The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1841-1850

Chapter: 1841
After leaving Tiffany, Nanako Ito accompanied Ye Chen again, walking around the major shops in Ginza.
In order to appear less favoritism, Ye Chen bought a high-end boss suit for his old husband Xiao Changkun.
Lao Zhangren now mixes with the Calligraphy and Painting Association every day and has become the number two figure in the entire Calligraphy and Painting Association.
What’s more, the calligraphy and painting association he is currently in and Han Meiqing’s senior college often have contacts and exchanges, so Ye Chen buys a suit for the old man, and also wants to help the old man to dress up and make him more energetic and more energetic. Have a face.
In addition, Ye Chen bought some other small accessories and small objects piecemeal.
At 3:30 in the afternoon, there are about two hours before Ye Chen’s flight to Osaka takes off. Considering that Tokyo Airport is far from the city, Ye Chen said to Ito Nanako, “Nanako, the time is almost here. I have to go. It’s the airport.”
Ito Nanako said without hesitation: “Ye Chen-kun, I’ll take you there!”
Ye Chen said: “I have to drive over and leave the car at the airport. If you follow me, what will you do when you come back?”
“It doesn’t matter.” Ito Nanako blurted out: “I can ask someone to drive to the airport to pick me up. Don’t worry about Ye Chenjun!”
Ye Chen asked subconsciously: “Too much trouble for you, right?”
“No, no!” Ito Nanako said with a pleading expression: “Ye Chen-kun, Nanako wants to take you to the airport, and even wants to take you to Osaka and back to Jinling, but now the family situation is special, it is really not suitable for getting out. Leaving, so I also ask Ye Chenjun to give Cai Caizi a chance to take you to the airport…” [Read Novels here : ]
Hearing this, Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling a little moved, so he said: “Then we two will drive to the airport together, and you should also call your family and arrange for them to send a car to the airport to pick you up.”
“Yeah!” Ito Nanako nodded and said happily: “Ye Chen-kun doesn’t have to worry, I will arrange it!”
“it is good!”
When Ye Chen heard this, he didn’t insist anymore, and the two of them got in the car and drove to Tokyo Airport.
This way was Ye Chen’s first journey back.
On the way, Nanako Ito was worried.
She had been sneaking at Ye Chen next to her, feeling extremely reluctant to him in her heart.
As early as in Jinling, Nanako Ito had a passion for Ye Chen.
And when she met Ye Chen again in Japan, Nanako Ito fell in love with him completely.
After separating from Ye Chen this time, she didn’t know if she still had a chance to meet Ye Chen again.
Because she could feel in her heart that Ye Chen had lifted the burden of her heart for herself.
Nanako Ito is a very smart girl.
She could see that the reason why Ye Chen came to Japan must be because of his injury, so he had a sympathy for himself in his heart.
And he happened to have the medicine that could cure himself, so he took that medicine and went to Kyoto to find and cure himself.
At this moment, she thought to herself deeply and lonely: “My injury has been healed. It is estimated that Ye Chenjun will be able to relieve me in the future?”
Thinking of this, Ito Nanako felt very sad.
In her heart, she was willing to give up some and stay in Japan for Ye Chen.
But she also knew in her heart that this was unrealistic.

Chapter: 1842
When Ito Nanako’s thoughts were flying, Ye Chen had already driven the car to the airport.
After he parked the car in the airport parking lot, he got out of the car with Ito Nanako.
Then, instead of leaving in a hurry, he bent down and put the car key on top of the front tire of the car.
Nanako Ito asked in surprise: “Ye Chen-kun, what are you doing?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “I leave the key here with my friend, otherwise the key will have to follow me back to China.”
Ito Nanako asked suspiciously, “Isn’t it lost? If someone finds out, can I just drive away?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “It is impossible for other people to see it here. There are so many cars here. Who would bend down to look at other people’s car tires?”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “I will tell the owner of the key when I look back. After the owner knows it, it will be very convenient to pick up the car.”
Nanako Ito smiled and nodded, and said, “Ye Chenjun is still smart. I might never think of such a method for a lifetime.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “In fact, I mainly want to save some money, otherwise, if I wait for me to return to China and then send it to him, the mailing fee is quite high.”
