The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1831-1840

Chapter: 1831
Su Shoudao frowned when he heard this.
He was naturally not satisfied with Ito’s plan.
However, he also knew that Yuihiko Ito had just amputated his limbs. To put it awkwardly, the blood scabs on the wounds are still fresh. At this time, it is indeed unrealistic for him to immediately push such a large cooperation forward.
Moreover, Ito’s daughter seems to be very young, about the same age as his daughter Su Zhiyu.
In this case, it is really difficult for him to draw conclusions immediately and move forward.
So, Su Shoudao said seriously: “Mr. Ito really needs to take a good rest during this time. As for the specific cooperation matters, when you are discharged from the hospital, I will come again. Then I will visit the mansion and talk about the details of the cooperation. how is it?”
Yuhiko Ito nodded readily and smiled: “When the lower body recovers, if Mr. Su comes to Tokyo, he will definitely host a banquet!”
Su Shoudao smiled slightly, and said, “Then I’ll bother Mr. Ito.”
He said, “By the way, Mr. Ito, I have one more thing to remind you of friendship.”
Ito Yuihiko hurriedly said, “Mr. Su, please speak.”
Su Shoudao said: “As far as I know, the Ye family of Yanjing also wants to follow our steps and take the development route of ocean shipping. If I am not wrong, they should also want to contact you here and talk about it. Project cooperation.” [Read Novels here : ]
After a pause, Su Shoudao said, “However, the strength of the Ye family is far worse than ours, so I suggest that Mr. Ito doesn’t have to consider them, as long as he concentrates on raising his body. Comprehensive cooperation must be the best choice.”
Yuihiko Ito nodded and smiled, and said, “Don’t hide from Mr. Su, I have a certain understanding of the Ye family. Their ocean shipping business hasn’t started at all. It’s just that the Su’s family has improved so they are trying to catch up. It seems to me. It is really difficult for them to become a big climate, so in my mind, the Su family is ranked the highest priority.”
Su Shoudao said with great satisfaction: “Mr. Ito really has eyes like a torch! The Ye family just wants to follow the wave, but they don’t have any resources in this field! Don’t talk about cooperating with the Ito family, even It is China’s domestic port resources, and we will suppress it without a stand!”
Ito Yuihiko smiled and said, “Mr. Su, don’t worry, I will never cooperate with the Ye family. If you want to choose between the Su family and the Ye family, I will definitely choose Mr. Su!”
Su Shoudao laughed: “Oh, Mr. Ito, with your words, I can go back to China with confidence.”
Ito Yuhiko asked, “When does Mr. Su want to return to China?”
Su Shoudao said: “Just these two days, mainly because private planes are restricted from taking off in Tokyo. I wait for him for two days. If the take-off permit is not open within two days, then I will buy a ticket and take a civil aviation flight back.”
Yuhiko Ito nodded and said with emotion: “As far as I know, Mr. Su’s previous handwriting was too big, and the Tokyo authorities did have some criticisms.”
Su Shoudao waved his hand indifferently: “The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security are all dogs biting Lu Dongbin. Ryoto Matsumoto is a sinister and vicious person. If you leave him in the world, you still don’t know how many people will be killed! I am killed! He is not only acting for the sky, but also protecting the public order in Tokyo!”
After he finished speaking, he looked at Ito Takehiko and said seriously: “Mr. Ito, aren’t you the direct victim of Matsumoto? If I can’t kill him, he might have sent someone to the hospital to chase you down, ghost. Know how many people he will kill in Tokyo?”
Seeing Su Shoudao’s righteousness and boldness, Ito couldn’t help being amazed by the thick skin of this man.
He cursed secretly in his heart: “Su Shou Dao, Su Shou Dao, you stinky shameless thing, you kill Mr. Matsumoto, kill Mr. Matsumoto’s right-hand man, and even kill his younger brother. This is understandable, but you kill the whole family. Young and old, not staying one, what the hell is this? The saying that it’s not good for your wife and children is still what your Chinese ancestors said. How come you are here, and even the basic morals and justice are ignored?”
“Now what you mean by this, are you destroying Matsumoto’s family, or are you protecting me in disguise? I have to thank you for killing Matsumoto’s family? What a fucking bastard logic!”
