The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2111-2120

Chapter: 2111
Father Song suddenly sighed, making Song Tianming more or less guilty.
However, he carefully observed the old man Song and found that there was nothing wrong with the old man, so he was relieved.
He felt that he almost didn’t mean to disobey the old man. Even if he wanted to give up the position of Song Family Patriarch to Song Wanting, he would not express very strong opposition, so the old man should not doubt him.
So, he smiled and said respectfully, “Dad, you drink more while it’s hot, and I will let the chef stew you a pot of Buddha jumped over the wall in the evening to replenish your body.”
Mr. Song nodded, without speaking, but ate all the bird’s nest in the bowl.
Seeing the old man eat up the bird’s nest in the bowl, Song Tianming was completely relieved, and sneered in his heart: “Song Wanting has a life-or-death, and the old thing has become dementia. No one in the Song family can be an enemy of himself! The old thing has been the eldest son since ancient times Inherit the master, if you insist on giving me this monster moth, don’t blame me for being cruel!”
Afterwards, he smiled and said to the old man: “Dad, you can rest for a while, I will go out and call Honor and ask him how he is doing now.”
The old man nodded gently: “Go.”
Song Tianming stepped out of the old man’s room and did not really call Song Honor immediately. Instead, he directly found a confidant of his own, called him into his room, and said seriously: “From now on, keep an eye on Every action of the old man, what he did and said, must be told to me, understand?”
The other party nodded immediately: “Understand the master.”
At this moment, Father Song lying on the bed suddenly felt a headache, and the painful entire brain seemed to be abruptly stripped out.
But soon, there was a warm energy in his body that completely drove the pain away from his body.
He knew very well in his heart that the headache must originate from the neurotoxin that Song Tianming had given him.
And that warm energy is just a small amount of rejuvenation pills that he took in advance.
The old man couldn’t help but sighed: “It seems that the Rejuvenation Pill can resist all kinds of poisons, as Master Ye said! Since it has escaped the damage of neurotoxins, the next thing to do is to pretend to be foolish for 24 hours. You must make sure that no one sees any flaws before Master Ye returns!”
So he took advantage of this relatively free time at the end and took out his mobile phone to check the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
He found that Alzheimer’s disease, also known as Alzheimer’s disease, can cause memory impairment, as well as loss of cognitive ability, language ability and visual ability.
Severe Alzheimer’s disease has not only severe memory loss, but also symptoms such as incontinence, body stiffness, and hollow eyes.
Seeing this, Mr. Song secretly thought in his heart: “It seems that if I want that rebellious son to completely believe that I have become Alzheimer’s, I must show symptoms of severe dementia. Only in this way can he be completely relieved. …..”
after an hour.
Song Tianming has been paying attention to the time. Now it has been an hour and a half since the father took the medicine. It stands to reason that the effect of the medicine has already occurred.
So he planned to go to the old man’s room to see the situation.
When he came to the door of the old man’s room and pressed the doorbell, there was no reaction in the room.
He was overjoyed, but on the surface, he pressed it again without showing off.
This time there is still no response.
So he pretended to panic and said: “Come on! Come on!”

Chapter: 2112
Suddenly, several servants ran over and asked, “Master, what happened?!”
Song Tianming said, “I didn’t respond when I rang the master’s doorbell. I’m afraid that someone might have an accident. You quickly help me knock the door open!”
When several servants heard this, they suddenly became nervous, and one of them took the initiative: “I’ll come!”
Another hurriedly said: “I’ll be with you!”
At this time, Yu Bo also rushed to hear the news and asked nervously: “Young master, what happened to the master?!”
Seeing him, Song Tianming hurriedly said, “Uncle Yu, you just came here. My father was in the room and he didn’t respond when he pressed the doorbell several times. I’m afraid he might have an accident!”
Yu Bo’s heart was tense, and he suddenly realized that Song Tianming should have given the old man medicine, and suddenly he felt a little angry, sad and worried.
He didn’t know whether Ye Chen’s method could save the old man from disaster.
However, he didn’t dare to show any hesitation, and said hurriedly: “Then slam the door open and go in and take a look!”
Several servants had already begun to work hard together and ran into the gate. After several times, the gate was knocked open with a bang.