Nanako Ito suddenly laughed and said, “Ye Chen-kun, in your case, you definitely won’t be short of money… Your father alone has contributed 4.5 billion US dollars to you, your Jiu Xuan The pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly again, why do you save money so much…” [Read Novels here : ]
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “This is not called saving money, this is a way of living. We won’t save a point if we spend it, and we won’t waste a point if we don’t.”
Ito Nanako nodded earnestly: “Thank you Ye Chen-jun, Nanako has been taught.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “I am not a good teacher, I just express my own small opinions, which are some very crude personal opinions.”
Nanako Ito said sincerely: “Although the reason is simple and obvious, I have never considered this. If I was in my previous status, it would not matter if I spent a little more or wasted a little, but now my father wants me to take over. Ito Co., Ltd., in the future, I must change my previously unconceptual attitude towards money. Only like Ye Chenjun can I make the family business bigger and stronger!”
Seeing Ito Nanako’s serious look, Ye Chen smiled helplessly, and said, “I believe Ito Co., Ltd. will become stronger and stronger in your hands!”
Ito Nanako nodded gently: “Thank you Ye Chen-jun for your blessing, I hope Nanako can live up to expectations…”
Ye Chen looked at her, smiled encouragingly, and then said: “Okay, time is almost up, I have to go through the registration procedures, how do you go back?”
Nanako Ito said, “I asked the family assistant to drive me to pick me up.”
With that, she checked the time and hurriedly said: “She may take a while to arrive, or I will send Ye Chenjun to the security checkpoint!”
Ye Chen nodded, and the two left the parking lot together and went straight to the airport departure hall.
At this moment, a woman with a delicate face and delicate features, but with a bit of heroism and coldness, walked into the airport departure hall.
This woman is about one hundred and seventy-five centimeters tall and has slender legs.
She was wearing a black tight leather jacket, black stretch leather pants, and black high-top leather boots. Her long black hair was tied into a bunch of ponytails and hung to her waist.
This woman is beautiful and moving, but her face is icy.
She stepped into the airport and went straight into the VIP security check channel.
The male staff in charge of checking the boarding information turned his eyes straight when he looked at the woman.
After the woman stood in front of him for a few seconds, he came back to his senses and said blushingly: “Miss, please show your ID and boarding pass.”
The woman handed over the document blankly, and the other side glanced at it. Three Chinese characters were written on the passport: Su Ruoli!

Chapter: 1843
At this stage, in order to detect the murderer of Matsumoto’s family, Tokyo Airport has stepped up exit inspections.
However, due to the shortage of manpower, there is no way to strictly control all passengers.
Although Su Ruoli took a Chinese passport, because her boarding pass was to go to Osaka, not to leave Japan, the staff did not report to the leader.
He just recited Su Ruoli’s name silently in his heart a few times, and felt that the name was very nice, but he couldn’t tell why it was really nice.
Su Ruoli saw the other party holding his passport in a daze, and the first thought in his heart was whether his identity had been exposed and the other party had already noticed it.
However, she quickly analyzed it and felt that such a thing was unlikely.
First of all, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department only knows that it was a hidden master from China who killed Matsumoto Manchu, but they didn’t know anything else.
They also don’t know who killed the Matsumoto family.
What’s more, Japan is so close to China. There are so many tourists, overseas Chinese and business elites between the two countries on weekdays. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department cannot lock itself in such a short period of time.
After a quick analysis in his mind, Su Ruoli could conclude that the staff in front of him was most likely to be amazed by his appearance, and was a little slow to react.
So, she asked the staff member blankly: “Does my passport look good?” [Read Novels here : ]
The other party nodded subconsciously: “Very pretty…”
After finishing speaking, I realized that I accidentally missed my mouth, and hurriedly handed the passport back to Su Ruoli with both hands, and said sorryly: “Miss Su, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it!”
Su Ruoli completely ignored his apology, but continued to ask him with a cold expression: “Then can I pass?”
“Of course!” The staff was pressed by Su Ruoli’s cold aura to the point of cold sweat, and quickly stamped her boarding pass and handed it to her respectfully.
