The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3705

Helena said with joy: “Grandma, Mr. Ye called and told me that he had reserved a VIP seat for you at the auction.”

“Really?!” When the old empress heard this, she suddenly cheered and asked her with excitement, “Mr. Ye really said that?!”

“Yes.” Helena nodded earnestly, and then said: “Mr. Ye said, the invitation will be sent in a few days, then you can go to Jinling to participate in the auction, and participate as a VIP. .”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Ye also said that he might come to Northern Europe in the future and join hands with our Northern European royal family to hold an auction of Rejuvenating Pills!”

The old queen was ecstatic and said with excitement and excitement: “It’s great, it’s really great! Even those billionaires who are worth hundreds of billions of dollars have no chance to get a VIP status. Ye Chen can give me a VIP, then this Once our Nordic royal family will surely attract a lot of people’s admiration! If we can jointly hold an auction of Rejuvenating Pills in the future, then the reputation of our Nordic royal family worldwide will skyrocket by a level!”

After that, she couldn’t help but said with emotion: “Oh! Mr. Ye really gave me the face of this old woman…”

As soon as the voice fell, she quickly changed her words: “No! Mr. Ye is definitely not for my face, it must be for your face! Helena, Mr. Ye must have you in his heart! Otherwise, how could anyone give us this? Turn on so many green lights!”

After hearing this, Helena felt sweet, and immediately asked the old queen very seriously: “Grandma, although Mr. Ye has given you a VIP seat, you have to know that we are not strong enough to compete for the rejuvenation pill. Then you The main thing is to show up, and don’t get mixed up with the bidding for Rejuvenation Pills.”

The old queen nodded and said: “Don’t worry, I know in my heart, our money may not be enough for the starting price. I will not go to the auction to be embarrassed by that time, so I will meet the world and expand and expand my network by the way. .”

“That’s good…” Helena nodded, and then said excitedly: “It’s less than 20 days before the auction begins. I will hurry up and prepare a gift for Mr. Ye. When the time comes, Hard-working grandma took it for me and handed it over to him!”


At the same time, inside the Presidential Suite of Buckingham Palace in Jinling.

Fei Kexin has obtained the information Chen Yingshan has found.

As the leader of Jinling Buckingham Palace, Chen Zekai seldom shows up in public, but after such a long time in Jinling, it is inevitable that some video materials will be left behind.

What Chen Yingshan found was a photo of Chen Zekai’s donation to the Jinling Red Cross on behalf of Jinling Buckingham Palace.

When Fei Kexin saw Chen Zekai’s photo, he immediately confirmed that of the two men passing by in the lobby today, one of them was Chen Zekai.

Fei Kexin couldn’t help muttering to himself: “The Buckingham Palace is the property of the Ye family. Generally speaking, every Buckingham Palace should be the local bridgehead or even the base area of ​​the Ye family. So this Chen Zekai must be the Ye family. The spokesperson in Jinling…”

Speaking of this, Fei Kexin said again: “The Ye family is still very strong in China. As the spokesperson of the Ye family in Jinling, Chen Zekai should have a high social status in Jinling. Master’so respectful?”

Chen Yingshan said, “Miss, this Yanjing Ye family was sought revenge by the Wanlong Palace in the mercenary world some time ago. It is said that they directly took out half of the family property, and then reluctantly let the Wanlong Palace let him go. The status of the Ye family has been declining. This is the main reason why the Ye family’s hotel business is so deserted. I think the Master Ye you mentioned earlier may be the Feng Shui Mr. Chen Zekai who was sick and went to the doctor.”

Fei Kexin nodded and said seriously: “When I heard Master Ye’s name, I thought so in my heart, but there is a very strange thing about this matter. Why did Master Ye meet Chen Zekai and Song Wanting? Combining my previous speculation that Buckingham Palace is most likely the location of the Huichundan auction, could it be the Jinling Song family and the Yenching Ye family cooperating?”

Chen Yingshan agreed and said: “I think this is very possible. Although the Song family is very strong in Jinling, their scale is only one or two hundred billion yuan. Although the Ye family is divided into half of the family property by Wanlongdian, they are also strong. It is much stronger than the Song family. The cooperation between the Song family and the Ye family is good for both parties. The Song family can improve their status to a certain extent, and the Ye family can also regain their status to a certain extent.”

“Hmm…makes sense…” Fei Kexin nodded slightly, but the willow-like eyebrows were still piled together cutely.

Immediately, she remembered something and said to Chen Yingshan: “By the way, I heard them talk about a man named Hong Wu, but I don’t know how to write the word Hong Wu. Please help me inquire about this, Hong Wu in the end. Who is it!”

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