Immediately afterwards, Song Tianming pulled away the left and right people, his face was nervous, and he rushed in first, and as soon as he entered, he went straight to the bedroom, running and shouting: “Dad! Dad, you have nothing to do, dad!”
With that, he pushed open the bedroom door!
As soon as Song Tianming entered the door, he was immediately stunned by the sight in front of him!
Then Yu Bo, who rushed in, and several of his servants were also frightened by the situation in front of them!
In the meantime, Father Song was standing by the bed with a dazed expression.
He was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. There were a few strands of yellow shit soup flowing along the two legs at the base of his thigh. The expensive hand-made wool carpet was full of filth mixed with shit and urine, and the whole room was full of foul smell.
Seeing so many people suddenly rushing in, Mr. Song was so frightened that he burst into tears. He stumbled to the balcony and cried out, “Who are you…what are you doing? ……”
Seeing the old man’s appearance, Song Tianming was happy!
“The old thing really is Alzheimer’s! Can’t even control his bowels! This is really stable!”
Even though he thought so in his heart, he was still very nervous on the surface, and rushed over, regardless of his filth, he kept him tight, and cried, “Dad, what’s the matter with you, Dad? You don’t recognize me? I am Tianming!”
Although the old man Song was angry at this time, he still admired his son.
“This beast is really capable of bending and stretching out. Lao Tzu is so dirty that he can come up to hug me without hesitation in front of so many people, and he is so real. It seems that he is also the number one character!”
Thinking of this, Mr. Song couldn’t help but laugh at himself: “Why am I not the same? In order to make him completely believe that even things like incontinence can be performed, compared to this beast, he is more able to survive. …..”
Although he had mixed feelings in his heart, the play still had to go on, so he desperately tried to free Song Tianming, crying loudly: “Kill…Kill!”
Song Tianming cried loudly and said, “Bo Yu! Hurry up to arrange a car and take my dad to the hospital! Hurry up!”

Chapter: 2113
Song Tianming hurriedly went back to his room and changed into clean clothes while Zhang Luo took Mr. Song to the hospital.
In the process of changing clothes, he had already called Song Honor and officially informed Song Honor and asked him to return to Jinling immediately.
Song Honor has been waiting for this message, so he almost immediately began arranging the private jet to prepare for take-off, and was scheduled to leave Tokyo early tomorrow morning.
In order to prevent Ye Chen from doubting, Song Honor also called Ye Chen respectfully. On the phone, he said respectfully: “Master Ye, my father called me just now. Grandpa’s body seems to have a little problem. I rush back as soon as possible, so I may leave Tokyo early tomorrow morning…”
Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and asked, “Honor, what’s wrong with your grandpa? What’s the problem?”
Song Honor hurriedly said: “Master Ye, don’t worry, my dad said that there is nothing serious about it, but his mind seems to be a little unconscious, so I hurried back to take a look.”
As he said, he said pleadingly: “Master Ye, I have to leave Tokyo temporarily this time. I can only ask you to find Wanting. Please do your best to find Wanting and bring her back. Jinling, on behalf of our family, thank you!”
Ye Chen snorted and said, “Don’t worry, I will do my best. The best case is that I will be able to take Wanting back to Jinling in a few days.”
Song Honor on the other end of the phone sneered in his heart when he heard this, “The surname is Ye, are you fucking awake? Song Wanting has been missing for more than 24 hours. Even if she died in the car accident at that time, she was in the deep mountains. It’s estimated that there is no way to survive after so long!”
“Furthermore, the deep mountains of Nishitama County are inaccessible, and there are many wild animals. Maybe her body is now eaten by the birds and beasts in the mountains and only the bones are left. Do you want to take her back to Jinling?! Make your spring and autumn dreams. Right!”
However, even though he thought so in his heart, Song Honor still said very sincerely, “Master Ye, thank you so much!”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “Don’t be so polite, it’s not too early, you take a good rest, go back tomorrow morning, and help me bring Mr. Song well by the way.”
After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen wiped a mocking smile from the corner of his mouth.
Song Tianming and Song Honor and his son must be very proud now.
They must feel that Song Wanting has a high probability of death, and Mr. Song himself has become Alzheimer’s, and now the entire Song family has become their bag.
Okay, let them be proud.
After Song Honor left, he sneaked away from Beijing with Song Wanting and returned to Jinling quietly, catching them by surprise!