Su Ruoli received the boarding pass and immediately turned to leave. The staff member turned to look at her back, with a face full of intoxication, and he couldn’t help sighing and murmured: “This…this is simply the Queen’s. Aura…Apart from TV shows and anime, I have never seen a woman with such a strong aura…”
Although the staff member was thinking of Su Ruoli, Su Ruoli had completely forgotten him and came to the security inspection machine.
This time, all the masters of the Su family were disbanded, and Tokyo could not leave the country, so everyone dispersed, as tourists, bought ordinary flight tickets and flew to Osaka.
Su Ruo chose the 5.40 flight.
After the flight arrives in Osaka, she will take the private jet temporarily seconded from Zhonghai to return home with other Su’s subordinates.
At this moment, Ye Chen also came to the VIP security check channel.
Before entering the security checkpoint, he turned sideways and said to Nanako Ito next to him: “Nanako, you have taken so hard to send me so far. I’m going through the security check. You should go back soon.”
Nanako Ito nodded reluctantly, and said seriously: “I wish Ye Chen-jun a good journey, and remember to report me peace after landing.”
“Okay!” Ye Chen smiled slightly, and said: “Take care of yourself too!”
Nanako Ito said with red eyes, “Thank you Ye Chen-kun for your concern, I will definitely!”
Ye Chen nodded and couldn’t help but sigh softly.
With this sigh, there was reluctance, but also relief.
Unfortunately, Ito Nanako is indeed a rare good girl. It can be said that apart from nationality, she can’t fault her.
If we say goodbye today, it will be difficult for the two to see each other again in the future, so Ye Chen will naturally feel reluctant.
As for the relief, it is mainly because I have already removed the thorn in my heart when I came to Japan this time.
That thorn is Ito Nanako.

Chapter: 1844
At the beginning, Nanako Ito insisted on competing with Qin Aoxue.
As for Qin Aoxue, it was because of her own rejuvenation pills that her strength improved by leaps and bounds.
In the end, Qin Aoxue severely injured Ito Nanako in the ring, this was a thorn in Ye Chen’s heart.
On the one hand, he felt sorry for Ito Nanako, and on the other hand, he admired her character of never giving up and favoring Hushanxing.
In addition, he also felt ashamed of Ito Nanako to a certain extent.
Because it was her own hand that pushed Qin Aoxue from a level far below Ito Nanako to a position far surpassing Ito Nanako.
Now, I cured her by myself, so I dilute the distress;
I saved her life and made her strength soar by leaps and bounds, so she also played down the guilt.
At this point, the distress and guilt have been washed away, and the rest is more of an appreciation for Ito Nanako.
Therefore, Ye Chen smiled at her knowingly, revealing a row of white teeth: “If this is the case, then I will leave first!”
“Okay!” Ito Nanako nodded heavily, feeling extremely sad, but still smiling sweetly and said: “Ye Chenjun, I wish you good luck, peace and health!” [Read Novels here : ]
Wuyun Changlong is an adjective that started in China and developed in Japan.
Ancient Japan respected martial arts, and the ultimate representative of martial arts was the Bushido that they highly respected.
Therefore, in Japanese tradition, wishing a person’s martial arts has many meanings, not only wishing the other person good luck, but also wishing the other person invincible, invincible, and invincible.
It can be said that it is the highest blessing.
Ye Chen didn’t expect that Ito Nanako would say the words wishing her own martial arts prosperous, startled slightly, and immediately clasped a fist to her with a serious face, and said loudly: “Thank you Miss Nanako, we will have some time later!”
After speaking, she took a deep look at Nanako again, turned around and entered the security checkpoint.
At the moment Ye Chen turned around, Ito Nanako’s tears burst.
She looked at Ye Chen’s back, tears like rain!
She wanted to call Ye Chenjun so that he could look back so that she could take a closer look at him.
However, she was afraid that when she stopped him, when he saw his face full of tears, he would think a lot, misunderstand, and think that he deliberately wanted him to see him letting go of all the disguise.
Therefore, she resisted the urge to call him, just wanted to stand here, watch him disappear into that door, and then turned and left.
At this moment, Ye Chen couldn’t help it suddenly, and subconsciously looked back at her.
Just a glance made Ye Chen’s whole body as if struck by lightning, and stayed for a while.
