The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1721-1730

Chapter: 1721
Father Su’s thinking was deeply influenced by his father.
The old man’s father fought a war back then. The battlefield is different from the shopping mall. The battlefield is always desperate, so his business philosophy is also very simple. As long as he is his opponent, he must go to death.
Choose one between the Ito family and the Takahashi family, and then kill the other. In the eyes of Mr. Su, it is like going to sea. There are two boats on the shore, but only one is needed. Then what should I do at this time? ?
Ordinary people randomly choose one that is pleasing to the eye, and then board the ship and set sail;
After detailed research, smart people choose a ship with the strongest overall performance;
The clever ruthless man will choose the one with the strongest overall performance, and then scuttle the other before sailing.
The reason for this is that if you simply choose one ship to ride, the remaining ship will become a huge hidden danger.
Competitors may ride that ship to catch up, and finally leave themselves hidden.
Therefore, if you choose one to ride and scuttle another, you don’t have to worry about your opponent being able to catch up with you.
When the time comes, the opponent can only sigh on the beach, being left behind by himself.
This routine is simple and rude, but also very effective. Remember to read in one second
Su Shoudao, and even Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, were born in peaceful times. After living in peaceful times for too long, gradually, they lost the bloodiness of the older generation.
However, when Su Shoudao said the father’s decision, Su Zhiyu was the first to react.
She said with some enlightenment: “Dad, grandpa’s strategy is wonderful! This will not only break the road of the Ye family, but also increase our influence in Japan. I was still worried before, the Takahashi family and the Ito family Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. No matter which one you choose, it is a pity to give up the other. If you win over one of them and then work together to swallow the other, it would be perfect!”
Su Shoudao said, “Knowing the wrongs and knowing the fish, you two must remember that the biggest enemy of the Su family in the past, present, and the next ten years is the Ye family!”
“Therefore, no matter what field we are involved in in the future, we must also call the same principle: if the Ye family is also in this field, then the first priority is to kill the Ye family; if the Ye family has not entered this field yet, then we will We must do our best to prevent the Ye family from coming in!”
“Although the Anti-Leaf Alliance of the year is gone, we still have to beat the Ye Family to death. Only in this way can we prevent the Ye Family from taking the lead and forming an Anti-Soviet Alliance to deal with us. Understand?”
The two brothers and sisters said at the same time: “Understand!”
Su Shoudao nodded and continued: “You have to think more, not only about your grandfather’s strategic layout, but also about his tactical arrangements. The older generations said that shopping malls were like battlefields. At that time, shopping malls were based on the degree of cruelty. , Not lost to the battlefield. But the world has been at peace for decades since World War II. People have been at ease for too long, and their bloodliness has become weaker and weaker. The gap between the market and the battlefield has become larger and larger… …”
Su Zhiyu said earnestly: “Dad, you are right. Brother and I will try to make up for blood and wolf nature!”
The Su Shoudao in the video nodded and said admiringly: “The future of the Su family will ultimately belong to your generation. If the two of you can find the bloody nature of your ancestors, the Su family will no longer be just one. Extravagant hope!”
Let the Su family stand on top of the world, this sentence has been lingering in Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei’s ears from this moment on.
However, Su Zhifei didn’t know, at this moment, on the wall outside his room, like a gecko, clinging to a dark figure.
This figure was holding a special sound amplifier for spies, and recorded all the voices of their family of three video conferences.

Chapter: 1722
And this figure is the ninjutsu master of the Takahashi family, Teng Lin Zhengzhe.
Maki Takahashi learned that he happened to be at the Aman Hotel, so he asked him to monitor Su Zhifei. As Party A and Party B who are about to start negotiations on cooperation, if they can know the other party’s cards and low prices in advance, it is absolutely no disadvantage. of.
In business negotiations, the biggest fear is to miss the cards.
This is the same as the poker table.
When you are playing gold with someone, if you can know the opponent’s card, then you will never lose, even if the card is not better than the opponent, you can get out early.
If you can know your opponent’s cards, then you will never be scammed by the opponent. If the opponent holds a small hand that pretends to be momentum and delusions, you can see through it at a glance.