At that time, they thought that Mr. Song, who had become Alzheimer’s, would also tear off the disguise, interact with them inside and outside, and give them a fatal blow!
Just thinking, Ito Nanako ran over, knocked on Ye Chen’s half-open sliding door, poked her head in and smiled sweetly, and said, “Ye Chenjun, Miss Song is awake.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “She slept all day and finally woke up.”
Nanako Ito smiled and said, “She was frightened last night, and after walking in the mountains for so long, she must be exhausted. It’s normal to sleep longer.”
Then, she said: “By the way, Ye Chenjun, I have arranged for Miss Song to go to the hot springs to relieve fatigue. My father sent someone to send a freshly caught bluefin tuna, and the family members prepared two bottles of Yamazaki 50. In the evening, I invite you and Miss Song to eat sashimi and sushi.”
Bluefin tuna is the most expensive fish, the quality is better, one piece is worth ten million, and the next one kilogram is more than ten thousand dollars.
And this is not the terminal retail price, this is the package auction price of the whole fish.

Chapter: 2114
In the first two years, a big Japanese boss bought a bluefin tuna weighing 278 kilograms, which cost a full 3.1 million U.S. dollars, and the average price per kilogram was 11,000 U.S. dollars.
And if this quality of bluefin tuna is delivered to top restaurants, the price will be several times higher.
Eat the most expensive bluefin tuna in the highest-end shops. The price of fish is even more expensive than gold.
As for the Yamazaki Fifty Years Old Whiskey, it is the top whisky of Japan’s national treasure, with a single bottle of more than RMB 3 million.
Ito Yuhiko used such expensive ingredients and drinks to host a banquet, which is enough to see how much he values ​​Ye Chen.
When Ye Chen came to the restaurant, Ito Yuihiko had been waiting here for a long time.
At this time, a huge bluefin tuna was placed in the center of the huge wooden dining table. The body of this bluefin tuna was covered with ice cubes made of frozen pure water.
A chef is holding a sashimi knife standing next to him. After the meal is opened, he will directly cut out different parts of the bluefin tuna from the bluefin tuna for the guests to enjoy.
Seeing Ye Chen’s arrival, Ito Yuhiko hurriedly said with enthusiasm: “Mr. Ye, please take a seat! Mr. Ye has a good fortune today. This is a bluefin tuna brought by the fishing boat just an hour ago. The best one!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said seriously: “Mr. Ito is really too polite. Actually, I don’t have too many requirements for food, you don’t have to spend so much.”
Ito Yuihiko said very solemnly: “Mr. Ye is a distinguished guest of our unified family, and the best ingredients and wine are naturally used to entertain distinguished guests!”
With that, he asked Ito Nanako: “Nanako, Miss Song is still not getting up?”
Ito Nanako smiled and said, “Ms. Song is in the hot spring. I have ordered the next person to bring her over after Ms. Song finishes soaking in the hot spring.”
“Okay.” Ito Xiuhiko nodded lightly and smiled: “Then we will wait for Miss Song to come.”
Ye Chen remembered something at this time and asked Ito Takehiko: “By the way, Mr. Ito, I want to ask you something.”
Ito Yuihiko hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, you don’t have to be so polite, just ask if you have anything, I must know everything!”
Ye Chen nodded and asked him, “If I want to leave Japan quietly without disturbing the customs, do you have any good ideas?”
Ito Yuihiko thought for a while, and said, “If you don’t want to disturb the customs, you can only use the smuggling road.”
Ye Chen asked again: “How is it more convenient to smuggle? Is it feasible?”
Ito Yuhiko explained: “There is basically only one way to smuggle from the sea by boat, especially an island country like Japan, which is not bordered by any country. If you want to leave secretly, there are only two roads, the sea and the sky. The aircraft control is extremely strict and there is basically no operating space, so the only option is to go by sea.”
With that said, Ito Yuhiko said again: “Japan has a long coastline, and shipping is relatively developed. There are too many ships coming and going. It is not difficult to smuggle out by sea.”
Ye Chen heard this and said to him: “Mr. Ito, please help me prepare a boat. I want to bring Wanting back to China.”
“Smuggling back home?” Ito said in a puzzled manner: “Mr. Ye, if you want to smuggle back to your country, you must not only secretly conceal the Japanese customs, but also conceal your domestic customs. It is a bit too tossing… ….”