He wanted to turn his head, and beckoned to her courteously.
But I didn’t expect it. Looking back, Nanako, who was still smiling just now, was already crying into tears.
At this moment, Ye Chen felt that the softest part of his heart seemed to have suffered a shock. This kind of feeling, in general, only needs two words, that is: distressed!
Nanako Ito didn’t expect that Ye Chen would even look back at him again.
At this moment, as the eldest lady of the Ito family, as the Yamato Nadeshiko who had undergone traditional Japanese education since childhood, she finally completely lost all self-control ability.
At this moment, she lost all her sanity and ran towards Ye Chen crying, rushed straight into his arms and hugged him tightly.
Before Ye Chen came back to her senses, she gently stood on her tiptoes and offered her first kiss. Those thin lips that were a little salty and cold because of tears, kissed Ye Chen’s lips without hesitation… …

Chapter: 1845
Ye Chen felt the soft and cold touch of Cai Caizi’s lips first, and then felt a slight bitter taste in his mouth.
He knew in his heart that this was the smell of Nanako’s tears.
At this moment, he felt a little bit reluctant and helpless.
After a few seconds, their lips parted, Ito Nanako raised her head, looked at Ye Chen with red eyes, choked up and said: “Ye Chen-kun, don’t forget me…”
Ye Chen nodded earnestly: “Don’t worry, it definitely won’t!”
Nanako Ito said solemnly: “If there is anything that needs my help in the future, please Ye Chen-kun must tell me!”
Ye Chen nodded: “Okay, so do you!”
Nanako Ito broke her tears into a smile: “Then Ye Chen-kun, let’s go, if you get off the plane again, you won’t be able to catch up!”
Ye Chen looked at her and said softly: “Nai Caizi, there will be a period later.”
“Well, Ye Chenjun will come later!”
Ye Chen turned around this time, and did not look back. [Read Novels here : ]
He didn’t want to be like just now, when he looked back, he saw a tearful Ito Nanako.
So, simply put your mind away and stepped into the security check channel.
The surrounding passengers, seeing the beautiful and moving Ito Nanako, covered her face with her hands at the security checkpoint, her eyes were crying, and she stared at Ye Chen’s figure without blinking until she disappeared, and their hearts were quite moved.
The vast majority of men envied the man who had just disappeared from the security gate at this moment.
“How can that guy, He De, have such a beautiful woman watching him cry with such infatuation?!”
“The point is… he never looked back! This is too much!”
“Be me, I must turn around to save that woman and tell her I will never leave!”
Nanako Ito turned a deaf ear to everything in her body.
After Ye Chen disappeared for a long time, she was still immersed in the feelings that had nowhere to rest.
Until, her cell phone rang.
The phone connected, and a woman’s voice came: “Miss, I have arrived at the gate of the airport, where are you?”
Nanako Ito wiped away her tears hurriedly, and said, “Wait a moment, I’ll be here soon!”
After speaking, she hurriedly looked into the security checkpoint again, and after making sure that Ye Chen could not be seen, she turned and left the airport reluctantly.
Outside the airport at this time, three black Rolls Royces were already waiting side by side.
As soon as Ito Nanako walked out of the airport gate, the co-pilot of the Rolls-Royce in the middle walked down to a young woman. The woman respectfully greeted her: “Miss is here!”
Ito Nanako nodded, and before she got to the front, the man opened the back door for her.
After Ito Nanako got into the car, she closed the door and returned to the co-pilot.
After getting in the car, Nanako Ito couldn’t help but asked her: “Kaana, did you buy the ring I wanted for me?”
“I got it!” The woman called Kawana, whose full name is Hisui Kawana, is a senior assistant of the Ito family. At this time, she immediately handed over a beautiful Tiffany jewelry box from the co-pilot.
Nanako Ito took the jewelry box excitedly, and carefully unpacked it.
When she opened the box, she found that in the jewelry box, lying quietly was the same ring that was exactly the same as the diamond ring that Ye Chen had tried.

Chapter: 1846
The rings are the same in style and size, even the size of the shank is exactly the same.
As soon as she saw this ring, Ito Nanako felt extremely happy and joyful, as if this ring was really given to herself by Ye Chen.