In many cases, you obviously have the biggest card in the game, but you can’t make any money. The reason is that you can’t guess the opponent’s hole cards and your psychological quality is not strong enough, so you are scared by the opponent’s bluff and leave the game early.
Therefore, Maki Takahashi is particularly eager to see Su’s hole cards.
However, when Teng Lin Zhengzhe sent him the recording, he was scared into a cold sweat by the recording!
It turns out that Su’s hole card is not just a good card, if it is a killing card!
Especially the strategy of Mr. Su. If you choose Takahashi, you will kill Ito; if you choose Ito, you will kill Takahashi… First URL
Maki Takahashi felt a bit cold in his back, and sat down on a chair alone, muttering in his heart: “That old man from the Su family is just a fucking old beast!”
“Frankly speaking, I have been fighting with the Ito family for so many years, and I never thought of destroying the other party. It is enough to step on him and beat him…”
“But this old man Su is so cruel that he has to kill his own family, or the Ito family, just to cut off his competitors’ retreat?!”
“More importantly, I have no choice at all! If I was selected by the Su family and the Su family asked me to join them to kill the Takahashi family, can I refuse? If I refuse, he will turn his head and go to the Ito family. Kill me together…”
Thinking of this, Takahashi was wiping his sweat while making up his mind. In any case, he must cooperate with the Su family! Never let the Su family and the Ito family come together, otherwise, you will be yourself!
The main reason why Takahashi Maki is so afraid is because the strength of the Takahashi family is still too far behind the Su family.
In recent years, the form of international economic development has almost been the rapid growth of China, while other countries have either stagnated or retreated without advancing.
Japan is the one that does not advance or retreat.
Over the years, Japan’s gpd has not increased but declined. In 2011, it was still able to reach US$6 trillion. As a result, when it bottomed out in 2018, it was only more than US$4 trillion.
With the receding of Japan’s economic development, these families in Japan have also suffered heavy losses. The current strength has been left behind by China’s top families. It is almost impossible to compete with China’s top families.
So, Takahashi Zhenzhi had an idea in his heart.
He decided that he would do everything possible to attack the Ito family like the Su family attacked the Ye family!
If the Su family wants to scuttle the Ye family’s boat, they must scuttle the Ito family’s boat!

Chapter: 1723
When Machi Takahashi made a decision in his heart, the operation of his son Eiji Takahashi had also been completed.
Seeing his son, who had his arms in cast, was pushed out of the operating room by the doctor, Takahashi’s heart twitched.
He wished to smash the body of the bastard who injured his son immediately.
But after thinking about it carefully, the most important thing now is to settle down the cooperation with the Su family, otherwise, if the Su family cooperates with the Ito family, the unlucky one will be yourself.
So he didn’t dare to cause any trouble at this time, so he could only choose to forbear it temporarily.
Fortunately, Teng Lin Zhengzhe has found the trace of the other party and is keeping a close eye on the other party. Therefore, he believes that this person has already pierced his wings and cannot escape. When will he die? It is a matter of time.
Takahashi Eiji had local anesthesia in his arms, so his brain consciousness was still clear. Seeing his father waiting outside the operating room, he was moved and aggrieved, and tears immediately shed.
“My father, Yingji is not filial, which is causing you trouble!”
Maki Takahashi waved his hand and sighed: “You can’t be blamed for this matter. You can take a good rest these two days. When your condition stabilizes, I will take you home for a good rest.”
Takahashi Eiji nodded quickly.
Children always realize the warmth of home after being injured outside. Remember to read in one second
Now Eiji Takahashi just wants to go home and lick the wound.
At this moment, someone rushed over and respectfully said to Takahashi Machichi: “Chairman, Ito Yuhiko sent flowers and fruit baskets to express condolences…”
“Ito Yuhiko?!” When Machi Takahashi heard these four words, his brows instantly frowned.
