ye Zhongquan also realized that something important might have happened, so he didn’t care, so he hung up the video and picked up the landline directly and asked, “What happened?”
On the phone, Tang Sihai blurted out: “Master! Just received the message, after Su Shoude, the second child of the Su family, went to Jinling tonight, he disappeared in Jinling!”
“What?!” Ye Zhongquan, who was tired a second before, immediately sat up and asked excitedly: “Su Shoude has disappeared in Jinling?! Really?!”
Tang Sihai said: “It is true! The Su family sent many people to Jinling overnight to search for Su Shoude’s whereabouts as a carpet!”
Ye Zhongquan suddenly became extremely excited. He laughed and said, “That’s great! That’s great! Su Shoudao went to Australia with a scapegoat. Su Shoude disappeared in Jinling again. The Su family lost two people this time, which is equivalent to the old fox Su Chengfeng. Hands and feet are half-worn!”
After speaking, he couldn’t help sighing: “Su Shoude must have been done by Chen’er! The whole Jinling, he has this kind of strength and courage!”
Tang Sihai said: “Master, there is still no clear evidence that Master Chen must have done it.”
Ye Zhongquan smiled confidently: “It must be him! It must be him! Apart from him, there will be no second person!”
After speaking, Ye Zhongquan said again: “Chen’er even dares to move the second son of the Su family! It’s true that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers!”
On the phone, Tang Sihai said solemnly: “Master, Master Chen is the son of the second son! Someone has said that the second son is the destiny of the true dragon, and Master Chen is the son of the second son, so he is not a newborn calf. , He is… he is a dragon!”
Ye Zhongquan laughed and said, “Yes, yes! He is the son of Chang Ying! He is as kind as his father!”
Speaking of this, Ye Zhongquan said excitedly: “With Chen’er here, the Ye family’s take-off is just around the corner! Just around the corner!”
Ye Changmin was shocked when he heard this.
She has no energy to feel sad for the excitement of her father now.
She was completely shocked by what Ye Chen did now.
She was incomparably shocked, and she was also terrified: “Ye Chen, this guy…Is this guy crazy?! Even Su Shoude dares to move?! That’s the second son of the Su family! This guy even Su Shoude Don’t pay attention to it, and if you say you’re tied up, what will I do to make him pay for the humiliation he has done to me?!”

Chapter: 2503
At this moment, Ye Zhongquan didn’t have any extra energy to take care of Ye Changmin.
Now he is extremely excited, and there is only one thought in his mind: “The Su family has suffered heavy blows one after another, and the opportunity for the Ye family to surpass the Su family is near!”
At this point, he immediately said to Tang Sihai: “Sihai, we must closely follow the movements of the entire Su family, and at the same time secretly send more people to Jinling, just in case, if they find Chen’er, we must not stand by!”
Tang Sihai immediately said, “Okay master, I will make arrangements!”
After speaking, Tang Sihai said again: “Master, or I will go there in person!”
Ye Zhongquan said sternly: “You still don’t want to go. Your identity is more sensitive. If you go to Jinling at this time, the Su family will definitely think that this matter is related to us, so you just stay in Yanjing and stay with me and watch. Its change.”
“Okay!” Tang Sihai hurriedly agreed and said, “Master, what else do you have to order?”
Ye Zhongquan exhorted: “You tell others now. I will have a meeting in 20 minutes. Besides, if there is any movement in Jinling, you must report to me in time!”
“Good lord!”
Ye Zhongquan hung up the phone, and here Ye Changmin said aggrieved: “Dad…what should I do…”
Ye Zhongquan realized that the video call with Ye Changmin was still unavailable, so he said, “Isn’t this easy for you? Call Sihai directly and ask him to arrange a plane to pick you up.”
After speaking, Ye Zhongquan remembered something and blurted out: “By the way, Chen’er let the people under his hands release you? Then you don’t see him in person?”
“No…” Ye Changmin said angrily.
Ye Zhongquan gave a hum, and said: “In this way, you call Chen’er, tell him, and say you are leaving. Calling him is to apologize for the offense before, don’t forget to say one more thing. Having been in Jinling for so many days has also caused him trouble.”
Ye Changmin was stunned and said, “What?! Dad! He took me so badly, you let me apologize to him?”