“It doesn’t matter.” Ye Chen said seriously: “Jinling can solve it, I will let people prepare everything, mainly because I have nothing to do with Japan. The only friend who can ask for help is you. I don’t know if you can. Will you help me get a boat so that Wanting and I can leave Japan quietly?”

Chapter: 2115
Hearing Ye Chen’s request, Ito said without hesitation: “Mr. Ye, boats are a trivial matter. I can prepare a luxury yacht for you at any time and make sure that you can leave Tokyo by sea without any hindrance. I just don’t know you. When do you plan to leave?”
Ye Chen asked him: “How long will it take to return home by sea?”
Ito Takehiko said: “Luxury yachts are generally large in size. Large ships have high stability and strong wind and wave resistance, but their speed will be slightly slower. The average speed per hour is only about 50 or 60 kilometers. From here Jinling, we must first go to the mouth of the Yangtze River in Zhonghai City, a distance of about 2,000 kilometers, and at least 30 hours of sailing.”
While talking, Ito Yuhiko said again: “But because we are smuggling in and out of the country, we still need time to deal with the coast guard, and the speed will definitely slow down when we get to the shore, so I estimate that it will take at least Thirty-five hours.”
Ye Chen smacked his lips and said, “Thirty-five hours…it’s really a bit longer…”
Ito Nodded and said helplessly: “If you are smuggling, this is the fastest. As you know, smuggling is basically by sea. If you smuggle from Asia to North America, it will take more than a month at sea. time.”
Ye Chen said, “This is only the time to get to Zhonghai. From Zhonghai to Jinling, it will take at least a few hours?”
Ito Yuhiko explained: “If you still take a boat from Zhonghai to Jinling, this is estimated to be another seven or eight hours’ voyage. However, if you are in a hurry, I suggest you go to Jinling by helicopter on the shore of Zhonghai. If it does, it will be there in just over an hour.”
Ye Chen immediately said, “Okay, if that’s the case, please trouble Mr. Ito to prepare the ship as soon as possible. I want to leave tonight.”
Both Ito Yuhiko and Ito Nanako were shocked. The father and daughter said in unison: “Huh? Let’s leave tonight?!”
Ye Chen nodded and said solemnly: “Song Honor went back by plane, and arrived in Jinling in more than two hours. I can’t take Wanting to fly directly. After all, the entire Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department thought that Wanting was unsure of life and death, and was working hard. When searching, the customs is connected with them. If Wanting suddenly exits the customs, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department will receive the information as soon as possible. When that time comes, I am afraid that the customs will directly detain the person and find out.”
After speaking, Ye Chen added: “Furthermore, Song Tianming and Song Honor and his son must still be monitoring Wanting’s whereabouts. Once she appears at the customs, it will be completely exposed. So, to be cautious, let her Continue to remain missing in front of foreign agents, and then leave Japan quietly and return to Jinling.”
Nanako Ito was feeling a little lost at this time, and Ito Yuhiko next to him said, “Mr. Ye, it’s hard to come here, why not stay for two days, so that you can do everything you like as a landlord!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “I understand Mr. Ito’s kindness, but this matter is really important. If you delay, I am afraid that something will happen in Jinling. After all, Wanting’s grandfather is still in Jinling.”
Takehiko Ito suddenly realized, and hurriedly said: “I understand! This is indeed a rush, or else, I will have someone prepare the ship now, and then take care of the relationship with the coast guard, and strive to be able to set off at one or two o’clock tonight.”
Ye Chen said gratefully, “Thank you so much, Mr. Ito.”
Ito Yuihiko quickly waved his hand: “You are welcome, Mr. Ye, you are the great benefactor of the Ito family, you should do things for you!”
As he said, he took out his cell phone and said to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, I’ll make arrangements for the call, and let me be out of company first.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I also want to make a call to settle the domestic affairs.”
Afterwards, Ye Chen took out his mobile phone, pulled a group on WeChat, pulled Chen Zekai and Hong Wu into the group, and said, “Are you two taking it easy now? If it’s convenient, let’s have a conference call.”
The two immediately replied: “Convenient!”
Ye Chen immediately initiated a group voice call, and Chen Zekai and Hong Wuyi connected one after another.
Chen Zekai came in first, and said, “Master, what do you want?”