Immediately, he yelled coldly: “Huh! Based on what I know about Ito Yuihiko, the bastard, he is sending flowers and fruit baskets now. He must have come to mock me and watch my jokes! Last time his daughter was seriously injured after the game in China. When I returned to China and was treated in Tokyo, I also gave him flowers and fruit baskets to laugh at him. I didn’t expect that he would find him back so soon!”
Takahashi Eiji, with his arms in plaster, said angrily, “Dad! Ito Yuhiko, that bastard, is a must-see for himself! The flowers and fruit baskets you sent to the hospital last time were all said to have been thrown into him. Trash can, this time he did exactly what he did, making it clear that he had deliberately slapped his face! This time I lost such a big face, I don’t know how this bastard will humiliate me in the future!”
Maki Takahashi smiled awkwardly and comforted: “Son, you don’t need to be so angry. Maybe Ito Yuihiko doesn’t mean anything else, just want to express condolences?”
Takahashi Eiji asked him back: “Dad, do you believe this? His daughter was injured. What kind of mentality did you send flowers and fruit baskets? Isn’t it for mocking and watching a good show?”
Takahashi Machi sneered: “You are right, I was indeed trying to mock him…”
Takahashi Eiji said with a sad face: “The video of Ito Nanako’s injury was spread all over Japan, but the people of Japan respect her and love her very much. Numerous fans are still launching activities to protect her and pray for her online. But I was injured this time, and all Japan is laughing at me. I am embarrassed this time…”
With that, Eiji Takahashi couldn’t think about it, and cried uncontrollably.
It’s no wonder that he is too fragile. After all, he was a Japanese national husband before, and countless women are crazy about him and call him husband on the Internet.
Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, he would be beaten to death in front of the people of the whole country.
This incident can be said to have lost face for a lifetime.
Moreover, it is almost impossible to get the face back again.

Chapter: 1724
Even if he really killed Ye Chen, it was useless. After all, the horror of his beating was already known to the Japanese, and it was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
Machi Takahashi’s expression was also ugly, and when he was thinking of how to comfort his son, his cell phone rang suddenly.
Maki Takahashi took out his mobile phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar number, so he pressed it to answer.
Immediately afterwards, Ito Yuhiko’s voice came from the other end of the phone.
“Oh, Brother Takahashi, I heard that Lord Ling was beaten in Tokyo today?”
Ito Yuihiko’s voice seemed to be somewhat concerned at first, but anyone with a little bit of brain could hear it. This voice was simply sarcasm.
Takahashi Machi said with a black face: “Ito, I remember that I saved your phone number, why? You changed it?”
“No.” Ito said with a smile: “My mobile phone number is still the same as before. I am using my assistant’s mobile phone. I am not afraid to call you with my own mobile phone. You see my name. Sorry to pick it up! Hahaha!”
Machi Takahashi’s expression went dark immediately.
Ito Yuihiko was right. If he knew it was his call, he would not answer it.
Unexpectedly, this dog was so damaged, so he changed his mobile phone number and called, just to mock himself on the phone? First URL
Seeing that Takahashi really didn’t speak, Ito Yuhiko immediately smiled and said, “Oh, Takahashi, why don’t you speak anymore? Do you think that his son is so humiliated at the door of his house that he is really a little embarrassed?”
Takahashi was a little bit intolerable, and asked, “Ito, what’s the matter with you? If it’s okay, I’m going to hang up!”
“Don’t!” Ito said with a smile: “Takahashi, I called, mainly because you and your son felt worthless! You see, it was also injured. When my daughter was injured, all of Japan was there. Comfort her and encourage her, but after your son was injured, the whole Japan laughed at him, and the netizens are really disgusting. How can you make such a difference, right?”
Takahashi gritted his teeth angrily and said coldly: “Ito Yuhiko, how far are you fucking for me! Don’t let me see you again!”
When I heard Takahashi’s swearing, he smiled a little, and said happily: “Takahashi, there is an idiom in China to describe you now. It is perfect. Do you know what it is?”
Maki Takahashi scolded, “I don’t want to know, you go to Laozi!”
After speaking, Maki Takahashi hung up the phone!
However, not long after the call was hung up, he received a message on his cell phone.
