The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5376

Ye Chen said again: “You might as well write down your Taizhen Dao’s martial arts mentality and show it to me. I’ll know if it’s complete or not.”

Hong Changqing’s face was covered with a layer of blue, and he said depressedly: “Master Ye, if you want my Taizhen Taoism, as long as you say a word, my subordinate will write it down for you immediately, and you don’t have to fool me like a three-year-old child.” …”

As he said that, he explained with a sincere face: “This subordinate is not reluctant to tell you this method, the main reason is that he is worried that this exercise will be spread, and he will be speechless to face the patriarch in the future…”

Ye Chen snorted: “You old boy, you keep saying that you are loyal to me, but you still miss the teacher in your heart, you are really hypocritical!”

Hong Changqing quickly waved his hand: “Master Ye is wronged, Master Ye! The subordinates really serve you wholeheartedly, and they dare not neglect you. The sun and the moon can learn from your subordinates’ focus!”

Ye Chen smiled contemptuously, and asked him: “Hong Changqing, let me ask you, in your mind, which one is greater, your teacher or me?”

“This…” Hong Changqing smacked his lips, pursed his lips and scratched his head, then said with difficulty: “Master Ye, it’s not that Hong Changqing is playing tricks on me. Two poisonous oaths, one is that you will never betray the teacher in this life, the other is that you must not pass on the secret of the Taizhen Dao to outsiders, even ordinary disciples in the school, and the other is to find out for the teacher. The next heir to the head of the sect will spare no effort to cultivate him and let him inherit the mantle of Taizhen Dao, but if he fails to do one thing, he will die a terrible death!”

Speaking of this, Hong Changqing said with a painful face: “But now this subordinate swears that you will follow the lead. To be honest, this subordinate also feels very entangled now, and I don’t know what to do for a while.”

Ye Chen said coldly: “Old slick, I asked you to tell me which one is bigger, what are you doing here with me for a long time?”

“This…” Hong Changqing bit the bullet and said: “Master Ye, this subordinate believes that you and the master should be of the same age! So, I would like to do my best for you, but you don’t let your subordinates go against the original The oath I made to Master…”

“That’s it.” Ye Chen nodded: “It seems that you are really loyal to the teacher’s school. It is indeed a bit difficult for me to let you choose between me and the teacher’s school at this time.”

Hong Changqing nodded again and again: “My subordinates, thank you Master Ye for your understanding…”

Ye Chen said with a smile: “Based on what you’re saying, both you and I are the ones you swear allegiance to, but you swear allegiance to the teacher first, and it stands to reason that the teacher is your original spouse.”

Hong Changqing hurriedly waved his hands: “Master Ye, this subordinate doesn’t mean that…”

Ye Chen parked the car on the side of the road at the foot of the mountain, looked at Hong Changqing, and said seriously: “You don’t have to be nervous, I’ve always been the most reasonable person, since that’s the case, I think you should go back to the United States, and go back to carry forward your talents. Shimen, don’t let your masters and ancestors feel cold.”

Hong Changqing already had his own little thoughts. Although he was grateful to Ye Chen, he was willing to stand on the saddle for Ye Chen, but he was absolutely reluctant to show this teacher’s mentality.

So, now hearing Ye Chen say these words with a serious expression, I was also thinking to myself: “In this case, I might as well take advantage of the slope and go back to the United States to continue to be the head of my Taizhen Dao. How comfortable! What’s more, I am now in the Great Perfection of the Bright Realm, and it is just around the corner to break through and enter the Dark Realm!”

Although Hong Changqing knew that Ye Chen had a panacea in his hand that could help him improve quickly, but he felt in his heart that the elixir was extremely precious after all, and if Ye Chen could give him one, he might not give him a second one.

Put aside the opportunity to stay, he can’t accept it just by showing the martial art.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly followed Ye Chen’s words, cupped his hands respectfully, and said, “Thank you, Master Ye, for your generosity! Your kindness will last forever, and I dare not forget it!”

Ye Chen shook his head with a smile, and said, “You don’t have to be so polite with me. After all, you and my grandma are also considered good friends. Naturally, I can’t force you to do anything.”

As he said that, he patted his shoulder lightly, some spiritual energy entered quietly, looked at Hong Tianshi, and said earnestly: “Hong Tianshi, after you go back, you must practice martial arts even harder. After all, you At such an advanced age, you are only a mere five-star martial artist, to be honest, I really can’t do anything!”

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