Chapter: 2116
Then Hong Wu also came in: “Master Ye, what do you want to order?”
Ye Chen said, “That’s right, you two are people I can trust, so what I will tell you next, you must keep it strictly confidential and strictly enforce it, do you understand?”
The two said in unison: “Don’t worry! We must keep it strictly confidential! Strictly enforce it!”
Ye Chen gave a hum, and continued: “Song Tianming and Song Honor are about to usurp the throne in the Song family now. You two quickly contact Song Tianming and say that you heard me talk about old Song’s health condition, so I wanted to visit. Mr. Song, pay more attention to Mr. Song’s physical condition and personal safety.”
Chen Zekai blurted out: “The Song family and his son are going to usurp the throne?! Then Miss Wanting had an accident in Tokyo, did they do it?”
Ye Chen said coldly: “It’s wrong, it’s their arrangement.”
Hong Wu gritted his teeth and said: “Damn! This father and son are really mean-hearted, even their relatives can be dealt with! I will let the brothers hack them to death!”
Ye Chen exhorted: “Don’t be so impulsive, I will deal with them, father and son. All you have to do is to protect the safety of Mr. Song.”
Hong Wu had no choice but to say angrily: “Okay Master Ye, I will listen to you!”
Ye Chen said again: “One more thing, I’m going to take Wanting to return home by sea. Then the ship will dock at Zhonghai. Old Chen, you can arrange a helicopter in advance for me. When we arrive, we will transfer to the helicopter immediately Jinling!”
Chen Zekai said without hesitation: “No problem, master, I will make arrangements tonight to let the helicopter wait for you at Zhonghai!”
Ye Chen said with satisfaction: “Okay, you two will closely monitor the actions of Song family father and son, and report to me in time if there is any movement.”
After the phone call, Song Wanting, who had just finished soaking in the hot spring, walked over quickly under the leadership of someone from the Ito family.
When he arrived, he said embarrassedly: “I’m so sorry, I made everyone wait for me…”
Nanako Ito hurriedly smiled and said, “Miss Song, don’t be so polite, we just sat down.”
With that, she stood up and said, “Ms. Song, would you like to sit with me?”
Song Wanting nodded: “Okay, thank you Miss Ito.”
With that, she sat down beside Ito Nanako.
Nanako Ito looked at her still wet hair, and smiled and said, “Miss Song’s hair is really good, black and shiny, and it has a lot of volume. I don’t know what to maintain her hair normally?”
Song Wanting smiled slightly and said, “I usually use a kind of ginger shampoo, which has the effect of growing hair. When combined with a nourishing hair mask, the hair quality can be guaranteed. However, the brand I use should not be available in Japan. Miss Ito mailed some.”
Nanako Ito said excitedly: “Oh, thank you so much, Miss Song!”
Song Wanting smiled and said, “Miss Ito doesn’t have to be so polite, and there is no need to always call me Miss Song, just call me Wanting.”
Ito Nanako said earnestly: “Miss Song is older than me, then I should call you Sister Wanting!”

Chapter: 2117
Nanako Ito is still in her senior year, 22 years old, about the same age as Qin Aoxue.
Song Wanting is about the same age as Ye Chen.
Therefore, Song Wanting is four years older than Ito Nanako.
It was reasonable for Nanako Ito to call her sister.
But Song Wanting was flattered by Ito Nanako’s attitude.
Nanako Ito is now the head of the Ito family, the largest family in Japan, whose family strength is ten times that of the Song family.
With such strength, she can still be so polite to Song Wanting and actively call her sister. Naturally, Song Wanting is moved and feels a little closer to Ito Nanako.
After all, it was a woman who shared a lot of topics in common, so the two of them quickly talked in full swing.
At this time, Ito Xiuhiko also came back. He first greeted Song Wanting politely, and then he said: “Mr. Ye, the ship has been arranged. To board the ship at the Tokyo container port tonight, you are really lucky. Well, internal information says that tonight the Coast Guard’s patrol is conducting equipment overhauls, so maritime supervision will be very lax, and going to sea tonight is the easiest.”
As he spoke, Ito Yuihiko said again: “But I have also greeted the Coast Guard. If they make any changes, they will not conduct any inspections on your boat.”
“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said: “Mr. Lloyd has been involved in this matter.”