However, on the surface, Ito Yuhiko still said very emotionally: “Oh! This incident is really thanks to Mr. Su, otherwise, I may really still have countless dangers and threats…”

Chapter: 1832
Su Shoudao nodded and said with a somewhat arrogant expression: “I hope the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the Japanese Homeland Security Department can understand this truth. Sometimes, necessary surgery is still required, leaving cancerous tissue in the body. It will only drag down the whole city, and I just fly over and perform a precise surgical operation on Tokyo!”
Yuihiko Ito nodded in agreement, but screamed in his heart: “Damn, this Su Shoudao is a real dog. The more you talk, the more shame you get!”
Su Shoudao looked at the time and smiled: “Mr. Ito, your body is still injured. I won’t bother you anymore. The nutritional supplements I brought to you are all very good natural medicinal materials and ingredients. You look back. Asking someone to do it for you can speed up recovery.”
With that, Su Shoudao’s right hand: “Since we all have the intention of deep cooperation with each other, then I will wait for your body to recover, and we will move forward together hand in hand!”
Ito Yuhiko said seriously: “No problem! You and I keep communicating at any time!”
“Okay!” Su Shoudao laughed and said, “If this is the case, then I will leave first!”
Ito Yuihiko nodded: “Mr. Su walks slowly, I won’t see you off here!”
Su Shoudao quickly patted him on the shoulder: “Mr. Ito, you are welcome, take a good rest and heal your injuries!”
Yuhiko Ito said to Emi Ito: “Emi, give me one for Mr. Su!”
“Good brother!”
Su Shoudao got up and shook hands with Ito Takehiko, and, accompanied by Ito Emi, stepped out of the ward. [Read Novels here : ]
At this time, Ye Chen and Ito Nanako had just arrived at the hospital, standing at the elevator entrance waiting.
Ito Emi sent Su Shoudao and Zhao Yiming to the elevator entrance, and said apologetically: “Mr. Su, I have to take care of my brother, so I won’t send you down.”
Su Shoudao smiled and said, “Ms. Ito, please stay, go back and take care of Mr. Ito!”
Ito Emi nodded, and bowed ninety degrees, “Mr. Su, go slowly!”
Su Shoudao waved his hand and stepped into the elevator.
After the elevator door was closed, Su Shoudao asked Zhao Yiming, who had been silent for a long time: “What do you think, what does Yuhiko Ito think?”
Zhao Yiming thought for a moment, and said seriously: “Master, I think that even though Ito Yuhiko has a good disguise, he still feels a little afraid of you…”
“Yeah.” Su Shoudao nodded, “It should be because of the fact that Matsumoto Manchu was killed. Thinking about it now, what I did was a little bit too much.”
After he finished speaking, he waved his hand again and said indifferently, “I don’t care about him. I killed Matsumoto Manchu because he wanted to harm my son and daughter, and wanted me to be extinct. If I didn’t let him extinct, others would think I was Su Shoudao. It’s a soft persimmon, anyone can squeeze it!”
Zhao Yiming asked: “Will Ito Takehiko dare not cooperate with us because of this?”
Su Shoudao snorted coldly, and said, “Give him some time to heal his injury first, and then come to him. At that time, cooperation will be developed in a cooperative way, and there will be solutions for non-cooperation and non-cooperation!”
At this time, the elevator made a ding sound and stopped on the first floor.
Zhao Yiming hurriedly stepped forward and said respectfully, “Master, please!”

Chapter: 1833
When the elevator door opened, Su Shoudao took the lead.
When Ye Chen saw the elevator coming, he was about to signal to let Nanako Ito next to him go first. At this time, Su Shoudao had already stepped out.
The moment he walked out of the elevator door, Su Shoudao directly faced Ye Chen’s eyes.
At this moment, Su Shoudao frowned slightly subconsciously, a familiar and unfamiliar aura that made him feel nervous.
And Ye Chen, although he didn’t know the man in front of him, but seeing the other person’s eyes with full alertness and surprise, he couldn’t help but glance at him more.
The opposite man, in his early fifties, was of ordinary appearance and stature, and dressed very luxuriously. There was a bit of hostility between his eyebrows, and he looked like a cruel master.
A face, but between the sparks and flints.
There was Ito Nanako beside Ye Chen, so she didn’t pay too much attention to this man, and after passing by, they entered the elevator with Nanako.
When the elevator door was closed, Su Shoudao suddenly stopped and looked back in the direction of the elevator.
Zhao Yiming on the side asked him: “Master, what’s wrong with you?”
Su Shoudao smacked his lips: “Strange…The kid who entered the elevator just now has a familiar feeling…” [Read Novels here : ]
Zhao Yiming asked curiously: “Do you have acquaintances in Japan?”