“Also! He detained me in Jinling for so many hard days, how come it was me that caused him trouble?!”
Ye Zhongquan said coldly: “Your character really needs to be changed. When you go to Jinling this time, there are problems with many things. It is reasonable to apologize to Chen’er, and you left Chen’er with it. His senses are very bad. This may cause a big obstacle to his return to our Ye family in the future. If you don’t want to let him let go of his prejudices, don’t talk about Chen’er in the future, and I will not forgive you!”
Ye Changmin almost collapsed.
However, when she thought of Ye Zhongquan’s tone just now, she knew that if she didn’t do it, the old man would definitely not forgive herself.
So, she could only say angrily: “Okay…I will call him…”
“Well, it’s pretty much the same.” Ye Zhongquan nodded in satisfaction, and said: “Okay, so be it, I’m ready to go to the meeting.”
After speaking, the old man hung up the video.
Ye Changmin wiped away his tears, and reluctantly found Ye Chen’s mobile phone number and called him.
At this moment, Ye Chen was editing the video, and Ye Changmin’s phone suddenly called. He couldn’t help frowning, hesitated for a moment, and then connected.
Ye Changmin was even more annoyed when he heard Ye Chen’s cold voice, but he didn’t dare to make any negligence on his lips, so he could only smile and say, “Chen’er, I am your aunt…”
Ye Chen asked coldly, “What’s the matter?”
Ye Changmin hurriedly said: “My aunt called to apologize to you… This time I came to Jinling because my aunt didn’t have a good grasp of it. It caused you a lot of trouble and didn’t make you angry. I hope you can forgive my aunt this time.”
As he said, he said: “The other thing is, Auntie is going back to Yanjing tonight. This period of time is really causing you trouble.”
Ye Chen thought that this aunt would call to convince herself.
Moreover, it was after she had recovered her freedom.
It stands to reason that this aunt is unlikely to really know her mistake and repent.

Chapter: 2504
If you make this call before you regain your freedom, then 80% is to let yourself go.
However, after she regained her freedom, she called herself to subdue her, which is really weird.
Maybe it was the old man who was forced to apologize.
But Ye Chen didn’t bother to talk with her too much. After all, there was still an explosive video on hand to release, so he said lightly: “I hope you can keep a low profile in the future, don’t be so arrogant and do it for yourself.”
After speaking, he hung up the phone directly.
On the other end of the phone, Ye Changmin gritted his teeth angrily, stomping his feet, and said to himself: “Good boy, you fucking wait for me, I’ll let it out sooner or later!”
Ye Chen hung up Ye Changmin’s phone and continued to edit the video.
At this moment, he received a news feed.
When he looked at the title, he couldn’t help laughing out loud immediately.
The title is: “The Su Group suffered a series of plots. Following the disappearance of Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, Su Shoude, the vice president of the Su Group, was also kidnapped in Jinling! 》
Ye Chen clicked on this headline curiously, and found this news, it was written that Su Shoude was kidnapped and disappeared in Jinling.
In addition, the news writer also speculated that there must be an extremely powerful company, family, or organization that is deliberately launching an attack against the Su family.
First, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were kidnapped, and now it was Su Shoude who evaporated from the world. All of this came to the Su family!
He urged the majority of netizens to discern the truth and not to be misled by those who deliberately discredit the Su family on the Internet. He also kept saying that all conspiracies will eventually be shattered, and the black hands behind the scenes will eventually surface and accept the law. Sanctions.
Originally, some netizens did not believe that the Su family was really innocent.
However, when they saw the news that Su Shoude was also missing in Jinling, they changed their views.
In their view, this must be someone deliberately rectifying the Su family.
The Su family is really miserable. His daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and son have been kidnapped one after another, life and death are uncertain, and they are almost framed and mistaken for the murder of their daughter-in-law and granddaughter…
In a short period of time, the comment area was full of sympathy and support for the Su family.
When Ye Chen saw this, a smile appeared on his face.
In his opinion, the more Su family desperately seized every opportunity to cleanse, the worse it naturally fell.
But Su Chengfeng, an old dog, is really a contemporary hero.
Su Ruo is away from this granddaughter, he said that she can sell it;
Du Haiqing, this daughter-in-law, he said that he could kill by killing.