Ito said respectfully: “Mr. Ye and I don’t have to be so polite!”
Song Wanting, who was whispering to Nanako, suddenly heard this and hurriedly asked Ye Chen, “Shall we leave tonight?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Let’s leave by boat tonight.”
Song Wanting’s heart was tense, and she hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, has something happened in Jinling?”
Ye Chenzheng told her about Song Tianming and Song Honor’s medicine for Mr. Song, so he smiled slightly and said, “Don’t think too much about it. Nothing will happen, but I want to take it quietly without disturbing anyone. You return home.”
Song Wanting nodded lightly, and said gratefully: “Thank you, Master Ye.”
After speaking, he looked at Ito Yuihiko and Ito Nanako, and bowed slightly: “Mr. Ito, Miss Nanako, thank you for your help and care!”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “Sister Wanting, don’t be so polite with Nanako. Don’t forget that you are my elder sister. We are also good sisters. From now on, this will be your home. If you come to Japan anytime, please stay. Come home!”
With that, Ito Nanako looked at Ye Chen again, and said with dismay: “The same goes for Ye Chenjun. Please remember Ye Chenjun, this will always be Ye Chenjun’s home in Japan!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly, smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will remember.”
Ito Yuihiko hurriedly said: “By the way, Ms. Song wants to cooperate with Nippon Steel? Do you want me to call Watanabe Shinka over and let him sign the cooperation agreement with you first?”
Song Wanting was speechless in surprise. Ye Chen took the lead at this time and asked, “Is this person highly credible? Will it reveal Wanting’s situation to the outside world?”
Ito Yuihiko promised: “Mr. Ye can rest assured, Watanabe Shinka is absolutely reliable. I will tell him to keep secrets strictly and he will not talk nonsense.”
Ye Chen nodded: “Well, in that case, please ask Mr. Ito to ask him over for me, and sign the contract tonight.”
Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Master Ye, is this appropriate?”
Although she also wanted to win the Nippon Steel’s cooperation agreement, this operation was not a normal business cooperation negotiation at all, but was completely based on Ito Yuhiko’s favor. She was worried that Ye Chen would owe it for herself. Yuhiko Ito is too emotional.
Ye Chen smiled indifferently at this time and said: “You don’t have to worry about this matter, I will make the decision.”
Song Wanting wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, she gave up.
She knew that she already owed Ye Chen too much. Anyway, his life and heart belonged to him. As long as he nodded his head, her body and even the entire Song family could belong to him, so she didn’t need to care too much. How much do you owe him.

Chapter: 2118
Ye Chen remembered one thing, and said to Ito Takehiko: “By the way, Mr. Ito, I have to trouble you and do one more thing for me.”
Ito Yuhiko hurriedly said, “Please tell me.”
Ye Chen said, “What’s the name of the vice president of Nippon Steel who docked with Wanting? Hashimoto, right?”
“Yes.” Ito Nodded: “It’s Hashimoto Kinzie!”
Ye Chen sneered and said, “You send a few ninjas and tie them to me, but don’t send them here after you’ve tied them. Get me directly to the pier, and then stuff them into the cabin. Bring the beast to Jinling!”
Ito Yuihiko said without hesitation: “Okay Mr. Ye, I will make arrangements!”
Although Hashimoto Kinxian is an executive of Nippon Steel, he can be regarded as a man of good looks, but he is still far behind the Ito family.
He usually takes a driver and two bodyguards at most, but he certainly can’t afford a ninja, such a top Japanese existence, so sending a few ninjas to tie him is absolutely easy.
Yuhiko Ito arranged both matters in an orderly manner.
He asked his family’s ninja to immediately tie up Hashimoto Kinmae, and at the same time he called Nippon Steel’s chairman Shinwa Watanabe and invited him to talk at home.
Although Shinkazu Watanabe was the chairman of Nippon Steel, he respected Ito Yuhiko, and drove over immediately when he heard his call.
And the two lived very close, so ten minutes later, he had already arrived at Ito’s home.
As soon as Watanabe Shinka entered the door and saw Ito Yuhiko, he hurried forward and said with a bit of humility: “Brother Ito, I don’t know if you are looking for me so late, what can I tell you?”
Ito Yuihiko smiled slightly, and said playfully, “Calling you over so late will not delay the two-person world between you and your wife, right?”