Su Shoudao said: “There are many acquaintances, but there are really no such young people. The kid just now looks like a twenty-six or seventy-seven? He is about the same age as Zhifei, or one or two years older than Zhifei.”
Zhao Yiming nodded: “It’s about the same age as the old man…Do you know him?”
“do not know.”
Su Shoudao bit his lip and said with a black face: “But he looks quite similar to an old friend of mine!”
“Old friend?” Zhao Yiming asked curiously: “Master, who is your old friend?”
Su Shoudao asked with a very cold expression: “Have you ever heard others talk about Ye Changying?”
Zhao Yiming is not very young.
This year is less than forty years old.
When Ye Chen’s father, Ye Changying, died, he was still studying abroad, and he didn’t know what happened to Yanjing at that time.
Therefore, he couldn’t help asking: “Master, is the Ye Changying you said belongs to the Ye family?”
Su Shoudao couldn’t help thinking of Ye Changying’s heroic posture.
At that time, Ye Changying was really a super noble son who moved the capital.
Handsome, unrestrained and suave, and more importantly, his personal ability is extremely strong, and he is definitely the first to stand out in the entire Yanjing.
Back then, in front of Ye Changying, Su Shoudao was completely gloomy.
Ye Changying, one of Yanjing’s celebrity ladies, squeezed their heads and wanted to marry Ye Changying, one by one, they could not wait for Ye Changying to find life and death.
Su Shoudao’s wife, Du Haiqing, who was also Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu’s mother, loved Ye Changying to the death.
Back then, Su Shoudao devoted everything he could to pursue Du Haiqing, but Du Haiqing completely dismissed it and wanted to marry Ye Changying.
Even if Ye Changying already had a fiancee, Du Haiqing was determined to die for Ye Changying at any time.
Even if Su Shoudao worked hard to create a grand proposal that made a sensation in Yanjing for her, Du Haiqing still did not agree.
In front of countless people, Du Haiqing only said a few words to Su Shoudao.
The first sentence is: I’m sorry, I can’t marry you.
The second sentence is: Because Chang Ying is not married after all!

Chapter: 1834
Because Ye Changying has a fiancée but is not yet married, Du Haiqing still feels there is a glimmer of hope and is still unwilling to give up.
He asked a woman to marry him, but the woman said in public that she was still waiting for another person. Su Shoudao still remembers this strange shame.
From then on, he hated Ye Changying deeply.
Later, Ye Changying got married in Yanjing.
That night, Du Haiqing cried out all his tears and stayed behind closed doors for a month.
Su Shoudao brought flowers to Du’s house every day to beg to see him. He persisted for thirty-nine days and spent thirty-nine bouquets of roses before finally knocking on Du Haiqing’s heart.
Du Haiqing, who was nearly twenty catties thin, walked out of the room and the door, and said a word to Su Shoudao who was holding flowers outside the door.
She asked Su Shoudao if she might not forget Ye Changying for the rest of her life, Su Shoudao would still marry her.
Su Shoudao gritted his teeth and agreed.
Then, Du Haiqing and Su Shoudao Lightning became engaged, and a month later, Lightning married.
When he first got married, Su Shoudao slept with anxiety and fear every night. [Read Novels here : ]
He was afraid that his wife next to his pillow would suddenly call Ye Changying’s name in his dream.
Worry soon became a reality.
A few days after the wedding, Su Shoudao could hear Du Haiqing whimpering in his mouth and yelling Ye Changying’s name every day while he was half asleep and half awake.
During that time, Su Shoudao almost collapsed.
Later, the eldest son Su Zhifei was born.
Du Haiqing finally shifted his focus from Ye Changying to his son.
Since then, Su Shoudao can finally sleep well.
The son’s loud cry in the middle of the night became even the most beautiful lullaby for him.
He can sleep peacefully in the cry of his son, but he can’t listen to his wife’s sleep, whispering Ye Changying’s name in a very low voice, because the three words Ye Changying are his nightmare!
Thinking of the humiliation in the past, Su Shoudao felt extremely angry.
Even though the incident had passed more than two decades, even if Ye Changying had passed away long ago, he still couldn’t swallow this breath.
Zhao Yiming was surprised when he saw his cold expression, clenched fists and trembling teeth.
He played for Su Shoudao for many years, knowing that Su Shoudao looked like this, he was generally angry to the extreme.