The content of the message is: “Brother Takahashi, don’t blame the brother for not reminding you, you really have to change your temper in the future, otherwise, you will easily suffer the loss your son just suffered! Yingji is young, he has broken two An arm is nothing, but if you get older, if you break both arms, you may not be able to recover in your life!”
Seeing this, Takahashi was really furious.
At this time, the phone received another text message.
It was sent by Takehiko Ito: “Oh, yes, the Chinese idiom used to describe you can’t be more appropriate is: Gou jumps over the wall!”
Takahashi was furious and had nowhere to vent. He suddenly slammed the phone to the ground and broke it to pieces. He scolded hysterically, “Ito Takehiko, you damn bastard! I really know that Takahashi will not avenge this revenge. ”
At this moment, in Takahashi’s heart, for the first time, he was murderous against Ito Yuhiko!

Chapter: 1725
For so many years, Takahashi Machi and Ito Yuhiko have been fighting over and under.
It can be said that over the years, the two have regarded each other as their biggest competitors.
However, Jin Nao Takahashi and Ito Yuhiko are only in their fifties this year. They were both born in the most desolate and least self-confident years in post-war Japan, and they have been growing up peacefully. Therefore, they are not in the past. The blood and wolf nature of the older generation.
Therefore, the two sides have been fighting for so many years, and they are only competing in the commercial field. No one has ever thought about killing the other party to death.
This is like the boss of Ali and the boss of Tencent. Although they compete fiercely in different fields all day long, everyone still abides by laws and regulations very much.
Even if they are upset with each other in their hearts, the minimum politeness and rules can be guaranteed by everyone.
This is the phrase often said on the Internet: “He is grinning on his face, and I am in my heart.”
However, after eavesdropping on the video conference of Su’s family, Takahashi was shocked, and at the same time he felt the vigilance of Daigo’s enlightenment!
At that moment, his whole person suddenly opened up!
Now he doesn’t want to use the previous law-abiding model to compete with Ito Takehiko.
He now hopes that Ito Takehiko will disappear from this world! First URL
To be more precise, he hopes that the entire Ito family will disappear from this world!
In that way, the Takahashi family would have no obstacles or stumbling blocks in Japan!
In Takahashi’s mind, a death list has been placed.
The first on this list of deaths is Takehiko Ito;
The second place was Ye Chen, who had abolished his son’s arms.
He thought it was easy to kill Ye Chen, but it was difficult to kill Ito Takehiko.
Because Ye Chen is just a martial arts master from China, and has been locked by the ninjutsu master sent by him, he can kill him at any time.
However, it is not so easy to kill Ito Yuhiko.
After all, the Ito family has also been cultivating in Japan for many years, and the strength is comparable to that of the Takahashi family. They also have complete security personnel at ordinary times. More importantly, he has a high social status in Japan. I want to kill him. , Never directly use force, otherwise it is very likely to cause trouble for yourself.
Therefore, the best solution is to join forces with a more powerful family to continuously suppress the strength of the Ito family, first knock him out of the top family in Japan, and when he becomes a second-rate or third-rate family, everyone will treat his life and death. He doesn’t care so much, and his overall strength will drop sharply.
It was easy to take his life at that time.
Therefore, if you want to kill Ito Takehiko, you must join forces with the Su family.
In the final analysis, this cooperation with the Su family, in his view, can only succeed and not fail.

Teng Lin Zhengzhe and his three junior brothers lurked all night in their respective locations.

Chapter: 1726
That night, the four of them took two-by-two shifts, with another person watching every four hours to ensure that all four of them could get some rest.
They thought everything they did was perfect, but they didn’t know that everything was under Ye Chen’s control.
The reason why Ye Chen didn’t do any performance was mainly because he wanted to make plans first, and at the same time, he didn’t try to get rid of it.
He doesn’t want to do anything to these ninjas in Tokyo, mainly because he will go to several cities next. If the Takahashi family’s ninjas are killed now, then the Takahashi family will definitely stick to them like dog skin plasters. Will bring a lot of inconvenience and trouble to myself.
Instead of this, it’s better to let these four ninjas follow them all the time, and then find opportunities to defeat them one by one.