Watanabe Shinka smiled awkwardly, her expression a little lonely.
Although Watanabe Shinka is about the same age as Ito Takehiko this year, and his physical condition is relatively good, only in the matter of men and women, there is something unspeakable.
He didn’t know what was going on. He was good everywhere, but his ability was getting worse and worse.
Originally, he and his wife lived together at least three times a week, and the two were considered harmonious.
However, in the past two years, this aspect of the ** and ability have plummeted.
From three times a week, to once a week, once every two weeks.
Now, he has reached a month and it is difficult to have a state once.
Shinka Watanabe has been to many hospitals and looked for many experts, but the feedback they gave is that this ability is sometimes irrelevant to the overall condition of the body.
Some people are obviously very healthy, and can even be said to be very strong, but that’s not enough.
However, some people clearly look at the wind and fall down, but that aspect is incredibly strong.
Physical fitness cannot be equated with that ability.
Moreover, the ability in that area is also very troublesome to treat, some are physiological degeneration, some are neurological degeneration, and some are psychological degeneration.
All in all, if something goes wrong in this regard, no matter how rich it is, it may not be cured.
Because of this, Watanabe Shinka was only troubled by this incident, but he was ashamed to tell others about this incident, so Ito didn’t know anything about it.
However, Ye Chen could see the melancholy between Watanabe Shin and his expression, and then carefully looked at his expression, and he knew the situation.

Chapter: 2119
At this time, after Ito Yuhiko and Watanabe Shinkazu chatted a few more words, Ito Yuhiko entered the topic.
“Shinwa, I have two things to come to you this time. The first thing is to taste bluefin tuna and taste Yamazaki 50-year-old whiskey.”
Watanabe Shinka smiled slightly, and asked with a smile, “What about the other thing?”
Ito Yuihiko smiled and said, “Don’t you want to build a joint venture in China? I will introduce you a good partner, Miss Song Wanting from the Song Group.”
After that, Ito pointed at Song Wanting at the dinner table.
Only then did Watanabe Shinka see Song Wanting.
The whole person was immediately stunned.
He was surprised and said: “Song…Miss Song?! Isn’t it been reported on TV all the time that Miss Song is still missing after the accident?! Why… how could she be here?!”
Ito Yuhiko said at this time: “Ms. Song is a distinguished guest in my family. She encountered an emergency this time. Because the matter is more sensitive, there is no public announcement of her whereabouts. Shinwa, you must keep a secret, understand? ?”
When Watanabe Shinka heard this, he nodded hurriedly and said solemnly: “Brother Ito, don’t worry, I will never reveal a word!”
Yuihiko Ito smiled with satisfaction and said, “In that case, you first represent Nippon Steel and sign the cooperation agreement with Miss Song!”
After all, Ito Yuihiko said very seriously: “Brother, I’m selling off my face. In terms of cooperation terms, we must make appropriate concessions!”
Watanabe Shinka said without hesitation: “Brother Ito, since you have spoken, I will definitely give the best discount in terms of terms!”
Song Wanting hurriedly stood up at this time and said to Watanabe Shinka: “Mr. Watanabe, I have been admiring the name for a long time! I am Song Wanting, and I hope you will take care of it in the future.”
Watanabe Shinka nodded and smiled and said, “Ms. Song, since you are a distinguished guest of Brother Ito, you are naturally also my distinguished guest of Shinwa Watanabe. Our daily overseas cooperation is generally to strive for holdings, but since Brother Ito has spoken. , Then just be more straightforward. You hold 51% of the shares and we hold 49%. What do you think?”
Song Wanting’s biggest goal in coming to Japan this time is to reach a holding cooperation with Nippon Steel.
She is completely satisfied with the Song Group holding 51%.
I had talked with that Hashimoto for so long before, and wanted to win a 50% shareholding of both parties, but it was unsuccessful, so now Watanabe Shinka directly agreed to let Song Group hold 51%, which made her immediately excited.
So, Song Wanting hurriedly bowed to Watanabe Shinwa and thanked: “Mr. Watanabe, thank you so much! I believe we, the Song Group, will definitely disappoint you!”
Watanabe Shinka is also very on the road, pointing directly at the Ito Yuhiko next to him, and earnestly said: “Miss Song, you have to thank Brother Ito for this matter. Brother Ito spoke, I naturally raised my hands in agreement.”