Seeing her looking at this ring, Kawana was full of joy and asked in surprise: “Miss, why are you interested in a brand like Tiffany? This brand is a very ordinary jewelry brand, and this Rings are too cheap, and diamonds are really hard to get out…”
Kawana is right.
This kind of diamond ring, which sells for less than RMB 1 million, is simply for ordinary little rich men.
The real rich man does not even bother to wear this kind of ring.
The richest people in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea like diamonds the most. Some of them are very pure, and the cutting process can reach the top diamonds. One is worth ten million.
Real wealthy people buy this kind of diamonds, specially made into diamond rings.
Therefore, the diamond ring worn by the top wealthy people is worth more than tens of millions, which is really ordinary.
Chinese rich people like more things. They not only like diamonds, but also all kinds of gems, especially jade.
The real top-quality emperor green jade has a surprisingly high price. [Read Novels here : ]
It is not a big problem for a bracelet to be worth more than tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.
Because for the rich, this kind of jewelry can not only bring out face, but also has a lot of room for appreciation.
The Ito family itself is Japan’s top wealthy family, and Ito Nanako is the only daughter of the family patriarch. She would like this ordinary small diamond ring, which is really beyond Kawana’s recognition of her.
Ito Nanako held the diamond ring in love and said shyly: “Kaana, there are some things that cannot be measured by value. This ring may not be worth too much in your eyes, but in my eyes it is invaluable. .”
After all, she couldn’t wait to wear the ring on her ring finger.
Looking at this ring, she couldn’t help showing a happy smile on her face.
Kawana exclaimed: “Miss, the ring finger is specially used to wear a wedding ring. You can’t wear a ring on the ring finger. Otherwise, if someone sees it, you will think you have been married. !”
When Ito Nanako heard this, she suddenly realized that as a single woman, she really shouldn’t wear a ring on her ring finger. This would cause misunderstandings among people around her.
But this did not delay her love for the ring, so she hurriedly took off the ring, put it back carefully, and stuck out her tongue at Kawana Hisui: “It’s okay, I just wore it on and went out. I will definitely not wear it.”
Kawana nodded and asked her: “Miss, where are we going now?”
Nanako Ito said: “Go to the hospital, I’ll accompany my father!”
“it is good!”
At this moment, Ye Chen had successfully passed the security check, and took his passport and boarding pass to the VIP lounge.
Now, there is about an hour before the flight takes off, and about half an hour before boarding.
There were not many people in the VIP lounge, so Ye Chen found a seat at will and sat down.
As soon as I sat down, a beautiful waiter immediately said to ask: “Hello Sir, do you need something to drink?”
Ye Chen didn’t know why, but Ito Nanako was still in his heart, so he waved his hand absently, “No, thank you.”
The waiter nodded and said politely: “If you have any needs, please feel free to tell me.”
After Ye Chen finished speaking, he was about to take out his mobile phone to contact Chen Zekai. With his keen hearing, he heard a woman not far away. He lowered his voice and said to the phone: “In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, notify the crew, first tonight. Fei Zhong Hai, we will rest one night in Zhong Hai and return to Yanjing tomorrow!”

Chapter: 1847
Originally, Su Ruo’s retreat plan was that everyone dispersed to Osaka, and then transferred a private jet from Zhonghai to bring everyone from Osaka directly back to Yanjing.
However, considering that if the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department cannot catch itself and the other Su family members, it will definitely recheck the previous exit records, so a plane that flies directly from Osaka to Yanjing will inevitably become the most in the eyes of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Suspicious object.
Therefore, Su Ruoli decided to fly to Zhonghai from Osaka first.
The Japanese side only has the right to check the flight information related to its own country. In theory, for all flights departing from Japan, the Japanese side has the right to check all the information about the flight.
But if you arrive at Zhonghai and then fly directly from Zhonghai to Yanjing, then this is a completely domestic flight, and it has nothing to do with Japan.
In this way, the Japanese clues are also broken.
It stands to reason that Su Ruoli would not make such a low-level mistake of being heard when making a phone call. She deliberately chose a corner in the VIP lounge where there was no one within 5 meters.
And when she called just now, she deliberately suppressed her voice to the lowest level.