Eight o’clock in the morning.
Ye Chen got up to wash, and after breakfast, Chen Zekai’s motorcade was ready downstairs.
Paul’s work has ended, so Ye Chen arranged for him to return to Jinling first, so as not to delay other work in his law firm.
After the convoy sent Paul away, it carried Ye Chen, Hong Wu, Wei Liang, Chen Zekai, Kobayashi Ichiro and others, and left Tokyo directly for Yokohama.
Teng Lin Zhengzhe and his younger brother followed along in two commercial vehicles. Originally thought that Ye Chen was just coming to the airport to see Paul off, but unexpectedly, the convoy did not return to downtown Tokyo, but went directly to Yokohama.
So he immediately called Shinji Takahashi and reported Ye Chen’s departure from Tokyo. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Maki Takahashi instructed him to continue to follow, not to act rashly for the time being.
At the same time, Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu had a formal meeting with Takahashi Zhenzhi.
They met in the property owned by the Takahashi family in Ginza, Tokyo, and Takahashi enthusiastically invited the two to sit in his office.
Afterwards, he said very religiously: “I wanted to have a simple exchange with the two yesterday, but I didn’t expect the accident happened to the dog, so I neglected the two, and please forgive me.”
As the eldest son of the Su family, Su Zhifei took the initiative to smile and said: “Mr. Takahashi is too polite. I don’t know what happened to Lord Ling’s injury?”
Maki Takahashi sighed and said, “He received surgery on his arms and was also put on a cast. It may take some time to recover.”
Su Zhifei nodded gently, and said politely: “It’s a pity that Linglang will encounter such a thing. If Mr. Takahashi needs our Su family’s help, please don’t hesitate to speak, we will definitely go all out!”
Although Takahashi really knew that Su Zhifei was only polite to himself, he still said gratefully: “Thank you, Master Su for your concern!”
Su Zhifei smiled and said: “Mr. Takahashi does not have to be so polite. If our two can finally reach a cooperation, then we are each other’s strategic partners. Our Su family attaches great importance to strategic partners, and I communicated with my father last night. On the phone, he is also very concerned about Linglang’s body, and he has repeatedly asked you whether it is useful to Su’s family. If the Japanese orthopedic doctor is not good enough, he can send several orthopedic experts from Yanjing.”
Maki Takahashi said flatteredly: “Thank you so much, Mr. Su, if there is such a need, I will speak to you at that time!”
After talking, Takahashi sighed: “The Su family’s sincere attitude towards its partners makes the Su family admire, and at the same time more fascinated. If there is a chance to reach a strategic cooperation with the Su family, the Takahashi family will definitely go all out and never disappoint Su. Home’s expectations!”
Su Zhifei nodded lightly and smiled: “That’s good! In that case, let’s talk about the details of cooperation next.”
Jinzhi Takahashi suddenly spoke with a cold face at this time: “Master Su, Miss Su, before we start talking, I want to give our cooperation a temporary precondition!”
Su Zhiyu frowned: “Mr. Takahashi, temporarily increase the conditions, some are not suitable, right?”
Takahashi said sincerely: “Ms. Su, the condition of Xia is not to raise the price from the Su family, but to ask the Su family to agree to the Xia and cooperating with Xia to help the Xia eradicate the Ito family!”

Chapter: 1727
As soon as Takahashi’s words were spoken, Su Zhiyu couldn’t help frowning.
She couldn’t help but wonder: “Yesterday my dad just said in a video conference that he would unite one of them and kill the other. Why did Takahashi take the initiative to take the initiative and join us to kill the Ito family?! Isn’t it a coincidence? Is it true that Takahashi tapped the video conference of their family of three last night?”
Su Zhiyu felt that his speculation was not impossible.
She thought to herself: “Although the bodyguards who accompanied her had been tested when she checked into the hotel yesterday and confirmed that there were no bugs and cameras in the room, this is after all in Tokyo, in the site of Takahashi Zhenzhi. If he wants to find a way , It should not be difficult to eavesdrop on me and my brother…”
Su Zhifei also had some surprises, and doubted whether it was tapped by Takahashi.