Now that his own son is missing, he has not forgotten to take this opportunity to wash the ground for the Su family. The method is really extraordinary.
However, he must have never imagined that all these efforts he made will not only help the Su Family to reverse public opinion, but will make the Su Family’s death worse!
He used ten minutes to edit all the videos.
In the past ten minutes, the Su family has bought almost all of the media software, madly pushing the press release just now, and the public opinion on the Internet has completely supported the Su family.
Ye Chen unhurriedly opened the short video platform at this time, and used the vest to upload the edited video.
He titled the video: “The Kidnapping Case of Jinling Treasure Pavilion and the Unknown Case of the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel Car Accident! 》

Chapter: 2505
At this moment, the entire network is sympathetic to the Su family’s experience, and at the same time can’t wait to find out the behind-the-scenes as soon as possible and let the whole case come to light.
However, at the moment, neither the Su family, the police, nor the majority of netizens can find any really valuable clues.
Therefore, as long as any so-called clues are released on the Internet, countless people will immediately watch.
After the video of Ye Chen was sent out, because the title mentioned the big secret, it immediately attracted many users to click.
It doesn’t matter if you look at it, the entire video is clearly and intuitively displayed in front of the audience.
In the beginning, it was the scene of a tragic car accident.
Liu Zhan died, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were seriously injured, and their lives were unclear.
Immediately afterwards, Ma Chongxin introduced himself to the camera.
He told the astounding secret that shocked everyone!
It turns out that the reason why Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu were kidnapped by Liu Zhan is not accidental at all.
All of this was instructed by Su Chengfeng, the old man of the Su family!
The reason is that he was very dissatisfied with Du Haiqing’s divorce from his son, and was even more angry about her coming to Jinling to participate in the auction.
He even killed his granddaughter!
Seeing this, all the viewers couldn’t help but have a very strong sense of disgust towards Su Chengfeng.
At this moment, Ye Chen changed his voice to question and appeared in the video.
Ye Chen questioned him, why the old dog, Su Chengfeng, created such a terrible terrorist incident for the little trouble in his family.
At this time, everyone remembered that Liu Zhan tied up explosives, rushed into the Treasure Pavilion, and shot several hostages. He was completely instigated by Su Chengfeng!
Not only were several innocent hostages killed in vain because of Su Chengfeng’s conspiracy.
More importantly, the safety of hundreds of people is always threatened by Liu Zhan’s explosives!
Almost almost led to an extremely tragic event!
And behind this, it turned out to be Su Chengfeng’s idea!
This old dog is so broken!
Immediately afterwards, everyone saw Su Shoude’s video again. Su Shoude, who was embarrassed, confessed to the camera that Su Chengfeng’s old dog was not only critical to Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu, but also Su Ruoli before it was also the cause of Su Chengfeng!
What’s even more outrageous is that Su Chengfeng, an old dog, has harmed his granddaughter and pushed Su Shoudao out of the gun. It is simply inhumane!
In an instant, all the netizens who saw this video were irritated by Su Chengfeng’s shameless behavior.
These netizens suddenly became part of the fission propaganda and forwarded this explosive video to all their relatives and friends.
In an instant, the traffic of this video skyrocketed hundreds of times!
In just 10 minutes, tens of millions of people have watched this video.
The trend of public opinion on the Internet immediately changed 360 degrees.
Netizens have used all the vicious words they can think of on the Internet to curse the old dog Su Chengfeng.
The police were distressed because they couldn’t find any relevant clues. After they discovered this video, they were immediately angry.
Just an hour ago, the public relations director of the Su Group made a special call, urging the police to solve the case as soon as possible, give the Su family an explanation, and rescue the three missing Su family as soon as possible.
The police also felt the pressure, because after all, the Su family is the most powerful family in the country. As a result, they did not expect that three members of the family had disappeared in Jinling. The pressure on the Jinling police was comparable to that of the Tokyo turmoil. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
But they didn’t expect that just as they tried their best to solve the case, such a video suddenly burst out!
It turns out that this whole thing is just the thief from the Su family shouting to catch the thief!
Su Jiakou kept saying that the police should solve the case as soon as possible, so as to give them an explanation. In fact, they were behind the scenes behind all these bloody crimes!
What’s even more unacceptable is that their own family members can’t even fight, but they chose this way to implicate several innocent hostages!
