The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5381

The taxi driver’s concerns and questions made Hong Changqing even more aggrieved.

In the Chinese circle in North America, he is really a famous number one person. I don’t know how many people will pay homage to him when they see him, and there are many high-ranking officials and nobles among them.

But he never dreamed that after coming to Jinling, he would be bullied by Ye Chen to the point of crying. This kind of gap made him feel even more sad.

And what made him suffer the most was not the grievances he suffered just now, but even after he had suffered so many grievances, he had to bite the bullet and take a taxi to find Ye Chen to atone for his sins with tears in his eyes.

This is the consequence and end that one must bear after offending someone who should not be offended.

Hong Changqing also understood in his heart that the reason why Ye Chen wanted to punish him like this was mainly because his little thoughts made him angry.

Now think about it carefully, the elixir that Ye Chen gave him was priceless, it could even be said to be a priceless treasure, and the reason why he wanted to give himself this elixir was also very obvious, that is to make himself serve him wholeheartedly .

But on the surface, he agreed very well, but he still had a lot of small things in his heart, and even wished to say goodbye to Ye Chen, and returned to the United States to continue to be his Hong Tianshi.

Thinking of this, Hong Changqing couldn’t help cursing himself in his heart: “Hong Changqing, Hong Changqing, you are really unsatisfactory, and Ye Chen is so strong, how could you suffer from your dumbness? You flatter him superficially, three times With two minds, it’s really strange that he can let you go back to the United States! In the whole world, where can such a good thing happen?”

After realizing how shameless and stupid he was just now, Hong Changqing felt extremely regretful.

He thought that anyway, he had already eaten the pill given by Ye Chen, and it was impossible for him to spit it out and return it to him. In addition, he was an old friend of his grandmother. Imprisoned in Jinling, right?

Moreover, he also personally said to let him go, so whether he is sincere or not, he can go along with the current and use the slope to get off the donkey.

But who would have thought that there is a waterfall under the boat when you push the boat along the water, and a cliff under the donkey on the slope?

So, he silently made up his mind: when he arrived at the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel later, no matter what Ye Chen’s attitude towards him, he had to be firm, and from now on, he would be loyal to him and let himself understand himself , never go west, let yourself face south, and never go north yourself! Only in this way is it possible for Ye Chen to forgive himself and restore his cultivation base.

This moment.

Ye Chen, who started first, has already arrived at the entrance of the Champs Elysees Hot Spring.

In the middle of the road at the entrance to the mountain, there is a very eye-catching sign, which says: The hotel is closed for renovation and temporarily closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

In addition, there were two cars parked on the side of the road, with several security guards in security uniforms sitting in the car.

Seeing Ye Chen’s car turning from the main road, a security guard got out of the car and stopped in front of the car. After the car stopped, he walked outside the cab and said, “Excuse me sir, our hotel is currently being upgraded. , It is no longer open to the public during this period of time, I am really sorry, please turn around and go back here.”

Ye Chen casually said with a smile: “Why, your hotel is not open for business, and you won’t even let me go?”

The man immediately explained: “Sir, this road is not a municipal road. Our hotel paid for the construction, and the land occupied by this road was also purchased by our hotel. It also has the right to close.”

As he said that, he took out a document from behind the blocking sign, showed it to Ye Chen through the window, and said, “Let you take a look first, this is our relevant document on the right of way of this road, which is approved by the city.” stamped.”

Now the Champs Elysees has completely closed its business to the public, and this itself is a dead end road at the foot of the mountain. When it is closed to the public, no one can come here anymore.

The hot spring hotels at the foot of the mountain have been closed, not to mention the hot spring villas halfway up the mountain. This hotel with more than 200 rooms, a huge area, and a natural closed terrain naturally became a hotel cultivated by Ye Chen. The best choice for masters.

After the hot spring hotel closed its business, Chen Zekai replaced all the people here with his confidantes, and Hong Wu also sent a lot of trustworthy younger brothers from his subordinates to take charge of security patrols here, so as to ensure that the place would not be invaded. Outsiders approach.

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