The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5373

“It’s possible!” Lao Zhang agreed, “As you said, Mr. Ye is very capable. Not only did he have a way to cure the poison of the Xiao cavalry guards, but he also brought those Xiao cavalry guards under his command that day. , must be a serious worry, and will definitely do everything possible to investigate.”

As he said that, he asked Lin Wan’er: “Miss, do you want to find a way to inform that Mr. Ye so that he can pay more attention?”

Lin Wan’er smiled lightly, and said casually: “Forget it, don’t worry about them, the more they mobilize the crowd, the more they prove that they have no real clues. The world is so big, and they have so many things to investigate, it won’t be long It is possible to find Jinling.”

Lao Zhang said nervously: “Miss, I heard from Lao Qiu that you are going to go to college. Isn’t that a little unsafe?”

“There’s nothing unsafe.” Lin Wan’er said seriously: “Let them do nothing, a group of people have been thinking hard for a whole year, and it’s impossible for them to think that after I was almost caught by them, I didn’t find someone in the remote mountains and old forests. Hiding, but instead came to Jinling to study at university, this is a surprise.”

Lao Zhang sighed, and said respectfully: “Miss, please forgive me for talking too much, if you escape the world in this Zijin Villa, it is definitely a good choice, but if you go to school, you will have to meet many people at once, although everyone He is a college student, but as long as the exposure is increased, there must be risks!”

Lin Wan’er nodded: “I understand this truth, but I have no other way now. With the resources and strength I can muster, it is just a dream to compete with the Poqing Society, and I don’t want to hide for a lifetime. The opportunity to change the status quo is to join forces with Ye Chen, if I don’t go to this university, I am afraid it will be difficult to have the opportunity to reach a cooperation with Ye Chen, so even though this decision is a bit risky, I am willing to give it a try!”

Lao Zhang said in fear and trepidation: “It’s the old servant who is blind. I don’t know that the lady has already thought about it, and even suggested it to the lady. It really deserves to be damned…”

Lin Wan’er waved her hand: “Old Zhang, everything has risks. What I have to do is to choose to take more risks in order to gain a better future. If I die because of this, I am also willing, as long as Ye Chen can protect you.” My father’s ring, don’t let it fall into the hands of the Po Qinghui, and I will be content.”

Lao Zhang nodded slightly, and respectfully said: “Miss, this old slave understands! Since this is the case, this old slave will not bother Miss anymore!”

at the same time.

Ye Chen received a call from Chen Xiaozhao, and as soon as the call was connected, Chen Xiaozhao said in a low voice: “Master Ye, that Hong Tianshi came to report to my grandfather!”

“Really?” Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Then it seems that this old boy has already made a breakthrough, what’s his attitude?”

“The attitude is pretty good…” Chen Xiaozhao said awkwardly: “But he insists on coming to Jishitang to help my grandfather, we don’t have much use for him here, he’s just sitting in the shop right now…”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “It’s okay, let him sit down first, I’ll come over later.”

“Okay!” Chen Xiaozhao said gratefully, “Master Ye, thank you so much for this incident. If it weren’t for you, grandpa’s famous name would have been ruined by this surname Hong.”

Ye Chen said calmly: “It’s just a little effort, don’t be so polite, next time you encounter something that can’t be solved, please notify me as soon as possible.”

After talking on the phone with Chen Xiaozhao, Ye Chen packed up and drove out to Shi Tianqi’s Jishi Hall.

At this time, in Jishi Hall, Shi Tianqi was taking Chen Xiaozhao to see patients, and the shop assistants were dispensing medicines for patients who had already seen the doctor and prescribed prescriptions. The buddy said, “Boy, put down the scale and let the poor man get the medicine for you!”

The guy muttered in dissatisfaction: “I won’t let you catch it, why should I go if you grab the medicine?”

Hong Changqing said angrily: “Do you know how to respect the old and love the young? Since Master Ye asked me to come here to report to Doctor Shi, I can’t just sit here! Find me something to do! I’ll help you Grab the medicine, don’t you get the best of both worlds if you go and rest for a while?”

“Cut.” The man said disdainfully: “You think beautiful! I won’t give it to you! Hit me if you have the ability, and see if Master Ye will take care of you when the time comes!”

“You!” Hong Changqing’s face was livid with anger, but facing this kid, he didn’t dare to make a real move, so he could only say bitterly: “Boy, how about this, let’s make it easier for each other, and I will accept you as a registered disciple. It will definitely benefit you endlessly!”

The man curled his lips and said: “Who will be your registered disciple! Could it be that I will learn how to steal and play tricks from you?”

Hong Changqing pointed at this guy with an angry expression on his face, so angry that he couldn’t speak.

Ye Chen stepped in at this time, and said jokingly, “Hey, Hong Tianshi’s face doesn’t look very good!”

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