However, Su Zhifei couldn’t communicate with his sister because Maki Takahashi was right in front of her, so he winked her.
Su Zhiyu nodded quietly, and then asked Maki Takahashi with a calm expression: “Mr. Takahashi, why are you completely eradicating the Ito family?”
Takahashi said furiously: “That damn Ito Yuhiko has been working against me. If it’s just normal business competition, it doesn’t matter, but he has risen to the level of personality insult to me and my family!”
With that said, Takahashi Maki told the story of Yuhiko Ito sending flowers and fruit baskets yesterday and calling to mock him.
After speaking out of righteous indignation, he still scolded in annoyance: “This Ito Yuhiko, joking with my son, and ridiculing it all, is too much! So when I was in the hospital yesterday, I had made up my mind. , There is him without me, there is me without him!”
Takahashi is not stupid. He knows that if he rashly offered to join forces with the Su family to destroy the Ito family, the Su family would doubt whether they were being monitored. First URL
Therefore, when he mentioned Ito Takehiko, he deliberately exaggerated his words, and the whole person was particularly angry. The whole performance can be said to have reached the acting skills of a powerful actor.
What he thought was that if the Su family really believed his words, then instead of suspecting that they had been eavesdropped on, they would feel more like their natural allies.
In this way, he will definitely become the best candidate for cooperation in the eyes of the Su family.
Su Zhiyu was indeed relieved when he heard this.
Obviously, she did believe what Takahashi said.
Because all this sounds so natural.
Machi Takahashi’s son was injured, and at the same time he became a laughing stock in Japan. This in itself already made him very irritated. At this time, Ito Yuhiko came to add fuel to the fire, teased him, and irritated him.
Thinking of this, she smiled slightly and said to Takahashi Machichi: “Mr. Takahashi, let’s talk about cooperation first. As for the matter you just said, if the cooperation itself is okay and everyone can reach an agreement. , This matter can also be discussed.”
Maki Takahashi immediately said excitedly: “That’s really great! Don’t worry, Miss Su, I have shown 200% sincerity this time. I believe the Takahashi family must be the best choice for the Su family!”

When Maki Takahashi negotiated with Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu in detail, Ye Chen and his party had arrived in Yokohama and went straight to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s production base in Yokohama.
Qin Gang’s medicinal materials had also been delivered two hours ago.
Therefore, Ichiro Kobayashi and Wei Liang began to organize workers at the Yokohama production base to conduct trial production of Jiugenweisan.
The trial production went very smoothly. At four o’clock in the afternoon, the first batch of qualified Jiuxuanwei powder was produced in batches from the assembly line.
Afterwards, Ye Chen and his party immediately drove to Nagoya, the most important city in central Japan.
When I arrived in Nagoya, it was late.

Chapter: 1728
Chen Zekai had already booked the best hotels in Nagoya for everyone in Japan.
Ye Chen could also detect that the four ninjas who had been following him had followed him all the way to this hotel.
After Ye Chen and others checked in, Teng Lin Zhengzhe, headed by the four ninjas, also brought the other three to the front desk of the hotel.
They booked two rooms on the same floor as Ye Chen.
Moreover, they are very clever to book four different rooms, these four areas are next to two elevators, and the escape stairs at both ends.
Japan is a country prone to earthquakes, so when designing their buildings, they fully considered the issue of escape.
A building with two sets of escape stairs is really rare in other places.
The reason why they want to arrange the room in this way is that they can firmly control Ye Chen’s every move, so that it will be convenient for them to monitor.
As for why not live directly around Ye Chen, it was mainly because the rooms around Ye Chen were all covered by Chen Zekai’s men.
Not long after Ye Chen rested in the room, he noticed that the breath of the four people was getting closer and closer. After knowing that they were also living on this floor, Ye Chen had a plan in his heart.
Tonight, he wants to try the depth of these Japanese ninjas first. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At dinner, Chen Zekai’s men, Zhang Luo and everyone ate the most distinctive local eel rice at the most famous restaurant in Nagoya.