This is simply arrogant!

Chapter: 2506
The Jinling police immediately reported the situation to the higher authorities and asked the higher authorities to severely investigate and deal with it.
At this moment, Su Chengfeng, who was exhausted, just fell asleep.
A rapid knock on the door awakened him from his dream.
“Master! Master! Something has happened!”
The one who yelled at the door was the chief butler of the Su family.
Su Chengfeng opened his eyes suddenly and sat up from the bed.
At this time, his heart was very nervous, because everything that happened today was almost completely out of control for him, so that even his son was still missing, so he was afraid that he would suddenly have some other bad news.
He got up in a hurry, put on a nightgown, stepped to the door and opened it.
Outside the door, the butler’s face was pale, and his face was covered with fine beads of sweat. It could be seen that he was in a state of high tension and fear.
Su Chengfeng shook his heart, watching the posture of the butler, knowing that something very serious must have happened.
So he hurriedly asked: “What happened?!”
The butler said without tears: “Master… just a few minutes ago, someone posted a video on the short video platform. This video was shot by Ma Chongxin and the second son… ”
When Su Chengfeng heard that the video showed Ma Chongxin and his second son Su Shoude, he was panicked!
Both Ma Chongxin and Su Shoude are missing, and there are still no valuable clues.
When a video related to the two of them is exposed on the Internet, then this is definitely not easy!
So he hurriedly asked: “What video?! Let me see it!”
The butler tremblingly took out his mobile phone, opened the short video platform, and played the video that had already approached the 100 million click mark.
As soon as he saw the scene of the car accident, Su Chengfeng panicked!
When Ma Chongxin said in front of the camera that it was when Su Chengfeng wanted to kill Du Haiqing, Su Chengfeng’s face was as pale as paper!
He was emotionally out of control, and he trembled and roared: “Who actually took this?! Who took this?! I…I want to kill him! Kill his family!”
The steward said falteringly: “Master, you…you first look back…”
Su Chengfeng swallowed subconsciously and continued to look back.
At this time, Ma Chongxin pushed Su Zhiyu’s death to Su Chengfeng’s head in front of the camera.
Su Chengfeng was furious instantly!
“What nonsense is Ma Chongxin talking about?! When did I want to kill Zhiyu?! This bastard! I have raised him for so many years, and he betrayed me! I must smash him into pieces!”
“Also! The person who made this video must be the one who opposed me behind the scenes. I have to find him out anyway and kill him soon!”
The butler opened his mouth and said, “Master, the second son is also in the hands of this mysterious man!”
As soon as the voice fell, the video switched to Su Shoude’s part.
Su Shoude in the picture is so miserable.
He is a fifty-year-old middle-aged fat man, his whole body was stripped with only a pair of pants, his body was poured over with cold water, and his head was still covered with ice ball.
And his expression was even more full of fear and pleading, there was not the slightest aura of the second son of the Su family, it was completely a middle-aged iron waste.
Su Chengfeng couldn’t help feeling a little distressed.
After all, he was his own son, and after the eldest son was abandoned by himself, the second son became the best candidate for heir in his mind.
Seeing him being tortured in this way, Su Chengfeng naturally felt a sense of affection.
However, when Su Shoude in the video spoke, Su Chengfeng’s distress for him disappeared without a trace!
After a while, his whole person was almost like an erupting active volcano, roaring furiously: “This beast! He sold his father for glory! I…I…”

Chapter: 2507
Su Chengfeng was so emotional that he fell over at once, and his body fell to one side in a daze.
The butler hurriedly stepped forward to hold him and said, “Master, how are you? Nothing, right?”
Su Chengfeng was so angry that he couldn’t even speak. There was a sudden ups and downs in his chest. Seeing that he was in this state, the housekeeper hurriedly took out the walkie-talkie and shouted: “The doctor, the master is uncomfortable now, come here!”
Su Chengfeng breathed quickly, and said with difficulty, “Quick…hurry up and help me sit on the sofa…”
The housekeeper hurriedly helped him, and carefully helped him to the sofa.
After Su Chengfeng sat down, the housekeeper hurriedly helped him comb his chest and back.
At this time, the family doctor also rushed over, holding an oxygen bag and quick-acting Jiuxin pill in his hand.
