The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5390

The route of this freighter was from Turkey to South Africa via the Suez Canal, but no one knew that three of the thousands of containers it carried were going to disembark halfway.

The straight-line distance from Antalya to Cyprus is only more than two hundred kilometers, and even to the south coast of Cyprus, it is only three to four hundred kilometers.

When the freighter left Turkey and sailed into the vast Black Sea, it was already dark.

A number of sailors disguised as soldiers from Wanlongdian have already begun to process the three containers.

They first opened the container and checked the inside to avoid any tracking and positioning equipment.

After confirming that it was correct, they installed their own positioning equipment in the container, and then began to reinforce the loaded weapons and ammunition. The reinforcement method was to weld many fixing buckles inside the container with an electric welding machine, and then use The thickened sling that bears dozens of tons securely fixes the weapon and ammunition inside the container.

Then, they used waterproof materials to seal the gaps in the container, and then fixed a number of equipment similar to oxygen cylinders around the bottom of the container.

When the freighter was only less than 100 kilometers away from Cyprus, it was already late at night, and a storm suddenly fell on the sea, and the waves on the sea gradually became stronger, so that the visibility on the entire sea was extremely low. Not sure.

At this time, the soldiers of Wanlong Palace were on the deck, preparing for the handover of weapons in an orderly manner.

They used GPS positioning, and immediately threw the three containers into the vast sea after arriving at the predetermined coordinates.

Miraculously, just a few seconds before the container entered the water, the oxygen cylinder-like equipment around the container suddenly exploded, and then the interior expanded rapidly, turning into multiple huge air bags, holding the container firmly on the water surface superior.

As the three containers entered the water one after another, the freighter continued to sail towards the Suez Canal without stopping.

And these three containers floating on the sea were successfully captured by a light transport ship that had been waiting nearby.

Then, the light transport ship increased its horsepower, galloped towards the port where the copper mine was located, and arrived at the wharf near the copper mine before dawn.

Since the person in charge of the copper mine had already opened up all the relationships, the three containers did not attract anyone’s attention. After the containers were unloaded, they were immediately transported to the interior of the copper mine.

At the same time, Wan Pojun had already brought Lang Hongjun along, waiting here early.

Lang Hongjun is proficient in communication technology, and also dabbles in radar and infrared technology. Wan Pojun ordered people to purchase infrared night vision equipment and thermal imaging equipment. The equipment is linked with the near-anti-cannon.

At the three commanding heights of the copper mine, Wan Pojun had already had three inconspicuous glass rooms erected, and the three newly arrived close-in anti-aircraft guns were intended to be placed in these three commanding heights.

These three commanding heights can completely cover the open ground in the copper mine, and form an intersecting firepower network. Once the three close-in defense guns lock the target, they will attack the target from three directions in circles, so as to be at the target position, and Within dozens of meters around, a three-dimensional fire coverage area composed of different ballistics is formed.

If any earl who broke the Qing Dynasty came to the door, after the three close-in defense guns greeted him, it would be difficult to leave even DNA…

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