When I heard that Matsumoto was the man behind the kidnapping of Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, his performance was no different from now.
Zhao Yiming couldn’t help but wonder in his heart: “What exactly did this Ye Changying do to make the master so angry?”
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help asking: “Master, is the man just like that Ye Changying?”
“Like.” Su Shoudao nodded, and said: “But his temperament is a bit low-key, maybe he is dressed somewhat casually, Ye Changying back then can be said to be full of style, walking with wind, amazing!”
Zhao Yiming asked again, “Is that kid just now the offspring of Ye Changying?”
“Impossible.” Su Shoudao said coldly, “Ye Changying’s offspring has long since disappeared, and the life or death of it is uncertain. The Ye family can’t find it by themselves. It is estimated that they died outside long ago.”
As he said, Su Shoudao smiled darkly, and mocked: “Back then, Ye Changying made enemies everywhere and offended the Rothschild family in Europe and the United States. He was also targeted by all kinds of people in China because of his sharp edge. People who want to kill him are really Too much.”
Speaking of this, Su Shoudao lit a cigarette and said lightly: “Although the kid looks a lot like him just now, I think he is likely to be a Japanese, maybe it’s just a little like him.”
Zhao Yiming nodded softly and asked him: “Master, where shall we go next? Back to the hotel or not?”
“I won’t go back to the hotel.” Su Shoudao said coldly, “If the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department can’t catch them, if they can’t be separated, they will definitely find a way to embarrass me and disgust me. I’d better leave Tokyo early!”
After all, Su Shoudao told him: “Just leave the hotel room there. Let’s drive north directly to Aomori, the northernmost prefecture in Honshu, Japan. We used to soak in hot springs for two days, relax and go.”

Chapter: 1835
When he took the elevator upstairs, Ye Chen was still thinking about the man he met when he got out of the elevator just now.
He was sure that he didn’t know each other, why did that person look hostile when he saw him.
He originally thought that the opponent would also be a hidden master, and he saw that he was extraordinary.
But after thinking about it, I felt that something was wrong, because that man didn’t have the aura of a strong man. From the perspective of his own strength, he should be an ordinary person.
However, he didn’t think too much. After getting out of the elevator, Ito Nanako took him to the ward where Ito Yuhiko was.
At this time, Ito Yuhiko was scolding his mother in the hospital bed.
He said to Emi Ito: “This guy Su Shoudao is a bitch with a honey-sucking sword. Staying with this kind of person for a second makes me feel uncomfortable!”
Emi Ito nodded and said, “That Su Shoudao really feels insidious, and the more friendly he smiles, the more chilling his back, especially when he thinks of what he did to the Matsumoto family in his head. , I feel cold all over!”
Ye Chen, who had just entered the door, blurted out and asked loudly: “That man just now was Su Shoudao from the Su family?!”
Both Ito Yuhiko and Ito Emi were shocked, and they realized that Ye Chen and Nanako had already entered.
So Yuhiko Ito asked curiously: “Does Mr. Shoudao also know Su?” [Read Novels here : ]
Ye Chen frowned, and even his voice became colder: “The man who just got down from the elevator is Su Shoudao?!”
Ito said, “I don’t know who you met in the elevator, but Su Shoudao did just leave.”
When Ye Chen heard this, he turned around and ran out!
Su Shoudao!
The initiator and leader of the Anti-Leaf Alliance!
When Ye Chen thought of this, hatred surged all over his body!
He just wanted to chase out, even if it was to kill Su Shoudao’s bodyguard and entourage in broad daylight, he still had to catch the bastard and ask him why he wanted to target his parents.
Then let him have a taste, and he died on the street!
It’s a pity that when Ye Chen chased him out, there was no shadow of Su Shoudao everywhere in front of the hospital.
Su Shoudao was already in the car and headed to Aomori Prefecture.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but beat his chest and feet at the entrance of the hospital!
Since the death of my parents, this is the closest moment to my enemy!
However, he failed to recognize the other party!
This is really annoying to him!
The Ye Family and the Su Family had always had a bad relationship, so even when Ye Chen was young, he had never seen Su Shoudao very much.
In addition, the Su Family and the Ye Family are themselves top families, and they never appear on various wealth lists, and the media never report them, so Ye Chen doesn’t even know Su Shoudao’s appearance.
At this moment, Ye Chen was extremely depressed.
When I came to Japan this time, I had close contact with the Su family one after another.
First he accidentally saved Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, and now he just passed Su Shoudao!
