The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3702

Helena was stunned for an instant when she heard her grandma’s question.

The shyness in her heart didn’t have time to make her blush, and she was immediately crushed by the sadness.

Originally, Helena instinctively wanted to deny it.

But somehow, there was a feeling of unpleasantness in her heart, so she sighed softly, and said quietly, “What can I think of him? After I became the throne, my identity became extremely sensitive, where to go and to go? I can no longer decide who to see, what to say, and what to do. I dream of going to China to see him, but now I have no way to bypass the diplomatic channel and go to China. He will not come again in a short time. Northern Europe, I’m afraid I won’t even see him in the future…”

Speaking of this, Helena’s eyes were already filled with tears, and even overflowed from the corners of her eyes.

She turned her head hurriedly, wiped away her tears, and then said again: “Grandma, to be honest, the biggest reason I want to be a queen is to save my mother, and secondly, I want to get revenge on Olivia. Now my mother is safe. Nothing, Olivia has also been punished, and now the position of the queen has no meaning to me…”

The old queen said repeatedly: “Don’t think about it! The royal family now has no direct blood relatives to the throne! It is impossible for you to abdicate!”

Helena looked at the old queen and asked subconsciously: “Grandma, do you want to be a queen again?”

The old queen immediately waved her hand and said, “No! I don’t want to! Besides, there are no such things in the whole world. She obviously abdicated and re-enforces the throne. If that is the case, the royal family’s face will not be required…”

Helena sighed and said sadly: “Then when will there be a suitable heir to the throne?”

The old queen said embarrassingly: “It depends on you… We, the Northern European royal family, did not thrive. You don’t even have a heir to the first throne. If you abdicate, then I can only go. The royal family of other countries came with an heir…”

As he said, the old queen said with a serious face: “Helena, if you want to get rid of the throne soon, the best way is to have a child quickly, and then make him the crown prince. When he comes of age, you can do it. Abdicated.”

“I…” Helena looked like an angry little daughter-in-law, and said bitterly: “If Ye Chen is willing, I’m willing to give birth to a son for him, and he will be raised in the palace when he becomes an adult. Let him inherit the rule!”

The old queen’s expression was startled, she immediately covered her forehead, and sighed with a sigh: “You…you are crazy…if you are unmarried and give birth first, how can the royal family explain to the people of the whole country? ?”

Helena said seriously: “What’s the problem with this? As long as Ye Chen really wants to, when I am pregnant, I will personally tell the people clearly, I will honestly tell everyone that I am willing to give birth to the man I love. Child, this is my freedom, and no one has the right to interfere.”

Speaking of this, she sighed melancholy: “The only thing I’m afraid of about this is that Ye Chen won’t agree. If he agrees, even if I will be laughed at by the whole world, I don’t care at all.”

“It’s alright…” The old empress sighed while pressing her temples, “I think it’s still a little more realistic. Starting next year, I will find you a marriage of a similar age in the royal families of all countries. Object.”

“No.” Helena categorically refused without thinking: “I won’t get married unless I marry Ye Chen.”

The old queen asked her back: “Ye Chen has been married a long time ago, and you have said that there are too many confidantes, and he has known him for longer than you. This is the same as the succession of the royal family. Even if he is divorced, you will not be the first in line. Maybe you will be out of ten. In this case, it’s not that he won’t marry. Doesn’t it mean you will be single for a lifetime?”

Helena said earnestly: “There is nothing for a lifetime of being single, it’s better than marrying someone who you don’t love and giving a child who you don’t love.”

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