The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3707

As for people like Hong Wu, Wei Liang, Chen Zekai, and Qin Gang, if someone asks them about Ye Chen’s deeds, they will not confide a word.

Therefore, although Jinling is Ye Chen’s home court, there are indeed not many people who know him and “Master Ye” in Jinling.

This makes Fei Kexin even more puzzled.

Originally, he thought that Ye Chen should be a well-known local Fengshui master, so some local figures with a good face must give him a bit of face.

But now it seems that he has almost no popularity in the local area, which is really strange.

Fei Kexin frowned and said, “I always feel that this is something wrong, and Master Ye, who is surnamed Ye, is also not right, but I will not be able to think of the problem for a while.”

Chen Yingshan hurriedly comforted: “Miss, don’t worry too much. Maybe the person surnamed Ye doesn’t have any real skills, and there may be no direct contact with Huichundan.”

Fei Kexin said very firmly: “Shanshan, remember, the old ancestors said something abnormal must have a demon. These seven words are one of the gold standards for judging problems. If anything goes against common sense, we will not see it. If you understand it, there must be something you still don’t understand, and once you understand it, you can naturally see it through.”

This is the experience Fei Kexin summed up when he was very young.

When she was a child, she watched magicians perform magic tricks. Every magic trick seemed so wonderful and mysterious, and she couldn’t figure out the reason at all.

When you change to other children, you will directly transform this mystery into worship of magicians, thinking that magicians can really do magic.

However, Fei Kexin always believed in one point. The reason why all magic is incomprehensible is not that the magician really knows magic, but that he still hasn’t seen the mystery of it.

Therefore, she asked her family to invite a number of magicians to decrypt the mystery of every magic for her on the spot.

With many magic tricks that seemed unthinkable, or even impossible to accomplish, when the mechanisms and mysteries behind them were unfolded before her eyes one by one, she immediately discovered that all the doubts and shocks disappeared at that moment.

These childhood experiences have strengthened her basic direction and logic of judging things.

The current Ye Chen is a magic in front of her, a magic that she still doesn’t understand the logic behind, so she can’t wait to uncover the mystery behind this “magic” in her heart.

Chen Yingshan thought for a moment, and said, “Miss, it’s really impossible. I arranged for the accompanying bodyguard to quietly follow Master Ye to see if I can find anything.”

“No.” Fei Kexin immediately refused: “You can’t take any risks until you know how many catties your opponent is.”

After finishing speaking, Fei Kexin said again: “We have just arrived in Jinling, and we still have nearly 20 days to go before the Rejuvenation Pill auction begins. We are still playing steadily. Don’t rush, let me figure out how to determine what Master Ye’s name is. .”

Chen Yingshan said sadly, “Miss, you and Master Ye are only one-on-one. Without letting people follow him, it might not be easy to find out who is his last name and name.”

Fei Kexin nodded and said, “I have thought of this.”

As she said that, she smiled slightly and said, “Fortunately, there are two clues: Chen Zekai and Hong Wu.”

Speaking of this, Fei Kexin said: “You go to the Tianxiang Mansion in Hongwu, and ask him what the highest consumption is there, and then give me a month according to the highest standard, and every day at noon and night thereafter, We all go to Tianxiang Mansion for dinner, I believe there will be gains.”

“Okay!” Chen Yingshan said immediately: “Don’t worry, Miss, I will do it now.”

Fei Kexin again said: “By the way, look into the local famous doctors in Jinling, especially Chinese medicine! I always think that Jinling is an inconspicuous place. It’s really weird to be able to get a rejuvenation pill!”

Chen Yingshan nodded immediately and said: “Okay lady, let me find out as soon as possible!”

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