Ye Chen gritted his teeth and thought to himself, if he were to give himself a chance to go back a few minutes ago, the first thing he would do when he saw Su Shoudao would be to smash his dog head first!

Chapter: 1836
It’s a pity that even if he has great abilities, it is impossible to turn back time.
Therefore, he can only hope for the next time.
At the same time, I swear from the bottom of my heart: “Su Shoudao, if I have the opportunity to face you face to face again, I will definitely not let you go!”
When Ye Chen returned to the ward, Yuihiko Ito asked him in surprise: “Mr. Ye, do you know Su Shoudao? Or is there any relationship? Why are you so sensitive to him?”
Ito Emi and Ito Nanako also looked at Ye Chen suspiciously, looking forward to his answer.
Seeing this, Ye Chen laughed at himself, and said angrily: “You forgot? I accidentally saved his pair of children. He is so rich. It stands to reason that he has to give me 10 billion dollars. ? I didn’t expect to let him run away…”
Ito Yuhiko suddenly became dumb.
He didn’t doubt the authenticity of Ye Chen’s words, because Ye Chen was in his eyes, it was good everywhere, that his mother loved money like her life, for money, he could even shamelessly blackmail or even maliciously Occupy.
Therefore, he accidentally rescued Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu. Because of his character, he didn’t want to ask for some money. It really wasn’t him.
When Nanako Ito heard this, she couldn’t help laughing and saying, “Ye Chen-kun, you are too fascinated by money, did you know that when you heard the three words Su Shoudao just now, you acted as if he was your murderer? Like an enemy, I didn’t expect it was just a creditor in your heart…” [Read Novels here : ]
Ye Chen smiled bitterly and said casually: “Hey, it’s a pity that he let him run away, but it’s nothing. Sooner or later, he will still have the opportunity to see this debt. He can’t hide from the fifteenth day of the first year.”
Nanako Ito nodded, and then said to Takehiko Ito: “Odosan, I brought two meals for sick patients today. One is for you and the other is for Tanaka-san. Can I visit him? ?”
Ito Yuhiko nodded and said, “Tanaka is in the next ward. Go and have a look.”
Ito Nanako turned her head to look at Ye Chen: “Ye Chen-jun, are you going to see it?”
Ye Chen’s impression of Tanaka was pretty good, he was indeed a rare servant, so he nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go and take a look.”
At this time, Koichi Tanaka was lying on the upper half of the ward next door and reading.
Seeing Ito Nanako and Ye Chen coming in, she hurriedly put down the book and said respectfully: “Hello, Miss Ye!”
Nanako Ito smiled slightly and walked forward with the lunch box and said, “Tanaka-san, I brought you a sick meal from home. The chef at home made it specially. You can eat it while it is hot.”
Hiroshi Tanaka was flattered and said: “Miss, how can I let you deliver food to me? This is really impossible…”
Ito Nanako said very religiously: “Tanaka-san, you saved my father’s life. I am very grateful. What a meal counts, just talk about a little bit of heart!”
Hiroshi Tanaka said sincerely: “Miss, with your words, it is worth 10,000 deaths…”
Nanako Ito said: “Tanaka-san, if you have any needs, tell your aunt that she will find a way to solve it for you. You must cheer up, recover well, and leave the hospital early!”
Hiroshi Tanaka nodded again and again, and said gratefully: “I know Miss, thank you for your concern!”
After speaking, he asked tentatively: “I took a wheelchair and went to the president’s ward in the morning. I heard the president said that Mr. Ye cured your injury?”
Ito Nanako nodded and said, “Ye Chen-kun not only healed my injury, but also saved my life…”
Tanaka looked at Ye Chen and thanked him: “Mr. Ye, it is…thank you so much!”
Ye Chen felt somewhat upset because he was rubbing shoulders with Su Shoudao and missing opportunities for revenge. Seeing Tanaka talking to him, he couldn’t help but said in a perfunctory tone: “You’re welcome.”
Hiroshi Tanaka asked in surprise, “Is there anything unhappy about Mr. Ye?”
Nanako Ito smiled charmingly and said, “He, just missed $10 billion and is sulking…”

Chapter: 1837
Ye Chen just smiled slightly to Cai Caizi and didn’t explain much.
After chatting with Tanaka Hiroshi for a while, Nanako said to him apologetically: “Tanaka-san, Ye Chenjun is going back to Jinling tonight. I have to accompany him to buy some things. I will leave first and see you at night!”