For Watanabe Shinka, he doesn’t know Song Wanting, so he doesn’t care if Song Wanting owes him favors. What he cares about is letting Ito take his favors in mind, and if he needs them in the future, he will ask Ito to ask him for favors. come back.
When Song Wanting heard this, she looked at Ito Takehiko gratefully, and said thankfully, “Mr. Ito, thank you for your help, Wanting is indebted!”
Ito Xiuhiko is even more of a human spirit. He doesn’t want Song Wanting to owe him favor. The reason why he helped is to sell Ye Chen’s face, so he hurriedly said: “Miss Song, in the final analysis, I still have to thank Mr. Ye for everything!”
Ye Chen looked at the performance of Ito Yuhiko and Watanabe Shinka, with a slight smile on his face.
He is very clear about the mentality of these two people.
It’s nothing more than a chain of relationships.
Watanabe Shinwa sells Ito Yuhiko’s face, Ito Yuhiko sells his own face.

Chapter: 2120
If that’s the case, then just put the favor of both of them on yourself.
And since it’s hanging on yourself, don’t owe it all the time. In order to avoid long nights and dreams, just pay it back before you leave!
Thinking of this, Ye Chen said to Song Wanting and Ito Nanako, “Wanting, Nanako, please avoid me for a while. We men have something to talk about in private.”
Nanako Ito stood up without hesitation and smiled: “Sister Wanting, do you like puppies?”
Song Wanting nodded: “I like it!”
Nanako Ito smiled and said, “I have a few purebred Akita dogs at home, and six little ones who are just two months old. They are very cute. They are raised in the east yard. I will take you to see?”
Song Wanting said excitedly: “Great, let’s go now!”
Seeing Ito Nanako and Song Wanting go hand in hand, Ye Chen retracted his gaze, looked at Watanabe Shinka, and said with a smile: “Mr. Watanabe, Wanting is a good friend of mine. Can you agree to let her hold shares in the cooperation? 51%, I am very grateful for that.”
Watanabe replayed the old and new tunes, and hurriedly said, “Oh, it’s all because of Brother Ito’s face…”
Ye Chen waved his hand to interrupt him, and said seriously: “Mr. Watanabe, it’s better not to look at the face of Mr. Ito. I want you to look at the face of your own body and make this cooperation concession bigger. what do you think?”
Watanabe Shinka was surprised. Defeated in the heart:
“What does it mean to look at the face of my own body?”
“What does it mean to make the concession bigger?”
While wondering, he asked curiously, “Mr. Ye, what do you mean by this?”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and asked with an unfathomable face: “If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Watanabe should be very worried about the body now, right?”
Watanabe Shinkazu hurriedly said: “There is no, I am very healthy, and I often go to the gym to do exercises. The average middle-aged and elderly men don’t pay attention to exercise.”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “Exercise will naturally strengthen your body, but everyone is a man. There are no ladies present, so I won’t hide some things, Mr. Watanabe for the past two years. Marital life should be very uncoordinated, right?”
As soon as these words came out, Watanabe Shinka was horrified, but also embarrassed and slandered: “This is the most difficult hidden illness deep in my heart. Except for my wife, my wife and the doctors I have visited, No one knows, how could Ye Chen know?!”
Yuhiko Ito was also a little shocked, and subconsciously asked, “Shinwa, you are not too old. Did something go wrong so early?”
Watanabe Shinka flushed with embarrassment, grabbed his hair in a panic, and smirked, “This…this…hey…Mr. Ye is really extraordinary. Can you even see this kind of thing?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “In the nearly lost ancient Chinese medicine, it is said that people have three types of qi, namely blood qi, vitality and essence.”
“Blood qi governs the outside and vitality is the inside. As for the essence, it is more reflected in the affairs of men and women.”
“Blood qi is strong, and vitality is long, but neither qi has much to do with essence.”
“Don’t look at your vitality and vitality, but your energy is sluggish.”
“Without the essence, even if your body is strong, you still have strength and energy when doing things between men and women.”
At this time, Watanabe Shinka ignored the embarrassment, and blurted out: “Mr. Ye, since you have such supernatural powers and can see the crux of my body at a glance, don’t you know if you can cure me?!”

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