The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5377

Hearing this, Hong Changqing was slightly taken aback, and then said with a smile: “Master Ye, you are too good at joking. Although the strength of your subordinates is far worse than yours, but thanks to you, you have broken through to the Great Consummation of the Ming Realm …”

Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and asked: “Oh? Really? Why didn’t I see that you are the Dzogchen of Ming Realm?”

Hong Changqing smiled apologetically: “You are such a noble person who forgets things…you personally gave a pill to your subordinates, you will not forget it, right?”

Ye Chen nodded: “I remember giving you the elixir, but when did you become the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm?”

Hong Changqing didn’t know what Ye Chen meant, and felt a little hairy in his heart, so he could only say: “Master Ye…you…are you angry with me…Actually, if you don’t want me to go back to the United States, I am willing to be by your side Before and after the saddle…”

Ye Chen said solemnly: “No, no, Hong Tianshi misunderstood, I am not angry with you, and I don’t need you to stay by my side. I mean, you really only have the cultivation base of a five-star warrior. Your There are still three of the eight meridians that have not been opened, don’t you know in your own mind?”

“Ah? How could it be…” Hong Changqing said subconsciously, then subconsciously closed his eyes slightly, and mobilized the true energy in his body, only to be horrified to find that the eight meridians he had opened up had been blocked for no reason. !

If the meridians are blocked, the strength will inevitably decline greatly. If three of the eight meridians are sealed, the strength is almost equal to half of the loss!

Hong Changqing panicked and sweated all over his face. His first reaction, apart from being panicked, was that it was impossible!

These eight meridians of my own have been opened up one by one in the past few decades.

Practicing martial arts since ancient times, I have only heard that the meridians will become more and more open and smooth, but I have never heard that the meridians that have been opened will be sealed again…

Suddenly, he glanced at Ye Chen, who was smiling, and asked in a terrified tone: “Ye…Master Ye…are the three meridians of my subordinates sealed by you… You patted your subordinate on the shoulder just now, you should have done it at that time…”

Ye Chen smiled, and then said with a serious face: “I don’t have it, you have to show evidence before you talk nonsense, don’t swear!”

Seeing Ye Chen’s undisguised narrow expression, Hong Changqing knew that he must have done this.

But at this moment, he didn’t care about anger and anger at all, he just thought to himself in great fear: “This… what level of master is this Master Ye? Why can he seal my three meridians in an instant? Stay? You know, it took me at least ten or twenty years to get through all these three meridians, and it took less than a second for Ye Chen to seal them all… This… This is too scary, right? !”

Thinking of this, he begged with a mournful face: “Master Ye, it is not easy for me to practice step by step to this day. I beg you to hold your hands high and stop teasing my subordinates… This is the painstaking effort of my subordinates for nearly twenty years…”

Ye Chen said with a serious face: “Master Hong, how can you do this? I’ve already told you, I didn’t do it, you don’t believe me, do you?”

Hong Changqing choked with red eyes and said, “Master Ye… Who else could have done it if it wasn’t you? I have been practicing martial arts for decades, and I have never heard that the existing cultivation base can be regressed, and the opened meridians can be closed. …You must be complaining that your subordinates did not want to hand over the master’s mind just now, so you teased your subordinates like this…”

Ye Chen said very seriously: “Master Hong, you may have really misunderstood me, I didn’t let your cultivation base go backwards.”

As he said that, Ye Chen deliberately pretended to suddenly think of something, slapped his forehead and said, “I’m sorry Hong Tianshi, maybe there is something wrong with my car. My car has a special function, that is, whoever is sitting here As the co-driver of the car, this car will gradually close his meridians, and his cultivation base will become lower and lower, so I advise you to get out of the car quickly, lest your cultivation base continue to decline.”

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