Hiroshi Tanaka hurriedly said: “Miss, you and Mr. Ye go to work, don’t worry about me, don’t have to come to visit me specifically, too much trouble for you!”
Nanako Ito smiled and said, “It’s not troublesome. We have known each other for so many years, so why are you so polite.”
Hiroshi Tanaka nodded gratefully, then looked at Ye Chen, and said seriously: “Mr. Ye, you will not be able to see you off when you return home tonight, I wish you a safe journey!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Thank you Tanaka, we have a chance to see you again.”
“Okay Mr. Ye, see you if you have a chance!”
Leaving Tanaka’s ward, Ito Nanako accompanied Ye Chen to Ginza, Tokyo.
It’s been a few days since I came to Japan. This is the first time Ye Chen has come out to go shopping.
Because when I went to Yanjing last time, I bought a set of Hermes for his wife Xiao Churan, so this time Ye Chen skipped the luxury goods of luggage.
Ye Chen strolled around in the jewelry area and found a heart-shaped diamond ring from Tiffany’s. [Read Novels here : ]
The main diamond of this diamond ring has a net weight of three carats. The purity is very high, not very large, but it is very exquisite, and the heart-shaped cut is also very beautiful, which makes him look very fond at a glance.
Recalling that from the time of marriage to the present, he had not given Xiao Churan a real wedding ring, so Ye Chen planned to buy this diamond ring back and give it to her.
He consulted the clerk and learned that the price of this ring was about 800,000 yuan converted into RMB, which was not expensive.
So Ye Chen was going to buy this ring.
Nanako Ito couldn’t hide her envy and asked: “Ye Chen-jun bought this ring for your wife, right?”
“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded and said: “She has been with me for so many years, and I haven’t given her a ring yet.”
Nanako Ito sighed and said, “Ye Chen-kun is so kind to his wife…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and was about to say something modest. Tiffany’s salesperson said very politely: “Sir, may I ask how big your wife’s ring finger is?”
This question stopped Ye Chen from asking.
“How big is the ring? I really don’t know this…”
The salesman explained: “If you don’t know the size of the ring, it will be more troublesome to buy a large or small one. So I suggest you call your wife and determine the size of the ring. We will help you directly. You adjust to the most suitable state.”
Ye Chen hesitated slightly.
I wanted to give Xiao Churan a surprise. If I called and asked her now, wouldn’t the surprise be gone? ”
Just thinking about it, Ito Nanako whispered from the side: “That…Ye Chen-kun, look at my hand, how bad is it compared to your wife?”
With that, Ito Nanako opened her hands, spreading her fingers in front of Ye Chen.
Ye Chen took a closer look, and said in surprise: “Nanako, it feels like your hand is similar to my wife’s finger! Or please help me try it!”
Nanako Ito nodded without hesitation.
The salesperson then handed the ring to Ye Chen and said, “Sir, please let this lady help you try it out!”
Ye Chen didn’t think much about it. He picked up the ring with one hand, and gently dragged Ito Nanako’s right wrist with the other, carefully putting the ring on her ring finger.
At this moment, Nanako Ito feels dreamlike and drunk.
Although she knew very well that she was just trying on the ring for Ye Chen’s wife, but when she thought that it was Ye Chen wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger, she was so excited that she couldn’t add anything.
She said to herself in her mind: “If this is a dream, then I wish I could sleep here and never wake up again…”

Chapter: 1838
The moment the ring passed through the knuckles of the ring finger and put it on her hand, Nanako’s eyes were full of tears.
She hurriedly lowered her head, not wanting Ye Chen to see what she was like now.
She liked Ye Chen very much, but she didn’t want to put too much psychological burden on Ye Chen.
Because she faintly knew in her heart that the big reason why Ye Chen came to Japan this time to visit him in Kyoto was definitely not because he liked him in his heart, but because he sympathized with him and felt sorry for him.
She can understand Ye Chen’s feelings, that is a kind of empathy that a person who is also a martial artist has in her heart.
What is empathy?
It is the emotion of understanding each other, empathizing with each other, and empathizing with each other.
It’s like a race driver, seeing another race driver suffered a car accident and was seriously injured or even killed on the field, his empathy for the injured must be stronger than ordinary people.
In the same way, if a soldier sees his comrades-in-arms, or those who are with the same soldier, injured or disabled in battle, this kind of empathy will surely develop in his heart.
Ye Chen must be the same to himself.