The doctor and the housekeeper together, after Su Chengfeng took Suxiao Jiuxin Pill, he inhaled oxygen again, which made Su Chengfeng’s condition slightly better.
Su Chengfeng was full of anger at this time. He clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth and cursed: “This is because someone deliberately wants to fix the Su family, deliberately wants to fix me to death!”
The housekeeper hurriedly said: “Master, leave this alone. In any case, your body is the most important thing. Don’t get angry…”
Su Chengfeng said in anguish: “I’m finished, I’m all over! This video not only announces the affairs of Su Ruoli and Du Haiqing, but also puts Zhiyu on me, and Liu Zhan The account of lashing explosives into the Jumbo Pavilion and taking hostages was also counted on my head. This is…this is to make me a public enemy of the whole people!”
Thinking of this, Su Chengfeng was desperate!
He knows too well the Chinese people’s character and character of hatred and hatred.
Those stars in the entertainment industry who have all kinds of bad deeds will be resisted by the people of the whole country, not to mention that they have now stabbed such a big Louzi.
What if I have money? ?
In front of the people, the richer you are, the less you can be arrogant and do whatever you want!
Although the Su family was rich and powerful, they only dared to operate many dirty things behind their backs, and never dared to get it to the face.
Sometimes people catch some clues accidentally by the people, and a lot of money and energy must be spent on crisis public relations.
Just as many people on the Internet suspected that Su Chengfeng wanted to kill Du Haiqing, Su Chengfeng smashed hundreds of millions in a day for his own image, and washed the whole network.
The reason is also the fear of exposing oneself, provoking criticism from the people across the country.
However, Su Chengfeng couldn’t even dream that the situation he thought he had controlled would collapse completely in an instant!
The impact caused by this video right now is like a huge tsunami rushing toward the face.
In the face of catastrophes like the tsunami, human beings simply have no chance of escape.
At this moment, Shu Chengfeng is also the same, the public opinion is extremely angry, almost as dry as it is, leaving him no room for return.
Su Chengfeng said to himself in pain: “All of my previous efforts and all public relations have all been in vain…”
Speaking of this, he continued with grief and angrily: “Not only did it become a bubble, but it also had a counterproductive effect! I knew it would be today’s situation and killed me. I would not choose to start with Du Haiqing in Jinling… .. That was lifting a rock and hitting myself in the foot. I raised my machete and broke my hand…”

Chapter: 2508
The housekeeper couldn’t help sighing, “Hey! Lord, I didn’t even think that Ma Chongxin would take people to Jinling to do this thing personally, and he would be able to do it like a bird. There is also a second son, I can’t imagine, Xiao Xiao In Jinling, someone dared to attack the second son. Is he tired of his life?”
Su Chengfeng roared with his eyes cracked: “Check it out for me! Be sure to find out who is working against me! In addition, another 5 billion funds will be used for crisis public relations. Within 10 minutes, I All websites and apps must be removed from the video. At the same time, no media is allowed to express any opinions or opinions on this video!”
The butler said embarrassingly: “Master…other platforms and apps are okay, but this short video platform, that is the Ye family…”
“What is it?!” Su Chengfeng’s eyes widened and he blurted out: “This short video platform belongs to the Ye family? When did the Ye family start to enter the Internet industry?”
The butler opened his mouth and said: “In fact, the Ye family bought this short video platform several months ago. At that time, it seemed to have spent more than 80 billion.”
“However, I don’t know what exactly Ye’s purpose is to buy this short video platform.”
“Although this short video platform is very popular, because it is basically free for users, the profitability is relatively single.”
“In addition to advertising, it is to let a bunch of Internet celebrities go up to engage in live streaming sales, and then the platform will take a profit from it. The profit margin is much lower than the industry we usually engage in.
Su Chengfeng looked desperate and said, “What the hell does the Ye family do, what is it not good to buy, and this kind of online platform?! What a fucking wicked one!”
Both the Su family and the Ye family are top big families with a century-old history.
This kind of big family, like the Rothschild family, generally operates in traditional industries.
For example, the energy industry, financial industry, manufacturing industry, real estate industry and ocean shipping industry.
But the established families basically do not touch the Internet industry.
This is not to say that they are not interested in the Internet industry, but because they have been working in traditional industries for many years, and all their advantages, contacts, and resources are concentrated in traditional industries.