Judging from her experience, with the volume of her words just now, no one can hear it even within three meters.
Unless that person is only about one meter away from him.
In addition, she didn’t reveal too sensitive information when she spoke, only that she changed the plan and flew to Zhonghai first and then to Yanjing. [Read Novels here : ]
However, she did not expect that she would be heard by Ye Chen several meters away when she called with such a low voice.
Ye Chen heard her words and immediately realized that this woman must be from the Su family.
the reason is simple.
The reason why the entire Tokyo implements strict exit control is because the Su family destroyed Matsumoto’s affairs.
At this time, those who are deliberately thinking about leaving Japan and deliberately concealing their whereabouts are most likely from the Su family.
What’s more, this woman said on the phone just now that she must fly to Zhonghai before returning to Yanjing.
This proves that her destination is actually Yanjing.
Yan Jing happened to be the base camp of the Su family, so this woman must have worked for the Su family.
After Su Ruoli gave orders, he put the phone back in his pocket and closed his eyes in the seat to rest.
Ye Chen quietly looked at the woman not far away. The beauty of her appearance was Ye Chen’s first impression of her, and his second impression of her was that the woman’s facial features made people feel too cold.
The Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures made Ye Chen’s perception more sensitive, allowing him to perceive a deeper taste from a person.
The feeling that Su Ruoli gave him was faintly bloody.
This kind of feeling is rarely encountered in ordinary people, so he can be sure that this woman’s hands must not be bloody. If he wants to come, he should be the killer of the Su family.
Moreover, listening to what she said, the masters sent by the Su family to Japan should be just like herself, preparing to leave Japan by private jet from Osaka.
Thinking of this, he immediately took out his mobile phone and sent Chen Zekai a WeChat message: “Old Chen, you can check with me immediately. There are a few private jets flying from Osaka tonight.”
Chen Zekai did not ask the reason, and immediately began an investigation.
Although he doesn’t have much energy in Japan, collecting some tips, this basic problem can still be solved.

Chapter: 1848
Civil aviation information itself is not considered a secret. Even the route of a private jet cannot be concealed from the airport staff and the airport dispatch system.
Therefore, Chen Zekai quickly found some information and summarized it to Ye Chen.
Chen Zekai’s message to Ye Chen showed that there were four private jets flying from Osaka to Zhonghai tonight.
Two of them are small business jets with very few passengers. Both of these planes carry about 10 passengers. Considering that there are many masters from the Su family in Japan, it is unlikely to take this kind of aircraft back, so Ye Chen Then directly filter out the two planes.
The remaining two are private jets modified from Airbus a320 aircraft, and the number of seats for the entire aircraft is about forty to fifty people.
Therefore, Ye Chen speculated that the person from the Su family who left Japan from Osaka tonight took one of the two a320s.
So he asked Chen Zekai to carefully investigate the information of the two aircraft.
Both aircraft are registered in China. One of them is under the name of a domestic private airline, but it actually serves a high-end travel agency, specializing in high-end outbound charter flights, and this aircraft just arrived from the south yesterday. Shenzhen City sent a high-end tour group of forty people over, and today I plan to take another group of tour group members back to Shenzhen City.
The other one was registered under the name of a real estate company in China Shipping. The plane arrived in Osaka from China Shipping only today. The original flight plan was to fly from Osaka to Yanjing, but the flight plan was temporarily changed and applied Permission to fly from Osaka to Zhonghai.
As soon as Ye Chen saw this, he knew that the last plane must have been arranged by the Su family.
Analyzing so far, Ye Chen suddenly had a bad idea. [Read Novels here : ]
So he wiped a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, and after giving Chen Zekai some orders, he smiled at the corner of his mouth, and squinted his eyes on his seat while holding his shoulders.
Twenty minutes later, a gentle voice rang in his ears: “Priority boarding of your flight has begun, honorable first-class passenger. If you want to board the plane early, please go to the boarding gate.
Ye Chen gave a hum, and Yu Guang glanced at Su Ruoli’s position. Seeing Su Ruoli also stood up, he thought to himself: “Thinking of this Su family’s female killer, she is on the same flight as me. .”