Seeing that he didn’t listen to persuasion, was seriously injured in the game, or even was pulled directly from the field by an ambulance, he must have sympathized with himself more. [Read Novels here : ]
In addition, he has a way to heal himself, so when he comes to Japan this time, he will take time to go to Kyoto to see himself, save himself, and heal his injuries.
Therefore, Nanako Ito knew very well that although Ye Chen was very good to herself, most of them should be sympathy born out of empathy.
For a girl who is obsessed with each other, the last thing she wants is the sympathy of the other party.
In fact, apart from love, any other emotions are not what she wants.
At this moment, Ye Chen couldn’t see Nanako’s expression. His attention was focused on her fingers. Seeing that the ring Ito Nanako was wearing slightly larger, he gently took it off again, right. The salesperson said, “I’m sorry, but the trouble is a little bit smaller.”
“Good sir.” The salesman took the ring and began to readjust the ring.
At this time, Nanako Ito felt a strong sense of loss.
Although I knew it a long time ago, that ring would leave after just staying on my finger.
But when the ring was really taken off by Ye Chen, her heart hurt like a knife.
However, she didn’t dare to be seen by Ye Chen, so while Ye Chen was watching the salesman adjust the ring, she hurriedly said: “Ye Chenjun, let me go to the bathroom!”
After speaking, he ran away before Ye Chen responded.
The reason why I had to run away was because the tears filled my eyes, and my eyes were too big to bear.
She didn’t want Ye Chen to see that she was crying at this time.
Because she didn’t want to affect Ye Chen’s concentrated mood.
She had never thought of affecting Ye Chen’s life and Ye Chen’s marriage.
After all, Ye Chen has given her too much kindness.
She turned to leave, silently in her heart:
“Tonight, Ye Chenjun will leave Japan, return to the embrace of his family, and return to his wife…”
“In the future, I don’t know what year and month I will come back again…”
“The next few hours will be the last few hours I will be with Ye Chenjun…”
“I must control my emotions and don’t add any psychological burden to him…”

Chapter: 1839
When Nanako Ito returned from the bathroom, there were no traces of tears on her face, but her eyes were slightly red.
She deliberately bashed her face with cold water, so it seemed a lot more natural.
Back in the store, Ito Nanako took the initiative to smile and asked Ye Chen: “Ye Chen-jun, have you adjusted it? Do you want me to try again?”
Ye Chen smiled and nodded: “Trouble you!”
Ito Nanako smiled softly: “Ye Chen-kun doesn’t have to be so polite.”
As she said, she stretched out her right hand again and said grinning: “Come on! Try again!”
Ye Chen didn’t think much, picked up the adjusted ring and put it on the ring finger of her right hand again.
This time, the size of the shank has become very suitable, it is not tight or loose on her hand, it looks almost natural.
Nanako Ito couldn’t help changing the direction of his right hand, and under the light, carefully observed this diamond ring, which was not expensive.
Although this ring is not as gorgeous as the tens of millions of rings in the hands of ladies and ladies, it has its unique charm.
Simple, atmospheric, beautiful and touching. [Read Novels here : ]
Ye Chen looked at the ring on Ito Nanako, and also liked it as he watched it.
He knew that his wife didn’t pursue those luxurious jewels, and that this ring could match her quiet temperament.
Thinking of Jingruzhishui, he couldn’t help but turn his attention from the ring to Ito Nanako’s face.
To be honest, if you say that it is as quiet as still water, Xiao Churan may be able to achieve 80 or even 90 points, but Ito Nanako is absolutely 100 points.
So in other words, it seems that this ring is more in line with the temperament of Nanako Ito.
But Ye Chen didn’t think too much about this issue.
Nanako Ito wore this ring, and observed it with joy and melancholy for a long time, only then reluctantly took it off and handed it to Ye Chen.
He said: “Ye Chenjun, if appropriate, let the salesman help you wrap it up!”
“Yes!” Ye Chen saw that the ring was indeed suitable, so he smiled and said to the salesperson: “Hello, please help me wrap this ring.”
“Good sir!”
The salesperson is also very happy.
Although Tiffany is also a well-known brand, the price of most diamond rings is actually in the range of 10,000 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars. In fact, very few people will buy rings with more than 20,000 US dollars. Sometimes it may not be possible for a week. Sell ​​one.
Like Ye Chen’s choice, the equivalent of a ring with a price of more than 100,000 US dollars, generally can sell such a limited number of rings a year.