After dinner, Hong Wu proposed to go to Nagoya’s Rong Business District together. Ye Chen deliberately said: “You go, I want to walk around alone.”
Hong Wu hurriedly said: “Master Ye, we are not familiar with this place in life, you should not act alone, or say where you want to go, we will accompany you together.”
Chen Zekai nodded again and again: “Yeah, Master Ye, let’s stay with you!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said with a smile: “No one in Nagoya knows me, what are you worried about? Besides, I think I still have some ability to protect myself, so you don’t have to worry about it.”
When Chen Zekai heard this, he knew that Ye Chen would not let everyone follow him, so he respectfully said: “Master Ye, don’t go too far. If you need anything, remember to call us!”
Ye Chen nodded: “Okay, you play yours.”
After speaking, Ye Chen walked away alone.
At this time, in a car across the street, Teng Lin Zhengzhe’s junior asked him: “Brother, do you want to follow him?”
Teng Lin Zhengzhe sneered and said, “He has already checked in at the hotel, and he will definitely go back. He won’t run away.”
Another junior asked: “Brother, do you mean you don’t need to follow?”
Teng Lin Zhengzhe said: “The follower still needs to follow, I promised Mr. Takahashi not to let him leave the control area, so let the fourth child follow it by himself, the second child and the third child follow me back to the hotel, while they haven’t gone back. , Let’s put a bug in their room quickly.”
A man in his thirties sitting in the back row immediately said: “Okay brother, I will follow him!”
Teng Lin Zhengzhe gave a hum, and said: “You can follow him as far away as possible, but don’t lose it. If there is any abnormality, call in time, do you understand?”
“Understood brother!”

Chapter: 1729
The reason why Ye Chen wanted to leave Chen Zekai and Hong Wu aside was to find a chance to act alone, so as to try to track his Japanese ninja, how many catties there are.
Moreover, he knew very well in his heart that since the other party had followed him to the hotel, he would definitely think that no matter where he went now, he would definitely return to the hotel.
Therefore, there is a high probability that they will not follow themselves with four people.
It’s not that Ye Chen was afraid of the other party’s group, but he felt that there were only four people who followed all the way from Tokyo. If they were all alone, Takahashi Zhenzhi might have no one to use.
If you solve all your opponents in one go, the rest of your time in Japan will be boring.
Therefore, Ye Chen hopes to give them a “break down one by one.”
Only by destroying them one by one can they continue to increase the opponent’s fear, and it can continue to increase Takahashi’s fear.
When leaving the hotel, Ye Chen had already noticed that the other party only sent one person to follow him in secret this time.
So, he planned to take this single guy first.
The guy who was alone, named Tenglin Qingtian, was a distant relative of the Tenglin family. He learned ninjutsu from Tenglin Zhengzhe’s father when he was young, so he was commensurate with Tenglin Zhengzhe’s brother.
Among the four brothers of Tenglin Zhengzhe, although Tenglin Qingtian’s strength is not the strongest, but his talent is extremely high, especially very good at concealment and tracking. He debuted for many years and has never been escaped by the other no matter who is being tracked . First URL
Tenglin Qingtian followed Ye Chen all the way, and followed Ye Chen away from the downtown area and a residential area with a high density of living. The distance from Ye Chen was always between one hundred and two hundred meters.
His figure is very hidden, and his aura is very well controlled. People with less strength may not notice that he has been eyeing him.
After leaving the city, Ye Chen went straight to a park by the river.
As it was already night, the weather was cold, and it was in the suburbs, the park was empty.
Seeing Ye Chen entered the park, followed his Tenglin Qingtian all the way, he did not hesitate to follow him.
But what made him dream of was that Ye Chen, who had been under his nose, suddenly disappeared after entering the park!
As a master of ninjutsu all year round, Tenglin Qingtian’s sense of hearing, sight, smell and touch are much more sensitive than ordinary people. He can hear sounds that ordinary people can’t hear; he can also see things that ordinary people can’t see.
His most powerful thing is that he is beyond ordinary hearing.
Ninja tracking in the middle of the night relies on hearing the most.