Afterwards, he stretched his waist and took his small suitcase, before Su Ruoli stepped out of the VIP lounge.
Ye Chen came all the way to the boarding gate, and after showing his boarding pass, he gave priority to boarding from the VIP channel before all economy class passengers boarded the plane.
Since this plane is flying on a short one-hour flight from Tokyo to Osaka, there are very few first-class cabins with only eight seats. Ye Chen’s seat is in the second row by the window on the right.
The weak flight attendant offered to help him put the suitcase, Ye Chen thanked him, but he did it himself and put the suitcase in the overhead compartment.
Just as he sat down, Su Ruoli walked in with a few first-class passengers.
When Ye Chen saw her coming in, his first thought was to turn his head and not look at her, so as not to be discovered by her.
However, between the electric light and flint, he suddenly realized a problem.
A female killer like Su Ruoli’s strength and perception ability, although not necessarily better than herself, must be superior to ordinary people.
And she is so beautiful, she must have accepted the attention given to her by ordinary men.
If you deliberately avoid looking at her, she is very likely to notice something abnormal.
So Ye Chen deliberately looked at Su Ruoli with a look of surprise and surprise, as if he was shocked by her beauty and excited about being able to take the same plane with her.
Su Ruoli felt Ye Chen’s scorching gaze, but just glanced at him casually, and his heart was immediately full of disdain.
She secretly said contemptuously in her heart: “Hey, it’s another hanging silk who can’t pull her legs when she sees a beauty!”

Chapter: 1849
Although Su Ruoli sneered at Ye Chen’s performance, it was Ye Chen’s superficial appearance that made her relax a little bit of her guard against Ye Chen.
Then, she stepped to Ye Chen’s side and sat down directly next to him.
As soon as he sat down, Su Ruoli spent his spare time and looked at Ye Chen silently.
This was not because she had doubts about Ye Chen, but because of her usual cautious habit.
In each environment, the first thing she will do is to have a relatively in-depth understanding of the environment, so as to obtain more information that may be useful.
She observed Ye Chen for a while, and found that this man was really handsome and looked pleasing to the eye.
It is that when I look at myself occasionally, the straight-forward look makes people look a little bit uncomfortable.
So, Su Ruoli turned around, looked at Ye Chen, and asked with a smile: “Mr. is Chinese?”
Ye Chen didn’t expect that the Su family’s female assassin would turn her face to talk to herself, so she pretended to be surprised, and then asked with a bit of surprise: “Beauty, how can you tell that I am Chinese? This is not A flight to China.”
Su Ruoli smiled slightly and said seriously: “The difference between Japanese boys and Chinese boys is still very big. For example, Japanese boys basically shave their eyebrows, and their hairstyles and dressing styles are also different.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Beautiful women are really observant.” [Read Novels here : ]
Su Ruoli nodded, and asked him, “Where is Mr. from China?”
Ye Chen said casually: “People from Suhang.”
“Oh?” Su Ruoli raised her eyebrows and said with a smile: “Suhang is a good place. As the saying goes, there is heaven above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. The water and soil there are very nourishing.”
After that, Su Ruoli asked him again: “By the way, since my husband is from Suhang, he should know the Wu family of Suhang, right?”
After all, Su Ruoli is a well-versed and experienced master. Hearing Ye Chen introduced himself as Suhang, his first thought was to determine if Ye Chen lied.
She felt that if the man next to him did not lie, he would most likely be a very useful tool person. In the next trip, if there is any emergency, he can be used as a shield, so that she can be better. Be safer.
Ye Chen heard the woman next to him mentioned the Wu family, and knew that the other party wanted to test if he was from Suhang, so he smiled and said, “Who doesn’t know about the Wu family, the current owner is Wu Donghai, they have two One of my sons is called Wu Xin and the other is Wu Qi. That Wu Qi is very famous. It is said that I don’t know which of the tendons didn’t match up, and he has to eat stool every once in a while. Oh, it’s also amazing.”
Su Ruoli smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you to be quite familiar with Wu’s affairs.”
Ye Chen said with a playful smile: “Of course, who doesn’t know about the Wu family, Suhang?”
As he said, Ye Chen lowered his voice and said, “Tell you something more exciting!”