Moreover, the way of thinking of this kind of people is relatively conservative, so they generally do not take the initiative to do the Internet.
This is why the Internet giants all over the world are basically emerging rich. It is rare to hear of a top family with a century-old history that has created outstanding achievements in the Internet industry.
The Su family is naturally the same.
Su Chengfeng basically has no access to the Internet, so the Su family rarely does Internet business.
Therefore, he basically doesn’t know much about short video platforms. He only knows that it is a leisure platform that some young people prefer.
In his impression, the Ye family seemed to be different from the Su family.
But he really didn’t know that the Ye family actually bought the short video platform.
If the short video platform belongs to the Ye family, then the possibility of wanting Ye family to publicize this video is almost zero.
But Su Chengfeng was unwilling to give up.
He knows that the most important thing for him now is to delete this video quickly so that others can no longer watch it, and completely interrupt its spread.
So if you want to achieve this goal, you can only ask the Ye Family for help.
So he covered his chest and said with difficulty: “Go and get my phone, I want to call Ye Zhongquan!”

Chapter: 2509
After Ye Zhongquan heard the news of Su Shoude’s disappearance, he immediately summoned his sons and Tang Sihai for a meeting overnight.
In this meeting, Ye Zhongquan and his sons were very excited.
The Su family’s loss was indeed heavy this time.
The eldest son was sacrificed in the last round and the reputation of Master Su was preserved, but in a blink of an eye, the second son also folded in, which would surely make the entire Su family army upset.
Moreover, the shortage of manpower is the next most serious problem for the Su family.
But at this moment, Tang Sihai suddenly received a message, looked down at his phone, and said with excitement: “Master, it seems that someone has exposed Su’s family on a short video platform! Now the discussion among netizens is very intense!”
“Oh?!” Ye Zhongquan hurriedly asked: “What was exposed? Let me take a look!”
Tang Sihai immediately opened the short video platform, and the one that ranked first in the algorithm recommendation was the video uploaded by Ye Chen.
Everyone hurriedly gathered around, and after watching it for dozens of seconds, everyone was excited and unable to add.
After watching the video, Ye Zhongquan was a little trembling with excitement: “This…this…this is really God helping me too! God helping me too! Su Chengfeng that old immortal, not this time Was pressed to the ground and exploded with a hammer?! The Su family is over this time! Hahaha!”
Ye Chen’s uncle, Ye Changkong, couldn’t help sighing: “As soon as this video came out, the Su family basically had no room for reversal. Not only would the people across the country attack them, the police would also attack them, and the Du family would not release it. Pass them!”?
“Yeah!” Ye Changyun said with a smile: “In my opinion, it won’t be long before the strength of the Su family will be weakened in many ways. Maybe we don’t need to do anything, and we will become the first family in the country in a few days. Up!”
Ye Zhongquan nodded and said, “This time, things are extraordinary. This old thing, Su Chengfeng, dares to make fun of the lives of hundreds of people. It is impossible for the people above him to forgive him easily! This time he really got angry. Up!”
The boss, Ye Changkong, couldn’t help asking: “Dad, how do you think the above will punish the Su family?”
Ye Zhongquan said seriously: “For such a major matter, and it has caused such great public outrage, the Su family might have someone to bear criminal responsibility, otherwise it would not be easy to give the general public an explanation.”
Ye Changkong exclaimed: “Take criminal responsibility?! Could that old man Su Chengfeng go to jail?”
Ye Zhongquan shook his head and said: “Su Chengfeng is already in his seventies or eighty years old. It is basically impossible to go to jail. Even if he is sentenced, he should be executed outside prison.”
Ye Changkong asked again, “Dad, do you think Su Chengfeng will be arrested and sentenced this time?”
Ye Zhongquan smiled: “It depends on whether Su Chengfeng can find a scapegoat this time.”
Having said this, he couldn’t help but smiled sarcastically and said: “But I think that if Su Chengfeng wants to find someone to come out and take the blame, all the people cannot agree. After all, he already has a precedent for throwing the pot to Su Shoudao. In this case, even if he pushes another son out to top the bag, the people will not buy it.”
Ye Changkong smiled and said, “If you say so, then he will be doomed for Su Chengfeng this time.”