Tenglin Qingtian can hear the sound of crickets crawling in the grass and the movement of ants crawling out of the cave within a radius of two to three hundred meters.
Because of such a good hearing, he can hear everyone’s breathing and heartbeat clearly within a radius of 500 meters.
When a person is hiding, he can stay still or talk, but breathing and heartbeat can’t be avoided anyway. Therefore, it is impossible for ordinary people to escape the surveillance of Tenglin Qingtian.
However, Ye Chen, who was still within his sight and hearing just now, suddenly disappeared without a trace, no footsteps, no breathing, and no heartbeat!
It’s not difficult to hold your breath for a short time, but you can’t make your heart stop beating, right? This is obviously beyond human control!
This made Tenglin Qingtian suddenly nervous.
Because he realized that this thing is unusual!
He immediately suppressed his breath to the extreme with extreme vigilance, and then remained motionless, carefully listening to the surrounding sounds.
At the same time, he has pulled out two dark shurikens from his arms.
The shuriken is one of the most commonly used weapons for Japanese ninjas. The length of this weapon is about fifteen centimeters, with symmetrical blades on both sides and a short grip, which looks like a dagger.

Chapter: 1730
However, the use of this shuriken is quite different from that of a dagger.
The use of daggers is mostly piercing and cutting, but the use of shuriken is throwing.
It can be said that the use of shuriken is similar to Li Xunhuan’s Xiao Li Fei Dao in martial arts novels.
If Chinese martial arts emphasizes an uprightness, then Japanese ninjutsu is sinister and vicious.
Ninjas don’t like to compete face-to-face with their opponents. They like to injure people with dark arrows. It is best if the opponent doesn’t find themselves until death. This is the ultimate ninja pursues.
They like to use weapons like shurikens, darts, and blow arrows, and they will smear highly toxic substances on the sharp blades, so as to ensure that as long as their opponents are broken by the sharp blades, they will be over.
One minute later, Tenglin Qingtian still did not catch any movement of Ye Chen!
His hearing covers almost the entire park, and he can also conclude that there is only him alive in this park.
Teng Lin Qingtian couldn’t help but wonder: “Where did the Chinese go? Did he escape or hide?!”
“If he escaped, how did he manage to escape in an instant? Could he fail to transfer in an instant? Or did I not pay attention to being distracted and let him slip away?”
“If it is hidden, then how did he manage to stay silent for a minute? It’s understandable to control his breathing, but it’s a bit unrealistic to control his heartbeat?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
If it is the former, most of the responsibility lies with me. I can’t find the other party. I should go back and report the penalty and pay more attention next time.
But if it is the latter, then the strength of this person is simply unfathomable!
Thinking of this, a cold sweat broke out behind him!
As a result, Tenglin Qingtian gripped the shuriken tighter, and slowly turned his body silently under his feet, carefully staring at the surroundings, for fear that the other party would suddenly appear.
After watching two laps, he was a little relieved to make sure that there were no ghosts around.
When he was about to leave here quickly, he suddenly felt that someone patted his left shoulder lightly!
At this moment, his whole body was frightened and his hair exploded, and the whole person turned around like crazy, and the two poisoned shurikens were thrown out behind him with a scream.
However, the sword in the two hands didn’t hit any target. After flying tens of meters away, it was firmly nailed to the wall!
Damn it!
People? !
Tenglin Qingtian was shocked, but he didn’t dare to delay his hands. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he took out two swords from the cowhide cover on his waist!
Tenglin Qingtian, holding a shuriken, shouted with fear: “Who is it?! Get out of me quickly!”
At this time, he felt that his right shoulder was tapped twice!
At this moment, Tenglin Qingtian almost freaked out!
He took a violent step forward when he was crazy, and at the same time turned his head angrily, and threw the sword in both hands again!
However, this time it was still empty!
Behind him, he couldn’t even see a ghost!
Tenglin Qingtian was shocked, and hurriedly took out the last two swords in his hands.
At this moment, he heard a man behind him sneered and sneered: “It seems that Japanese ninjas are nothing more than that! It’s really disappointing!”

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