Therefore, she regarded Ye Chen as a distinguished VIP customer, so she helped him pack the ring very carefully, and said to Ye Chen: “Sir, if you have no other needs, please follow me to the cashier to checkout Right.”
Ye Chen said: “No hurry, I want to see the bracelet.”
The ring is a token of love between lovers, so when he bought this ring for his wife, he naturally couldn’t buy the same thing for his mother-in-law.
Therefore, Ye Chen planned to show Ma Lan a bracelet, the price would not be too high, equivalent to two or three hundred thousand yuan, which would be great.
Two or three hundred thousand bracelets were enough for Ma Lan to make her happily unable to sleep.
The salesperson heard that Ye Chen wanted to buy a bracelet, and immediately said: “Sir, wait a moment, I will let the person in charge of the bracelet area show you and recommend a few styles.”
In their store, each salesperson has his own exclusive counter. This salesperson is responsible for the diamond ring, so the bracelet needs other people to provide shopping guide services for Ye Chen.

Chapter: 1840
Ye Chen readily agreed. Soon, the salesman called another girl and said to her: “Xiaoyou, this VIP wants to see the bracelet. Can you recommend it for me.”
The girl knew that Ye Chen was a local tyrant, and immediately said with a big smile: “Sir, please come with me.”
Ito Nanako hurriedly asked him: “Ye Chen-kun, do you still need me to try the bracelet for you?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “I plan to buy the bracelet for my mother-in-law. She is a bit fat, so I don’t need to trouble you.”
Nanako Ito smiled and said, “Then Ye Chen-kun will take a look for himself first, I want to see the ring, can I?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Of course you can. Look first. I’ll go over there to see the bracelet.”
Nanako Ito smiled sweetly: “Okay!”
When Ye Chen went to the bracelet area, Ito Nanako whispered to the girl who sold the ring: “Excuse me, is the ring I tried just now in stock?”
The salesperson nodded lightly and said, “Yes, there are three of this ring in our store. Two of them have been sold. Now there is one left. Do you want it now?”
Nanako Ito was overjoyed, and whispered: “It is not convenient for me to pay now. Can you keep it quietly for me? Later I will ask someone to come over and help me pay the bill, and then please help me adjust the ring to the size just now. ?”
The salesperson said politely: “No problem, please tell me your name. When the person you arrange comes over, you can just say your name.” [Read Novels here : ]
Nanako Ito smiled happily and said: “My name is Ito, and the other party will tell you that I bought it for Miss Ito.”
The salesperson nodded slightly: “Okay, Miss Ito.”
Nanako Ito blinked, and said in a low voice, “Don’t tell the gentleman who came with me, to keep it secret for me.”
Although the salesperson was a little puzzled, he nodded his head very dedicatedly and said, “Don’t worry, I will not disclose it to anyone.”
“That’s good!”
At this moment, Ye Chen was on the side of the bracelet’s counter, looking around.
There are many styles of bracelets in this store, most of which are relatively low-key and simple, but there is a rose gold bracelet full of diamonds that is more luxurious and luxurious.
Ye Chen knows Ma Lan very well. What she likes most about her mother-in-law is that she can see the local tyrant at a glance.
Things that are golden, full of diamonds, and sparkling at a glance, will definitely be able to win her taste.
And don’t look at the diamonds, but because they are relatively small diamonds, the price is not high.
The bracelet that Ye Chen chose for his mother-in-law was actually about 250,000 yuan equivalent. Although it was not cheap, it was just drizzle to Ye Chen.
After Ye Chen chose, he asked the salesperson to pack the bracelet and pay the money together with the ring.
At this time, Nanako Ito had already set up the ring with the previous sales, and then sent a message to ask an assistant of her family to help over and pay.
After the arrangements were made, he came to Ye Chen contentedly and asked him with a smile: “Ye Chenjun, have you chosen everything?”
Ye Chen nodded: “The money has been paid, hey, Cai Caizi, why are you so happy?”
Ye Chen could also see that Ito Nanako’s condition at this time seemed to be much better than before, and she seemed to be happier.
Nanako Ito stuck out her tongue playfully and blinked and said, “This is a secret. You can’t tell Ye Chenjun, otherwise Ye Chenjun will definitely laugh at me.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “How can it be!”
Ito Nanako said shyly, “That’s too shy to tell you.”
Ye Chen shrugged helplessly: “Since you don’t want to say, then I won’t ask…”

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