Ye Zhongquan nodded and said, “This time it must be impossible for him to want to dump me, but you also know that this kind of thing was not killed by him. Besides, Liu Zhan is also dead. There is no evidence for this kind of thing now. Su Chengfeng quibbled at that time and said that he just wanted Liu Zhan to help teach Du Haiqing, and he did not instruct Liu Zhan to kill. Then it is impossible to directly convict him of intentional homicide.”
After speaking, Ye Zhongquan added: “After all, the Su family still has strong strength. Su Chengfeng must have a way to help himself out of crime and reduce punishment as much as possible. In addition, he is indeed very old. He may really be sentenced to a felony, so I estimate that he is likely to be sentenced to a serious crime and then sentenced to a few years in prison. He is indeed very old. When the time comes, he will apply for another sentence outside prison. Even if it passes.”
Ye Changkong couldn’t help sighing with emotion: “Hey! If Liu Zhan died, it would be fine. If he was captured alive, and then let him tell the truth in court, then Su Chengfeng would not be able to escape death.”
Ye Zhongquan smiled slightly: “Chang Kong, you, you are still too naive in front of Su Chengfeng.”
Ye Changkong asked puzzledly: “Dad, what do you mean by this?”
Ye Zhongquan said lightly: “If Liu Zhan really died, Su Chengfeng might have escaped the country overnight!”

Chapter: 2510
“How can a person like him allow himself to stay in the country and become a prisoner?”
“You have to know that he has not been able to live for more than ten years. If he is sentenced to more than 10 years in prison, he can only die in prison in this life!”
“In that case, why not just escape?”
“As long as he escapes, with his asset level, he can live extremely richly anywhere in the world!”
“If it’s a big deal, I will give up the position of Su Family Patriarch, and then I will retire early and enjoy more than ten years of life in his later years.”
“After he dies, let his family transport his body back to the country and bury it in the ancestral grave of the Su family. It is considered the fallen leaves to return to their roots. In this case, there is no need to sit in prison all day.
Ye Changkong realized this when he heard this.
So, he said with some embarrassment: “Dad, you still think more comprehensively…”
Ye Zhongquan sighed softly, and said in his heart: “I have to say that my sons and Changying are really smart. The remaining three are really lacklustre.”
Just as he sighed deep in his heart, his cell phone suddenly rang.
As Ye Zhongquan, there may not be more than 10 people who know his mobile phone number and can call him directly except for his family.
So at the moment the phone rang, he was somewhat surprised.
Looking down, Ye Zhongquan suddenly laughed.
“Haha! Su Chengfeng turned out to be calling, this old guy, who called me so late, I don’t know what the idea was!”
Several other people were immediately curious.
You know, the Su family and the Ye family have almost no contact, especially the Patriarch of the two families, who regard each other as a thorn in the eye.
Some of the previous negotiations on the division of territories were not discussed by the two in person, but were handed over to their own next generation.
Now, Su Chengfeng suddenly called Ye Zhongquan, and everyone was very curious about what Su Chengfeng wanted to do.
Ye Zhongquan answered the phone and turned on the speaker. Su Chengfeng’s voice immediately came from the other end of the phone: “Oh, Brother Ye! I haven’t seen you for many days. I don’t know what Brother Ye is up to lately?”
Ye Zhongquan snorted and said with a smile: “Oh, Su Chengfeng, don’t engage in polite greetings anymore at this time, just tell me what’s the matter.”
Su Chengfeng hesitated for a moment, and then he said: “Okay! Since Brother Ye is so refreshing, then I won’t have more ink with you. I called, hoping that Brother Ye can do me a favor!”
Ye Zhongquan smiled and said, “Ask me for help? What can I do for you?”
Su Chengfeng sighed and said seriously: “Brother Ye, I know how much I have offended in the past, but this time, I did have a little trouble, so I hope you can ignore the predecessors and help me put you on the short video platform. On, that video about our Su family was completely deleted.”
Ye Zhongquan pretended to be surprised and said, “Oh, you want me to delete that video?”
“Yes!” Su Chengfeng said hurriedly, “I don’t know if Brother Ye can help? If you can, Brother Ye can make a price!”
Ye Zhongquan smiled and exaggerated: “Oh, Su Chengfeng, let me just say something to my heart, you are thinking of eating ass!”

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