Su Ruoli nodded: “Listen with respect.”
Ye Chen hooked her and said, “You get closer and I will tell you.”
Su Ruoli couldn’t help frowning slightly, and said in a cold tone: “You can just say that.”
Ye Chen wrote a copy of his face: “How can this secret be told in front of so many people casually? If you want to listen, come and listen. If you don’t listen, forget it.”
Su Ruoli’s anger came up all at once. Seeing Ye Chen’s serious intention to take advantage, he wanted to lick him with his big mouth.

Chapter: 1850
However, Su Ruoli really wanted to know, what exactly Ye Chen knew was the more exciting material, so he suppressed the disgust in his heart, and moved his body to his side, and said coldly: “Hurry up!”
Ye Chen also deliberately leaned toward her, spitting out warm air in her ear: “Some time ago, the brother-in-law of Wu Donghai, who is also the leader of the Suhang Gang, Xue Nanshan, was killed. He was killed together, his wife, and a lot of beggars!”
Su Ruoli immediately retracted her body from Ye Chen’s side, keeping a certain distance from Ye Chen, and said coldly: “That’s it? It was all popular in short videos at the time. I ask you, Does anyone else know?”
Ye Chen shrugged: “I thought you didn’t know.”
Su Ruoli glared at him disgustingly. In her opinion, Ye Chen just used this matter to try to get closer to take advantage of him.
But fortunately, he didn’t take any real advantage, so Su Ruoli didn’t have an attack either.
However, after this incident, Su Ruoli’s guard against Ye Chen was even lower.
Seeing that Su Ruoli could no longer speak, Ye Chen took the initiative to leaned over and asked her, “Hey beauty, where are you from? I told you all, so do you want to talk to me?”
Su Ruoli said blankly: “You told me, it doesn’t mean that I have to tell you.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Beauty, don’t be so cold! You are such a beautiful big beauty, you should smile more, smile more will make you look better!”
Su Ruoli rubbed his temples, and said disgustedly: “I’m sorry, I want to take a break.” [Read Novels here : ]
After speaking, he simply closed his eyes.
Ye Chen asked again: “Beauty, what are you doing in Osaka? Should you go to Osaka or return home from Osaka?”
Su Ruoli opened her eyes, frowned at him, and asked, “How do you know that I am going back to China from Osaka?”
“Tokyo won’t let you go!” Ye Chen sighed, and said, “I don’t know what is going on in Tokyo, and what exit control is going on. My family is still waiting for me to go back to celebrate the New Year. There is no choice but to choose from Osaka. gone……”
Su Ruoli nodded lightly, and thought to herself: “It seems that I am too sensitive. People in Tokyo who want to return to China basically have to leave from Osaka or other airports in northeastern Japan. It’s normal to return home from Osaka.”
Therefore, Su Ruoli also completely lost the interest in chatting with Ye Chen, and said: “Okay, I’ll squint for a while, if nothing is wrong, don’t chat with me.”
Ye Chen didn’t close his mouth wisely, but continued to ask: “By the way, the beauty, I listen to your accent, it looks like a Yanjing person!”
As soon as Su Ruoli’s brows stretched out, she frowned quickly, denying: “I’m not from Yanjing, I’m from Zhonghai.”
Currently, Japan restricts exits and conducts investigations on all foreign tourists. Among them, the most important thing is tourists from China’s Yanjing hometown. Therefore, Su Ruoli was cautious and described himself as a Chinese citizen.
Ye Chen said in surprise at this time: “Oh, beautiful, you’re boring. Everyone is Chinese. It’s fate to meet on a Japanese plane. You don’t have to chat with your compatriots and hide it, right? Your accent As soon as I heard it was from Yanjing, the people of Zhonghai are not talking like you.”
Su Ruoli was about to be annoyed by Ye Chen.
She is now more and more sure that Ye Chen has nothing wrong with him, and there is no danger. He is just a bit sloppy, a bit wretched, and a bit too much nonsense. So while bothering him to be irritated, she completely relaxed her guard against him. .
At this time, she closed her eyes and rested her mind, too lazy to talk to Ye Chen.
Ye Chen has already instructed Chen Zekai on WeChat to prepare him according to his plan…

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